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  1. Definately not called Emma John now. It was spotted on the Llangollen in the summer and still Dobie Jade. Sadly that was too far for us to go and see her.
  2. Strange isn't it, when I asked if anyone had seen my old boat Dobie Jade no one would reply cos they didn't know why I wanted to know. Sentimental reasons only as would love to see her and see if she still looks as good as when I sold her in 2013. The person here asking for info gets it!!! One rule for one and a different rule for another!!!
  3. Hi, once again asking if this boat has been sighted this summer. Just interested to know she's still around and looking good. As previous owners we are interested. If anyone sees her is it possible for a photo. Thanks
  4. Haven't got a boat anymore but still like to check out the forum. While taking an old storage heater off the wall in the house I have just moved into.it occurred to me that the bricks in these Dimplex storage heaters would make ideal ballast weights - they are extremely heavy, about 10ins square and 2ins thick. Knowing what people charge for these 50kg steel weights I would say these bricks would be ideal, bearing in mind that these early heaters from about the 70s are quite expensive to run and a lot of councils/housing associations if there is gas nearby, they are converting to gas heating/other means of heating (eco friendly). Sorry I can't give the weight of these bricks as didn't have the means to weigh one. If you ask around you should be able to find someone who is scrapping these heaters. Regarding our boat, which we really enjoyed and lived on for 3 years until ill health forced us to sell, but given the chance we will, sorry to say this dreaded word, knowing some on the forum don't like this word mentioned, but I'm afraid the wife and I will 'HIRE' a boat. There I've said it.
  5. Just a thought, many years ago when I was in the panel beating/spraying industry, one way we found to get close to a colour match on an old object requiring painting was to carefully remove any decals/badges/mouldings etc to see what the original colour was, then match as close to that as possible. You could try a good quality car spray shop to match it for you. Hope this helps.
  6. Last year. when we weren't out cruising. we spent a lot of time walking the towpaths up by that canal and we always stood on that bridge looking at the marina, looking out for friends with boats that might have been there. Now we would have to spot them from the towpath. It's a shame but thats life.
  7. Grand Union - Leicester Line Bridge 18 Having previously owned and lived on a narrowboat and enjoyed the scenery etc we had to sell the boat unfortunately due to ill health but still enjoy visiting the canals. On holiday in the Crick area we walked along the towpath toward Yelvertoft and came up to Bridge 18, we decided to walk up and look down on the boats from the bridge. To our horror we found the bridge had been fenced off two thirds of the way across with a combination lock on a gate, not only fenced off but had barbed wire on the bridge and electric cables nailed to the inside of the bridge obviously done by the Marina. We can understand that the other side of the bridge (marina side) would be private but to do what they have done must be illegal! They could have put the fence on their side of the bridge to stop people entering the marina. It is appalling that narrowboat users etc who pay for the upkeep of the waterways, bridges etc are stopped from using them. Surely the Marina involved should be made to remove these obstacles so people can stand on the bridge. I think the fence and main power cables should be removed as a matter of urgency. We have contacted C&RT with the photos but no reply yet. {URL=http://s861.photobucket.com/user/PigletHill/media/DSCF1708.jpg.html][/url]
  8. Tried Photobucket but that is also saying that extension is not allowed
  9. Have looked in the Technical Help section and it said to go to Imgur to upload the pics, then click the BBCode link and copy, back to thread and paste the link to thread but it tells me that extension not allowed on this forum. Help please.
  10. Imgur doesn't seem to work. Am trying to add 3 pics to a thread. Gone to Imgur, uploaded the three, clicked on one, copied the BBCode link, gone to the forum thread, pasted, they seem to go on, send post, this extension cannot be used.!!!!!! Help please asap
  11. If some one were to spot Dobie Jade and PM me then I would give them the phone number to pass on. We are up South Oxford Canal way but only till next Tuesday
  12. Understand completely, but would have been nice to see it.
  13. Thanks Matty40s as you are the only one wiling to help. My wife would have loved to see the old boat again as we now very rarely come up to the Braunston area. Shame other people are not willing to help spot her for us. We don't even want to disturb the owners just see the boat. Had hoped she was around this area somewhere.
  14. coming up to the Oxford Canal/Coventry Canal area next week and really hoped to spot my old boat., Please keep me informed of any sightings as would love to see her.
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