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  1. An old ladder point? Two areas hmmm dunno
  2. Yes i appreciate what you have done.But you have not listened when i have told you repeatedly that the water system was fully working and has been for weeks.I took this boat from aspley to shepley bridge single handed and it ran sweet as a nut.These two took it back up the broads and yet you say it must have been siezed up as it had sat for years.No mate it worked flawless,and you have not read my replies. It has only just started over heating because this part of the canal system is very low in water,the intake is high in the swim area,i watched Peter stuck in multiple areas with little to no water.This is what is what here.Not the boat.
  3. I understand the system 100% now. The patronising condescension in this one is strong thank you.Bit please read the full thread,the water system was working 100% . When i replaced the impeller , the system was pre primed full of water. If Peter sees this he will tell you quite simply that we primed it . Last week i went up and serviced the boat which included Oil change in motor .gearbox oil replaced as could not find neutral prm needs classic motor oil not hydraulic. Derv pump checks re bled as had air in it. Replaced all batteries. checked water water full WATER WORKING BEAUTIFULLY.A good squirt was evident. THESE TWO TOOK IT ALL THE WAY UP THE BROAD CANAL NO OVER HEATING. I have had boat out three times,the water system worked perfectly.
  4. I actually got quoted down the trent and told this mover i prefer that route to get it bk sooner. The trouble is they "Peter and Stephen" both agreed on the longest hardest route :-) Not my problem as the quote was agreed in money not days.If it was in days they would have both been on a bus by now. To the people trying to help thank you very much this is a very aggravating situation with me being 120 miles away and two guys who have almost no mechanical ability.. To the people trying to prove a point,that does not help the situation. Bickering bull is for farcebook thanks. I have now at great expense bought yet another impeller An alternator Many pipe clips,Even gasket sealer .i intend on stripping the complete set of pipes and anything else on this water system before it goes anywhere. Any pointers on what to strip fully appreciated.
  5. I am not on the boat it is Stephen and Peter. They boiled it,the boat was steaming,i know about engines as i restore old cars,and now i understand these raw water cooling systems are utter rubbish.,also i would have turned it straight off as any competent person surely would. Another impeller being sourced and alternator. A new boat ??? Note to self,take time off to move my own boat next time.Or sell it and go back to messing with old cars 😁
  6. If you over fill it,it does has a vent ,but as water expands it will pressurised and expel the water causing over heating. It is not rocket scienc There is a valve underneath the tank apparently ,The point being water expands,as it expands it will pressurise and expel in a hurry.Not just a trickle. Do not over fill the tank.
  7. Yeah a bit of everything lol My understanding is that if it is over filled it will boil it up as the water will have no room to expand. Any idea of what model this alternator is chaps ?
  8. From Aspley to shepley bridge through the broad canal and heavy calder flooding It never once over heated on me,the belt slipped on a day trip up the calder which i immediately tightened . You took it through the broad canal with no over heating Pete. The over heating started on the hnc. While you have the boards up get me a picture of the alternator front back and sides and send them through on wattsapp.
  9. There is no water in the pounds. They have had problems getting in the locks that have made matters far worse.This is not an easy stretch of canal to get up,i spoke to the crt guy who told me this stretch needs manning to stop these hire people emptying the pounds and flooding others out. The boat was fine until it met these dry pounds and the struggle is real for any boat going through. blown the head gasket in any case. So yes make sure you know your boats in perfect condition before attempting this. I did say to Stephen too take it the other route before he started out. Anyone have any luck they can pass on get in touch
  10. Not sure what is going on here,yesterday i fixed it all.It all worked fine,today i am told it is not working again,i did pull out the debri and wiped it out thoroughly ,inside looked as good as new,now they are stuck again and i am back 2 hours away. Would over filling the top tank cause over heating? It needs expansion room yes?
  11. It is actually an 1800 cc Thornycroft 1128 108
  12. Yeah looks like i will need to remove it to make sure i get the right item.The boats not in the best place for this at all. Can i bypass this with an electrical pump to get the boat moved or is that a no no? I have used the boat for two full days and it was sound,it must have been worn and unfortunately it has let go at the worst possible time.
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