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Does oil go off?

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1 hour ago, Dr Bob said:

Different type of oil. Now based on poly isobutene rather than normal lube oil base stock. Designed to burn very cleanly. Still doesn't go off though.

Well that answers the question I've been asking myself about why I'm seeing (and hearing and smelling) two strokes back on the road. BSA bantam anyone? 

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12 hours ago, dmr said:

Do check and report back, I asked a Morris agent and it was more expensive than Morris online, but that was a car parts shop rather than a agricultural agent.



Senior moment.....

classic marine was £58+vat for 25 litres so about 20 quid cheaper than I could find online.

It was the (morris) super tractor oil that was 47+vat which is why I was there....

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2 hours ago, Alan de Enfield said:

I use SUTO (Universal Tractor Oil)


Fully 'mineral oil' and 15/40 grade  and only £36 for 20 litres with free next day delivery.





Mannol TS-1 SHPD is a special high quality Super High Performance Diesel (SHPD) engine oil with mineral basis for heavily loaded lorries and regular buses’ diesels. Provides safe engine combustion at extreme loads and perfect protection from the components wear-out and corrosion. Thanks to low congelation temperature provides easy cold cranking. Good detergent and dispersive properties provide perfect cleanness and safe lubrication of the engine components. Prolongs the interval between oil changes (according to the producer’s instructions). 

Corresponds with requirements / specifications / products:
SAE 15W-40
ACEA E3/A3/B3/B4
MAN 3275
MB 228.3/229.1



API CF/CG/CH so not suitable for an older engine.

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Morris Golden Film is £60 inc VAT for 25L at TFM in Penkridge, a short walk from the Staffs and Worcs, though best to take a trolley for the oil! The boxes of broken biscuits were very good last time too.

I have no connection with TFM other than I buy my oil (and biscuits) there.  I do wonder why its so expensive elsewhere.....


Golden Film SAE30 Classic Oil 25 litre

Product Code: 14

£60.00 incl. VAT (£50.00 ex VAT)

Golden Film Classic Oil is a specialist range of high quality, low detergent / dispersant monograde lubricants. These oils are suitable for use in naturally aspirated four stroke petrol and diesel engines and classic gearbox designs.

– Available in 5lt and 25lt.

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