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  1. RichLech


    I've got a Barrus Shire 45 in a 52 foot narrowboat. If I do the calcs my single internal skin tank is nowhere near big enough. However I've done extensive cruising on the Thames, sometimes against quite strong flow, and I've never had an over-heating issue. A lot of the time, once the first thermostat opens and engine cooling water flows through the calorifier, that provides sufficient cooling. Why not try it for a while and see how it goes?
  2. Just wondering how people protect themselves against the (albeit unlikely) risk of picking something up off a lock gate or mechanism. Gloves are an obvious start but what about leaning on a lock gate when opening or closing? What do people to to mitigate this risk?
  3. I'm thinking of having my boat painted by Baxter Boatyard at Yardley Gobion on the Grand Union in Northamptonshire. I've spoken to them on the phone and studied their website and so far think it would be a good choice. Has anybody got experience of using them? I would be pleased to hear comments - either on here or by private message. Thanks
  4. Wow! Thanks for that. Reminded me of Supertramp as well. Had some great nights out with these bands back then. Usually have YES playing on my 2.5 hr journey to the boat.
  5. I'm not aware of any reductions being offered and although it would be nice I don't expect it. I have still enjoyed the same services for my boat throughout the lockdown and have appreciated that some-one is keeping an eye on it. I don't think my marina has furloughed anyone so their costs will not have reduced.
  6. Ref the original question about boat names, some years ago I applied to EA for an annual Thames licence and was told that as there was already a boat of my name registered with EA I would have to be "boat name No 2". I accepted this but never bothered to add the "No 2" to the sign-writing and was never challenged.
  7. Looking forward to doing the Tardebigge locks in the next couple of weeks. I note it is difficult to moor within the flight so planning to moor after Stoke Top Lock and visit the Queens Head. Is there usually room at the Stoke Pound visitor moorings?
  8. Fair comment! I am always either cruising or in the marina with shoreline & charger so I do leave mine on all the time, just in case. As far as I know it has never operated but I test it regularly. When I bought my boat the bilge looked similar to the OPs so I spent hours de-rusting and painting. It was a filthy job so I now do all I can to ensure I never have to do that again. I keep a plastic container under the stern gland, empty it every day that I cruise and ensure the gland is greased at the end of the day as well. Any water that gets past the plastic container is mopped up at the end of the day. So the only water ever left in the bilge is a little when it rains - and there is not much of that as I have a covered semi-trad. I guess many will find my approach is a bit OTT but I am happy that when I lift my deck boards the engine space is clean and dry.
  9. I would have expected to see an automatic bilge pump in the square recess under the shaft. This should stop the water getting to the level indicated by the rust "tide mark". can't see if there is a bilge pump or not. If there is one there, the tide mark level could have been caused by faulty/switched off bilge pump or flat battery at some time.
  10. I presume your tank is under the bed. If so, removing the mattress and a board underneath it should give you access to the tank. You should see a 2" approx. pipe coming off near the top of the tank. It will probably go to a charcoal filter and then to the skin fitting to vent outside or possibly to a roof vent.
  11. Just coming to the end of a month on Oxford, Coventry, T&M, Macclesfield, Peak Forest, Shroppie, Staffs & Worcester. Encountered no problems and all crt people we met were helpful & friendly. Particularly impressed by cleanliness of most wc facilities at sanitary stations.
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