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As 2 gear and throtle control

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I really have scafolding pole, the engine is situated in a vintage narroboat that has engine room at the very back, when she is in forwards gear I can't reach the pole to get her back into neutral,  the engine is an armstrong , i am looking for ideas so that I can actually use my boat, I no very little about engines 

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Please send a photograph to prevent the idiots on here trying to get a laugh at your expense.

I am guessing that you have a Armstrong air cooled  engine and gearbox with the gear-stick in the middle of the rear deck with a little lever throttle with a cable to the engine?


If so it is difficult to change it all, for say, a Morse single lever control lever like modern boats. Also guessing its a Springer boat?

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I think it must be an old fashioned mechanical box so I fear it will have to be big leavers. You may be able to fit a big remote lever closer to where you stand and link it to the existing one with a stout bar or rod.


I am sure you could use a simple throttle control and push pull cable or rig up a speed wheel but if the ratchet (I doubt it is a ratchet) works and you can get at it why spend money.

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Just now, jacky said:

It is a rachet , and thats is usable I have been told I carnt use a more controller because there is no spring strong enough for a parsons box . I will take photo tomorrow and post it 


I agree that you can't use a modern (Morse) control for the gear change but if you wanted to I am sure you could use a single function one for the throttle.


Its not a question of a spring, its a question of a cable strong enough and getting the remote end with a long enough lever to allow you to operate it.

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If the engine is the marine version of the AS then it should have a lever attached to a bracket fastened to the fan shroud. This can be operated with a single lever and cable. If the engine is an industrial conversion then it probably has a simple plunger working on a spring  connected to the governor inside the timing cover on the front of the engine. This needs a horizontal push mechanism (the spring will return it to the off position). The operating system for the gearbox depends entirely on the gearbox fitted. Have a word with Daniel(stagedamager on here) who is my son and has what is probably the largest known stock of AS parts and is based at Langley Mill Boatyard at the top of the Erewash. Regards, Hugh.

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The Petter pd2 had a parsons gearbox and it was operated by a wheel from the cabin. I can’t remember how this arrangement moved the lever at the gearbox but someone will probably be able to explain it or have a photo.

its the big white wheel on the right the other being the speed wheel.


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