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Hiding joins in ceiling

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Hi all,


I am looking to neaten up these joins in my ceiling - would love to hear if anyone has any nice ideas? I was thinking either a very thin (1.5mm thick or so) piece of walnut strip tacked on and painted over to match, or else some sort of flexible poly filler? I'm conscious there might be some slight movement that could cause regular filler to crack and fall out.



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Wear a baseball cap in the boat. That way you won't be able to see up to the ceiling with the peak in the way. You will also be properly dressed if you want to start presenting a YouTube channel. It is a legal requirement now I believe. 😀

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Go see your local PVC window or PVC  profile  company and get some 3mm PVC strip off them.  It is available in white,  oak grain brown, gray,  green, comes with nice curved edges and window fitters use miles of it as bodging strip to cover the gaps round new windows. It is quite flexible so will take up a roof curve easily.

Fasten it to one of the panels with some nice, small,  Brass or stainless screws or even glue it to one panel with some sikaflex or similar.



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