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Barton Aqueduct

Derek Porteous

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2 minutes ago, Derek Porteous said:

Anyone heard about a closure on the Barton Aqueduct? Nothing on the Bridgewater Canal web site, but that is the rumour on the towpath.


It was open earlier today - have you had any confirmation it's closed?  There was a ship due through this afternoon that has gone up to Manchester - maybe it's coming back later so they've left the tank swung open.

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22 minutes ago, Derek Porteous said:

No confirmation, just towpath rumour. But if true rather stay on mooring further north than wait at Barton.


@Liam is saying (elsewhere) that it's shut till Thursday.


I once spent 25 hours waiting for it to open tied to the waiting bollards.  Not much of a view, but a surprisingly peaceful mooring.


Oh, and you really get a wiggle on when going towards Stretford as the water all rushes through the tank and down the arm.  Tidal boating on the Bridgewater :D


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I'm heading south, and whilst passing through Worsley just now, there's a bloke on a bike suggesting people stay put in Worsley for the time being as the aqueduct is off until Thurs. He apparently was told this earlier by the guys on the ground.

49 minutes ago, Derek Porteous said:

Nothing on the Bridgewater Canal web site

There never is unfortunately, the tank breaking down happens very frequently and I haven't seen anything posted in previous times.

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You could have always visited the trafford centre whilst waiting... 

SWMBO never misses the chance when we pass that way, God help me if she ever  finds a way of disabling the swing Bridge and we had to spend a lot of time there.... 

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