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  1. Do you think if I did the 2 days RYA helmsman course, plus spend a week or two tootling up and down at Worcester first, it would be enough to tackle the overall trip (excluding Tardebigge, which sounds like its easier with a crew) by myself? Locks just seem a bit daunting by youerself with a 57ft boat!
  2. Thanks Jen, this is really thorough advice! I guess I'm just nervous to be single handing locks straight off the bat, but maybe I can convince (or pay) someone to join me for the first few days till I get the hang of it. Don't want to sink my boat 3 days into living on her...
  3. Yes, I live in London currently, near the canal, and have several friends who are cc'ers so I'm a little prepared for how crowded it is. I can work from home/remotely so I don't NEED to be in the city, but I'd like to be a reasonable distance from my friends...
  4. Hi all, I'm in the process of finalising the purchase of a 57ft NB (touch wood), and want to move it from its current location in Gloucester (or the owners can take it up to Worcester for me), and bring it down to London. Or rather, at a place outside London that is a good spot for a total newbie like me to get used to my new home but still within a reasonable reach of the city. I was thinking maybe around Hemel Hempsted or Watford could be a good spot, but really I have no idea. I'll be a cc'er but would prefer to be in or close-ish to London. I do want to gain experience in the q
  5. Hi Hivemind, Newbie here. What are some drydocks within a reasonable distance of Gloucester? Looking to have a survey done on a new boat purchase. I see there's the T Nielson right there in Gloucester, but I think they only pull boats in once a week...? Might be totally wrong. Thanks!
  6. Definitely! I just want to understand the rough costs so I can anticipate and budget I've messaged a couple of moving companies but am interested to see people's personal experiences too.
  7. Hi all, If anyone has used a haulage company to move their narrowboat from one part of the country to another, are you able to let me know the rough cost? Trying to get an idea of costs so I can factor that in when weighing up if it's worth purchasing a boat from far away to where I want to be living on it. Thanks!
  8. Forgive my ignorance, what do you mean by frames needing to be cut? I assumed that if there was just a porthole, this would need to be removed and a whole large section of the steel side of the boat would need to be cut out to install a hopper. Is this what you mean? Would cutting a larger hole have a big impact on structural integrity? (I would get a professional to do the work)
  9. Hello hivemind, I'm still on the hunt for a boat, and I've seen a couple which look alright but have more portholes than the larger hopper-style windows. My preference would be for larger windows for airflow, ventilation, light etc - especially in the bedroom where it seems like they often only have portholes. Is it inadvisable to replace a porthole or two with a larger window? Or to install a window where there is none at all? Not sure if this would affect the structural integrity of the boat at all, or if its more just an aesthetic/cost/security decision.
  10. Yeah, I definitely don't want to buy something sight unseen & not carefully considered. But you're right, things do go very quickly at the moment.
  11. Hi all, I'm in the market for a NB and have recently been talking to someone with one for sale. They sent me a recent survey from about a year ago (of course, I'd get my own survey if I got to the stage where I wanted to put in an offer!) and it seems to be very thorough, which is great. However, it also has an 'opinion of value' stating that it's 'current open market value' is in the region of about £6-7k less than the price it's advertised for sale at. Is this normal? Is there a difference between a valuation for mortgage/insurance/'open market' purposes vs what you w
  12. Good to know... The owner did list it as a Harborough.
  13. Not a fun task! Thanks for your thoughts. I agree, I really like the character of it. Yes, I think the stove at a minimum would need a proper fireproof surround/tiling. I don't mind buying a boat that needs a bit of work (especially interior work, that I don't find particularly daunting), but if the hull/engine etc are going to be a nightmare I think I'd rather walk away. Tricky with the current market, seems like not a lot out there and boats going so quickly!
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