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  1. RichLech

    Change To Management of EA Thames Moorings

    Yes they do indeed, but from the wording above it is not clear these sites will still be free for the first 24 hours. The announcement just says "local charges will apply"
  2. RichLech

    Change To Management of EA Thames Moorings

    This says local charges will apply at short stay moorings at lock sites ( the first list eg. East St Moorings). These locations have always been free for first 24 hours. Let's hope "local charges" will still be zero for that first 24 hours.
  3. RichLech

    Almost new car, rep mobile

    I certainly agree the Skoda is well built, comfortable and has all the bells & whistles. I went for 2.0L petrol with the 7 speed auto as I don't do that many miles but most are longish distance going to the boat fully loaded with all our gear and two Labradors. Averages about 34mpg. Adaptive Cruise is great on the motorway. Has several drive modes eg. Eco, Sport, Normal, Snow & Ice. I bought the Skoda Kodiaq for less than I would have paid for a 4 or 5 year old Range Rover Sport and I am absolutely convinced I did the right thing.
  4. RichLech

    Almost new car, rep mobile

    I recently wanted to change an 8.5 year old Range Rover Sport. I would have liked another one but couldn't justify the premium cost. I ended up buying a Skoda Kodiaq. Fantastic value for money. Not quite the RRS ride quality but not far off, for less than half the money. Kodiaq might be a bit bigger than you want, but the Karoq might be worth a look although there might not be many 1 yr old ones about yet.
  5. RichLech

    Dealer for Barrus Shire parts

    Might be worth mentioning which parts you are after. It might be something for which some-one has found an alternative. I have found some Barrus Shire parts ridiculously expensive.
  6. RichLech

    Dealer for Barrus Shire parts

    Back in 2013 I got some parts from French Marine Motors of Brightlingsea. 01206 302133 They were very helpful.
  7. RichLech

    Best value for money batteries ?

    I bought 3 x 110 ah Xplorer from https://www.alpha-batteries.co.uk/ April 2017 for about £250 delivered. We don't live aboard so we are either cruising or hooked up in a marina, both of which keeps the batteries well charged. I don't think they have ever been below 70%. My view is that if I get 3 years that will be OK, but I hope to get 5 or more. If I only get 3 years, that's about £80.00 a year which I can live with. It's not a huge amount when viewed against all the other boating costs.
  8. RichLech

    Well Done That Man ! (LadyG)

    Happy Christmas everyone! For Gods sake lets just move on and enjoy the great Forum in 2019.
  9. RichLech

    Graceless and contemptuous motorbikes

    My first bike was a Francis Barnett (aka "Fanny B") 197cc. Can't remember year but can remember reg. no. VPC 37. Think I paid £12 10s for it in 1966.
  10. RichLech

    Ring way for two week hire cruise

    As has been said, you'll have plenty of time so a trip up the lock-free Ashby could be included. Personally, I would rather do that than motor down the arm to the centre of Coventry. Mooring near the Arena in Birmingham is great.
  11. RichLech

    Engine question

    I've a Barrus Shire 45. Engine is actually a Yanmar as used in some tractors and diggers. Built in 2005. Done just over 2K hours now. Only thing I've had to replace is temp gauge sender unit. I priced up spare Barrus Shire alternators and they were prohibitively expensive so I managed to find alternatives. Yanmar filters are pretty expensive. There are alternatives but I don't bother just to save a few quid once a year. Uses somewhere between 1.0 & 1.5 litres per hour. Overall, I've been delighted with it.
  12. RichLech

    "Your lights are blinding!"

    I had a similar experience in Braunston tunnel back in early September. I just couldn't see as a boat with LED tunnel light approached. I slowed right down but unfortunately gave him quite a clout as I just could not see the outline of his boat. I find my old halogen light perfectly adequate. It's pointed slightly upwards and sufficiently illuminates both the roof and sides of the tunnel.
  13. RichLech

    Guns - what's the law?

    Sounds like he could have been trying to shoot squirrels.
  14. RichLech

    Pump out toilet

    We had a similar issue with ours when the tank vent got blocked. Ours has a charcoal filter on the vent pipe but water had got back up through the vent outlet into the pipe and filter and blocked it. This leads to a build up of gas in the tank which is eventually forced out through the bowl.
  15. RichLech

    River Navigation

    Lots of great advice about Thames cruising above but don't be intimidated by the number of things you need to be aware of. When the Thames is normal it is easy and absolutely beautiful to cruise. Different to canal cruising but no more difficult once you have been on it a while. Don't know when you intend to make your trip but parts of the Thames are often "in flood" until late April/early May. After that usually fine until late autumn. Occasionally goes in flood for a couple of days after periods of heavy rain. In last five years (three cruises each year) I've only been caught out once and it just meant we had to moor up at Wallingford for 3 or 4 days.

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