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    New signs

    The canal system seems to be getting cluttered with all manor of signs just lately. These are soon to become a fixed feature. Like the ones at the Old turn in Brimingham. Also the "Welcome to -------" signs at popular places. If you think they are a waste of your money let Sophie.Castell@canalrivertrust.org.uk know. Andrew
  2. Yes he has the shop and the dock, CRT will not split the lease.
  3. For customers to the Caravan park and café, he doesn't own the pub .....yet!
  4. Just to let everybody who complains about all the boats tied below middle Lock, we have been told to find other moorings. It is now a boat free zone as from March next year. The new owner has plans and boats don't seem to a part of them. So if you want a bit fun, tie up below Middle Lock and go to the Pub.
  5. If you missed us, we're on our way back
  6. looks like we'll be doing it. just to keep Tawny Owl up most of the night
  7. LMS Nora, or Willow Wren Dabchick
  8. Dove will be plodding round as well, in plain clothes this time
  9. I've got one you can have - donation to Dove upkeep Andrew
  10. Went in with Dove last year, just don't go under the M5 unless you're Tawny Owl
  11. There were several entries in the Pets on Boats category. Puking Odin on Chalice managed a magnificent performance on the Titford flight. Bella Basset on Denry had a very nice time with several walks, dodgy knees not withstanding. Golden Boyz golden boys stopped the boat at Windmill End as the running after sticks opportunities were much better than at Hawne Basin. Forum favourite Millie ably guided the crew of Iona through to Hawne Basin as she had heard that Unkle Richard would be there and there might be chips. However, the winner in this category has to be Amy on Peckham Poppy because she is a cat - I like cats I would just like to put forward my two Tigers, Cheetah and a Panda. Who decided to do a runner at Chasewater reservoir and set us back 10 mins
  12. Just make this clear (due to reading the above wrong the first time), I used the backend line to get out of the mooring. Andrew
  13. Has the spring on the back of the governor fell off
  14. dove


    Shame you didn't look here first...it's still for sale http://www.canalworld.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=33388&hl=gardner Andrew
  15. Don't know you, didn't see you, but we will make a special effort on the way back if it pleases
  16. Have a look here http://www.canalworld.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=49452&st=0&p=920786&hl=ribble&fromsearch=1entry920786 Andrew
  17. Depends who built the boat Andrew
  18. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  19. dove

    Lock Poetry

    Does that mean you like the gaffeti that's on a lot of the walls, balance beam and the like. That deliberate and looks much the same.
  20. dove

    Lock Poetry

    The lock gate for one, the brickwork around it and bits of ironwork that hold it all together. Have a closer look at a lock and there you will see craftmanship. Think about the Brick layer, the Carpenter and Blacksmith back in the 1800's now they produced art.
  21. dove

    Lock Poetry

    What is on the lock beams is far from a craft, It's meaningless drivel and doesn't belong there, that's my criticisum.
  22. dove

    Lock Poetry

    Love it, couldn't have put it better myself. If you like "art" etc. go to an Art gallery. If want to see proper art known as craftmanship look how the canal and it's structures were built. I think it's about time some you bought a caravan. Here have a look at this crap!£60,000 ???? http://www.locklines.org.uk/
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