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  1. Speaking to a neighbour who is into his 90's recently. He said "It is no fun growing old Ray, there's little future in it!" I won't go into the nitty gritty but 6 months ago I decided to voluntarily surrender my driving license due to an "Asymptomatic" head issue discovered by pure chance. The problem is slowly curing itself but I will have to wait and see. It is not only physical issues you may have to deal with but hidden ones that suddenly appear as well. I can still steer the boat but at the moment I have to either get a bus, taxi or rely on Mrs. T to ferry me around. I'd be well and truly "stuffed" if I didn't have bricks and mortar to fall back on. To miss quote Buzz Lightyear "To infirmity and beyond." 😁 Check if a health condition affects your driving: Overview - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk
  2. Definitely Oxford Canal towards Napton Junction. Towpath hasn't changed much. Offside foliage leaves a lot to be desired though. (Please excuse the unintentional pun.)
  3. Was this the Barlow's Neptune which Seymore Roseblades then had? What were the circumstances of the fire please?
  4. We have these by B J Freeman.
  5. The boat museums at Ellesmere Port, Stoke Bruerne and Gloucester Docks. If you are interested in canal heritage, that is. eta Foxton and of course Milton Keynes!😳
  6. I didn't record which lock this is, but it is The Rochdale on the way to the Summit. A bit further up we met this, boat grounded and we had to let water down.
  7. Not necessarily, a maintenance regime could be instituted, which BT /Openreach does with its existing poles. Bearing in mind the official "enthusiasm" I was met with by the various authorities I contacted, a Rhet Butler quote comes to mind. https://www.bing.com/videos/riverview/relatedvideo?q=frankly+my+dear+i+don't+give+damn&mid=1F0DE0DE3E6D43D062FA1F0DE0DE3E6D43D062FA&FORM=VIRE
  8. In and around the 1800's to late 1900's telegraph pole routes were common along canals. A strong possibility for them sited thus, was that Telegraph Companies, before and including latterly, the G.P.O., would only have to negotiate one wayleave with the canal company. If the routes went via local authorities / land owners several wayleaves would have to be negotiated, along with additional costs, time involved etc. There is one remanent of these mighty structures along the Coventry Canal between bridges 25 and 26. I did present a case to Historic England to have a preservation order placed on this pole. Whilst Historic England were impressed with the case I presented they said the pole was beyond their remit. I also contacted BT, Warwickshire County Council and Nuneaton & Bedworth District Council, none of them were interested. So when it eventually rots and falls over, that is it gone!
  9. Not worth £160 with the badly stamped printing on them. IMHO the printing actually devalues them.
  10. I don't know why the myth persists that Ham Baker paddle gear is hydraulic, it is not. Improvements in or connected with penstocks, sluice valves and the like United Kingdom Patent 387951-A 387951-A is referenced by 1 patents. 387,951. Sluice valves. BENCE, E. H., Municipal Engineering Works, Langley Green, Birmingham, HAM, P. S., 70, Victoria Street, London, and MORGAN, E. I., 8, Wolverhampton Road, Sedgley, Birmingham. Aug. 24, 1932, No. 23694. [Class 68 (ii).] A sluice valve is operated by screw gearing of such a pitch that the valve, when raised and released, will descend by its own weight. The Figure shows a gearing for raising a flat sliding valve, not shown, at the lower end of a non-revolving rod 14. It comprises a gear case 19, 20, containing bevel wheels 23, 24 rotatable so that the nut 35 raises the rod 14. When raised, it is retained by pawls 33a, 33b engaging with ratchet wheels 30, 31 ; these may be released by overturning a link 34, and the valve then descends. The stop 37 is fitted with a buffer 38, or may function as a dashpot.; In a modification, the rod 14 is keyed to the wheel 23, and rotates in a nut at the upper end of a tube attached to the valve rod. Buffers are fitted at the lower edge of valve ; they may be removed to enable the valve to be removed. Title Improvements in or connected with penstocks, sluice valves and the like Application Number GB19320023694 19320824 Publication Number 387951 (A) Application Date August 24, 1932 Publication Date February 16, 1933 Assignee Edwin Ivor Morgan Paul Sison Ham Edgar Henry Bence IPC F16K 31/44 F16K 31/53
  11. A local artist painted these for us. Millie, left and Belle right.
  12. I am unsure why I have attracted flack and not others who have posted historical photos with no reference to where they came from.
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