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  1. Perhaps they wanted to send you a 3 month trial licence......
  2. Why would I be "also saying" something else.? My statement was very clear. It is up to you what you choose to declare when buying your licence, not me.
  3. There are 2 forms of the licence.One for those with a home mooring. One for those without a home mooring. Hope this helps.
  4. Absolutely not, Hudsons don't have any washers below the waterline. ☺
  5. Input Voltage: 11V DC-15V DC Power: 90W DC Output: 19V 4.74A Those look to be the key information you need. Yes, it looks like the right one. At that price, who knows how long it may last!!
  6. not sure the solar wiring is fitting snugly inside where it should be!!
  7. maybe he should be cheeky and request a licence refund!!!
  8. I would extend the central slot further down so the panels can sit closer to the roof, and add a hole to one side which allows you to padlock the panel to the stand.
  9. looking at that and extrapolating out, I need a 152" TV which may not fit through a lock!!
  10. The Humber Princess did this on every journey or just some??
  11. I recently bought a 32" Samsung LED smart TV 240v. Power draw is minimal. It is brilliant, i can watch movies stored on hard drives, mirror my phone or laptop screen and watch any TV online using my phone as the dongle. I sit over 20 feet away so TV is right size - it is on a swinging bracket so it can go out into cratch area on a hot day so we can sit on the towpath and watch England Thrash the Aussies in style.
  12. probably Newark or Nottingham, however I like to enjoy whatever weather there is. I see the benefits of mooring up in the cooler seasons and having an outside covered area - good. I also see the benefits of having somewhere to hang the washing .# However, once cruising, they should be down.(having been hit by a pram hood up boater who couldn't see where they were going)
  13. How old are your batteries?? If you are using a Tracer MPPT controller and have the separate panel, the state of charge reading is complete bo77oc9s. To get a true reading of your battery bank state, you need a decent gauge like a smartgauge of a NASA gauge.
  14. ....and what was the first thing I did when arriving to move your boat Martin....
  15. just NO. without the bridges and tunnels, no. I had to move a boat from Coventry to Northamptonshire which had a pram cover which was impossible to remove - not only did TV and 240v cable-ing run round the struts, there were also live 240v sockets attached to the cabin top which it was not possible to isolate, and the boat had to be moved during a monsoon weekend. I managed to get it to Braunston undamaged - the front screen wasn't visible through so i rigged up an umbrella over the front of it and raised the window. I then discovered the tunnel light was not operable, along with most of the other 12v stuff so called the brokerage for further advice. I was eventually instructed to continue....halfway through Braunston tunnel fighting a pram cover is not one of my favourite boating moments. It also didn't quite make it under Long Buckby road bridge either.
  16. we are planning to be there too, with lots of elders.
  17. your system should be giving you about 80v on a sunny day if wired in series and everything has been connected properly - ask the installer to confirm how it has been wired.
  18. how can you tell where the hump bridge is from that shot??
  19. When going up in a lock, I generally have forward tickover enabled, this doesn't nudge the gate, it's just gives pressure to open it when the levels allow. When approaching a lock which may or may not be empty from the bottom, I will get to within 30-20 feet and then give the boat a reverse blast, then tickover forward. If the lock is empty or almost empty, the gates will open slightly, if not, it is get off and use the paddles.
  20. Doesn't sound as though it's working as well as it should Terry. You should be able to run a fridge at this time of year no problem with that nuch solar and 3 new batteries. What was your replacement inverter?? I would go for a 240v led smart TV which is a*** rated if I were you. Again,,if your inverter is up to it, get a top rated 240v fridge, they are so efficient now, it should counteract any inverter power use. What voltage are the panels - do you have 4 x 100w(12v) or 2 x 200w(24v).??are they wired in series or parralel, or both? With a decent mppt and flat batteries you should easily be seeing 18-19A at first. You should also be seeing 80 plus V if wired in series ( best use if mppt ). Your battery bank should be hitting 14 plus volts when sunny and charged for several hours, what voltage do you get when your engine us running?? Last and definitely not least, is anything casting even a small shadow on your panels, chimney, bike, rope, etc. Even one shaded cell can affect the whole array output.
  21. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  22. The big white things are enormous junction boxes to take the ginormous voltages produced by the solar panels
  23. You don't seem to like us MR RPLW, we have to the front and behind doors special grills fit. These are coated with chrome which helps the air ventilation move faster. We also have white double thickness windows which can open when more oxygen is necessary.
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