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  1. I agree that the current Strasbourg fiasco is deplorable. But it's cheap money if it keeps the French and the Germans from each other's throats. However, this is the best Europe we have had since 1871. I am the first member of my family for 100 years not to have fought in a continental war.. This is why the EU had the Nobel Peace Prize last year. All the more important for us to stay in and press for something to be done about it.
  2. I saw this too-it's a reverse osmosis device. Currrent consumption of the medium size one was 8A
  3. Terry Darlington wrote ( in one of his Narrowdog books) that if you don't visit your boat every two weeks it will die.
  4. I've just visited this site. The Fosters and Rastrick building is in the process of restoration. There is evident reroofing, the brickwork has been cleaned and the windows reglazed. A new three storey clinical wing is being built onto one side. I believe that the new GP centre will be named in a way 'which reflects its industrial history'. The Stour nearby has been newly embanked. It is easier to see how the Stourbridge Lion could have been loaded onto its flotte for river transport down to the seaports at Gloucester or Bristol. The JE Bradley foundry site has been cleared for development and the former canal arm into it infilled. The boundary fence between it and the towpath has been strengthened, but the original wall, much vandalised and unsightly, needs repair.. The Stourbridge Canal manager's house and dry dock remain in an advanced state of dereliction.
  5. I haven't got them and my tiny stove (4kW) isn't big enough to take them without unduly obtruding on the space for coal. However, it gets red hot very easily and when cleaning out I do notice, from time to time, some rust scales in the ash. This is curious as when fired there is, of course, a reducing atmosphere internally. So oxidation and delamination shouldn't occur. I try not to let overheating occur and so far (three winters) so good.
  6. A wooden rack system for a shaft to place at the bow end roof (Xmas present for SWMBO). There is already one at the stern end for the steerer. We are a two-shaft boat.
  7. sent to your yahoo mailbox (3MB)
  8. Replacement of heat-damaged components-rings, pistons, main gasket etc may cost only £100s plus labour. Head will have to come off, of course. New engine-£1000s.
  9. I'll mail you a copy of mine as a guide, if you like.
  10. I was a waged lockkeeper on the Hanbury flight shortly after the opening of the Droitwich Canals. Part of my job was to keep an eye on the Worcs/Bham canal level at the corresponding weir. I never saw a drop of more than 1 inch even during the busiest periods-20-30 boat movements per day. So it is a myth that the Junction Canal steals a significant amount from the Long Pound. The pound levels below lock 3 sometimes dropped, hence the need for careful use of the three Hanbury lock sideponds. However, the opening of the Droitwich Spa Marina, which itself acts as a sidepond, has largely mitigated this problem. A volunteer lock-keeper is now in post during the summer months. Droitwich is a lovely town, with much to see of the old salt industry and some excellent pubs and restaurants. You can walk to it from the marina. The short term moorings at Netherwich Basin are practically in the middle of the shopping.
  11. I have great sympathy for his predicament. Last year we were held up here by loose bricks, presumably from the lock wall,, falling and jamming open the bottom gates so that the chamber could not be filled. It took CRT staff three hours poking with kebs to get us on our way again. Is there a maintenance issue here? I understand that they are bringing in a crane now.
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