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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  2. Dedicate alt to domestics and trickle charger for starter run from a small inverter? I know a boater who uses the trickle charger in his Victron.
  3. Yes that's my point as well, a duty of care to customers to help them estimate a reasonable split if they aren't sure, they may ask the seller for guidance, my wife once declared 100% on the advice of the seller, he advised her that declaring 100% was ok so he didn't exercise his duty of care and caused his customer to make an improper declaration. If most sellers were like that a lot of buyers would find themselves in the brown stuff.
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  5. If that buyer was local and the seller saw him regularly he might be aware of his movements. The point about duty of care is it is mentioned by HMRC, a bit ambiguous and that's why we had sellers checking if a boat had a diesel heater chimney etc. Selling at 60/40 to e.g. a hire boat using, say, 90% for cruising (which is quite a realistic figure) is denying HMRC some revenue. As I see it HMRC recommend 60/40 if there is any doubt as to usage not just as a default figure. If HMRC think they are losing out on a substantial sum I think they will take advantage of that ambiguity and question some 60/40 splits,
  6. I think there is a lot of mythology around this subject, our gland is watertight and runs nice and cool. We are very generous with grease but when we were in dry dock recently it took a full greaser load before clean grease emerged outside pushing out quite a bit of water in the process. So my way of thinking is make greasing the shaft a priority and keep water out, a small amount of grease inevitably escaping past the gland will ensure it lasts a long time.
  7. Thing is the supplier does have a duty of care and if he thinks someone is claiming too much discount he can voice his concerns and perhaps eventually refuse to sell any more to that person if he thinks he may get hassle from HMRC, but he cannot be absolved of that responsibility by insisting on 60/40 as that could equally be construed as denying HMRC revenue if the seller thinks the buyer is exceeding 60% leisure use.
  8. What about enthusiasm and curiosity? To me that is the driving force behind most achievements, ok cynics are right some of the time but I think optimism and honesty is more common.
  9. ..erm... probably not! I think we will wait until we have good batts, we have eight of them which does allow us 24hrs use without voltage going tits up which is one advantage of a large bank but also stops us buying new. Now we are kept away from our boatthe batts get plenty of charging when we visit every few weeks so I expect they will linger on for a long time. Many thanks.
  10. To my mind if a PythonDrive or Aquadrive or just a thrust bearing is fitted it will stop any sideways flexing of the shaft and minimise any gland adjustment. When I fitted our packing I initially tightened the nuts up very tight so as to thoroughly bed the packing in then loosened the nuts until the shaft could be turned by hand, just detecting a slight drag. After that I adjusted it for a while until things had settled down and since then there has been no need for adjustment and no drips, been 5 years now. Must add we have a PythonDrive which has a lot to do with it I think + I am very generous with the grease, if grease is needed to stop water leaking in then it's not going where it should and that is the outside via the bearing, packing should stop water not the grease. Grease just manages to squeeze slightly into the inside but as it will take the least line of resistance it ensures grease goes ouside.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  12. Remember only a Smartgauge will give accurate Percentage readings, ignore this particular reading on shunt based monitors.
  13. We have a mushroom vent above shower with a 12v fan in it.
  14. Occasionally it does but we cruise with it ready to drop down, takes a couple of seconds, wait until bridge is halfway along the boat, drop hood, as soon as we are clear whip it back up. Same with lock bridges. Mooring is no prob just leave it up, we have a centre line each side so they don't interfere with hood, missus gets wet at the front though but she doesn't mind as she gets full sexual satisfaction from me
  15. Gibbo, I have a BMV monitor, great, I have had quite a bit of enjoyment out of it but got pissed off with percentage readings so I bought a Smartgauge to supplement it. Not quite as much fun as you can't fiddle about with it as much but that's ok as I only want it for percentage readings. Now the thing is you may or may not recall my AGM batts are down to somewhere in the region of 45% capacity left, might have improved a bit since I adopted regular 8hr raised absorption charges, but as I don't know what level of inaccuracy my Smartgauge is reading I can't trust the reading. Is it possible for you to give me a rough ballpark figure? If it is within, say, 5% then I could get by until our batts give up the fight for survival and we get nice new ones. Also at what level of batt capacity would the inaccuracy be impractical. Thanks.
  16. In this case there is no grey area, taxi was found with red diesel in the tank, case proved. Similar situation with continuous cruisers, fuel returns from supplier show that a ccer is claiming 100% domestic, case proved but with the added advantage that HMRC don't even have to visit anywhere and dip any tanks, all done back at the office.
  17. I'm buggered if I know what it is now...
  18. You're a little bugger aren't you?
  19. So get a Smartgauge and take advantage of all the buggering and farting about that a certain person once did
  20. Allegedly, modern pvc cabling doesn't react with polystyrene but I wouldn't risk it, use a conduit.
  21. The counter is the horizontal bit above the propeller, counter floor is the topside of this in the engine room which forms a couple of 'shelves'
  22. Sure it wasn't this? Called an 'Easylass'
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