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  1. I can't find any evidence to support ''there is no longer a requirement to dye rebated product'', none of the bulk suppliers mention this and still offer red diesel and red HVO for sale as well as white diesel and white HVO. Keith
  2. I've always considered low level ventilation to be nonsense and simply unachievable on a boat. Low level, when talking about houses, means close to floor level and when combined with high level ventilation creates a through flow of air by convection. Every four years I'm issued with a warning notice saying that 'Petra' has no low level ventilation and every four years I say that low level ventilation is impossible. They say that I could fit a grille in the door to which I point out that the bottom of door is more than 4 feet from the floor and the vent would be so near to the roof that it, in reality' would be high level ventilation. Keith
  3. The lance was held by the right hand but the knights rode on the right in a tournament, otherwise their balance would be all wrong. Keith
  4. Northerners are kept warm by the hot air they spout. Keith
  5. I think alibaba is bulk purchase only. Keith
  6. As regards smelly exhaust smoke, I have been using HVO in my Mastervolt generator and my boiler on an almost daily basis since September. There has been no noticeable smell from either. Keith
  7. Here is the situation as of 14 December from DBA forum A Summary HMRC have accepted that HVO can be taxed as a rebated fuel with duty and VAT similar to red diesel. It can be used to heat homes, and by extension heat non-commercial (recreational and residential) boats and be used to provide light and power. It can be used to propel recreational craft if full duty (and VAT) are paid on the proportion used. The principal issue is price. Directorate of Transport (DfT) have taken the view that under the Renewable Fuel Transport Obligations (RFTO) the issue of Renewable Fuel Transport Certificates (RTFC) (the subsidy) will assume that marinas will only sell HVO at a 60/40 split and the duty is due accordingly - this results in HVO generally being significantly more expensive than red diesel and Bulk supply of HVO for heating is available at the rebated rates of both VAT and Duty (usually at a minimum drop of 500 litres by tanker but some HVO available in 205 litre drums). Both Crown Oil and New Era Fuels supply HVO for heating. This position has been agreed by my RYA and IWA colleagues. The next step needed is to approach all the government departments concerned DEFRA, DfT, HMRC and Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (DBEIS) to achieve a common structure recognising the use of HVO made from waste oil as an appropriate interim solution for reducing pleasure craft emissions, reflecting the existing tax arrangements for red diesel used for propulsion in recreational craft, and confirming the full application of RFTCs.
  8. Hold on! £100 a month for a mooring on the Thames at Cookham? Their having a laugh. Keith
  9. The river was on red boards then, it has only got back to normal in the last few days. Keith
  10. Moisture will travel upwards through any non-waterproof material regardless of thickness, hence moisture barriers in the ceilings of buildings. That ply itself will contain a percentage of moisture albeit minimal. The bilges don't have to be wet for moisture to be present in the air. Is the underside of your flooring dry?, If it is then your problem, as you say, lies somewhere else. Another possibility is maybe your insulation stops short of floor level? Keith
  11. Why does she have to compare like for like? She is comparing the costs of her previous lifestyle to the costs of her current one. She said she plans to travel with her boat when she's finished the fit out , first stop Stratford on Avon, so if she means ccing the numbers will look even better. Keith
  12. I built my own units using pine multiboard a few years ago. Rather than legs I made the sides go down to the floor, this made for clear areas under each unit and I made drawers to suit. This arrangement has worked well since and I haven't experienced any condensation problems. I would guess that your problem is caused by moisture being drawn up through the floor by whatever you are storing. You could try laying some pieces of hardboard or ply under your units for a few days and see if there are damp patches when you remove them. Keith
  13. If you read the full article you'll see that she has enough experience to know what she's taken on. The headline gives the impression that it's all about saving money but it isn't. Keith
  14. Another consultation that few people will bother responding to. Not taken my barge on the waterways mentioned for over 12 years now and not likely to so I shall pass on this one. Keith
  15. Best thing, being able to move my home. Worst thing, can't think of anything. Keith
  16. Most likely because there are houses immediately below the weir, it was lucky that there has been very little rainfall since it first breached. Keith
  17. A very interesting interview here on the future of international shipping in a decarbonised World. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m001286x
  18. HVO being sold in the UK doesn't contain palm oil. Keith
  19. Those who wish to avoid falling foul of the regs could always order a 200 litre drum of white HVO at £372 + vat at 20% Keith
  20. I understand that EA will be making an announcement on December 3 Keith
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