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  1. The bloke in front of guy is not hanging about either. Still not as fast as Bruce Anstey out right lap record on Saturday - an average speed of 132.298mph for 37.73 miles. Kiwi's can fly! Alex
  2. Hi Always buy from genuine battery manufactures, There are so many 'sticker' battery's out there. The AA don't make battery's and neither do Halfords, I even have my suspicions of Lucas. My recommendations would be Trojan - US Battery's - Varta Alex
  3. It is a Camos satellite receiver equivalent to 65cm dish. Burstner is of finest German build quality - there is definitely no damp. Good luck with your future adventures, don't forget ----- you are not here for a long time but you are here for a good time. Alex
  4. I have a lovely Burstner 625 for sale as we speak Alex
  5. Seems it has been sold, I wonder if it was kosher Alex
  6. Athy Do you remember Ohara's Playboys playing Sheffield? http://youtu.be/g-oYpxjj1RM Alex
  7. I cant believe there's some one on here who remembers the Rex Cinema! I lived on the Woodthorpe, so I went at least twice a week. Remember when they used to have 2 different films each week. I used to go to see A (and X) rated films but would have to ask adult strangers to get me in with them - different world? I also first met my wife outside the Manor cinema in 1966. Alex
  8. Not according to this article - This does, however, leave a significant minority of animals which are killed without being stunned first, at one of a reported 12 slaughterhouses in the UK which still perform the more traditional practice, endorsed by Islamic scholars, of keeping the animal conscious when its throat is cut.
  9. So do they stun the animals before cutting their throats?
  10. I have no problem with eating meat or the Muslim religion but killing animals like this is barbaric, even if it is only 50 years since we stopped. I'm amazed that the NSPCA is allowing it Alex
  11. I am definitely not happy about this. Over the last 400 years we have we gone to so much trouble to avoid animals suffering when they are slaughtered, to now find that we have reverted back to the middle ages. I will never ever eat at Pizza Express or Subways. Once again we are bowing to the demands of a Muslim culture. http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/food-and-drink/what-is-halal-meat-the-big-questions-about-religious-slaughter-answered-9331519.html Alex
  12. steelaway


    We each also carried a full set of all the boat keys, my wife's set lived in her handbag. Although we never needed them I dread to think of the consequences if I'd dropped mine in the cut. Alex
  13. There should be the size printed on them - Buy Gates belts. Alex
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