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  1. Thank's Ally! Did she say that? Thought it was our little secret! But it's not entirely unselfish. I do get puppeh kisses and feline lap warmers back as well Yes, a plan B has immersed. I'm so happy to be able to say: I'll be dog sitting former CC'ers, Ange & Dave's lovely Millie and Dave's parent's dog in Kent in July as well. My first brick and mortar sitting! It won't change my love for boat's though. Not a chance! But as Ally pointed out, good to have it over and done with. Because I'll give the the pictures to the surgeon's over here as soon as I have them in my hand. Thanks again everyone here that have contributed so far. Both with donations and/or sharing my link ❤️
  2. Toast with butter, Marmite and Shropshire Blue. Or double cucumber, Marmite sandwiches cut into rectangles so I can stuff them in without getting Marmite in my beard. Ryanair's 100 ml rule is really annoying when I fly back to Sweden!
  3. I'm welling up here Kiwi. Being accepted the way the boating community has accepted me these last few years, since I joined the forum. And since 2011 when I did my first boat and cat sitting in Brentford. Has been such a heart warming experience and emotional journey for me personally.
  4. The response from the forum after Rob shared the link has been lovely! I'll be over there in six days, staying in Southall for two week's. If you see me on the mooring by Spike's Bridge give us a wave. Or if you catch me walking past you along the towpaths of London I'd love a chinwag
  5. Well I know now After receiving a few donations from names I recognise from the forum. Thank you Rob for sharing! And a big thank to those who have donated so far! It says a lot about my beloved boaty friends! Truly the UK's longest village. Hope I bump into you on the cut someday Please feel free to share the link wherever you see fit. Any help is most appreciated.
  6. Caprifool


  7. While checking the forums new software out I stumbled upon this old thread. That was really handy since I'm booked for a new boat/cat sitting in May-June. It will be nice to see the town in summertime :-)
  8. I've never understood the need to say "I don't like tattoos" when someone shares their new ink. If we went about expressing everything we don't like about each other, life would get pretty grim.
  9. Interesting, over here anything but a wet room in a house or flat is illegal. Without one you wouldn't get any insurance and would probably have to pay for any water damage done to the neighbouring flats as well as your own. Edit: the floors are slanted and any water left is just scraped to the drain with a squeegee. And if you got a "Stockholm shower" you just wipe the loo off with a towel. Easy.
  10. Ah I see. Well I find mine in the sweets isle at Poundland. Give me a Crunchie bar and I'm happy :-D
  11. Aah, I'll make it a daytime stroll then. Thanks!
  12. Peter X, as long as everyone's happy it's a good way to learn :-) Always something to do on board and no boat is the same. mark99, oh I'll have to walk past those gas works now. You made me curious... Wanted, aaw thank you. Never thought you guy's would get off the canal :-) Sinbad is such a cool cat! Love him to bits!
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