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  1. Just coming to the end of a month on Oxford, Coventry, T&M, Macclesfield, Peak Forest, Shroppie, Staffs & Worcester. Encountered no problems and all crt people we met were helpful & friendly. Particularly impressed by cleanliness of most wc facilities at sanitary stations.
  2. I should have been more explicit. Nothing wrong with Tesco Whaley Bridge or anywhere else. Just that interrupting gentle cruising to endure supermarket shopping is something to be done as little as possible. When you have to do it, the Whaley Bridge store scores highly for convenience and I recommend it.
  3. Finished our brief visit to the Macclesfield and included the Peak Forest to Whaley Bridge & Bugsworth Basin. What lovely waterways! The views from the Peak Forest are magnificent. The history at Bugsworth Basin is fascinating. Managed to get away with just the one shopping stop - at Whaley Bridge Tesco. Not a very pleasant experience but must be done. Thanks for all the advice.
  4. Moored just below lock 41 as suggested. Very convenient. Many thanks.
  5. Many thanks people. What a great resource this forum is.
  6. Just cruising back down the lovely Macclesfield after the Peak Forest to Bugsworth. Where is the best place to moor for Tesco Hardings Wood? Many thanks.
  7. Does anyone have any information about the builder David Browne & Son. I have one of his boats built in 2005. It is a fairly normal semi-trad 52 ft boat. I was told it was one of two built by David Browne and sold through Tingdene. This post is the first time I have seen any other reference to David Browne as a builder.
  8. £29.00 earlier this week from Kings Bromley Marina. This could have been a special price for moorers at KB or other Castle marinas.
  9. Plans have changed. Due to Llangollen restrictions we are going to spend a bit of time on the Macclesfield instead. Can anyone please tell me of convenient supermarkets on the Macclesfield? Many thanks.
  10. Thanks a lot. Plenty to choose from.
  11. Going up the T&M between Fradley Jcn and Middlewich for the first time next week. Can anyone tell me where there is easy access to supermarkets for food shopping. Many thanks.
  12. We've got a pram hood on our semi-trad. The whole of the front screen zips off leaving just a couple of thin straps. With both side panels removed and the rear window rolled up it is little more than a bimimi top. Just the two thin straps at the front and the rear corners. Unfasten the rear corners and the whole drops forward clear of the hatch opening. Great to provide shade in really hot weather or shelter in the wet. Don't use it very often on canals in case we forget to let it down for bridges but have used it quite a lot on the Thames.
  13. I too have passed Tividale Keys and wondered why there were no boats there. Following this thread I might well stop there in future. Good to know there is a Tesco nearby as well. Does anyone know what it is like for dog walking?
  14. I have one fitted. When I bought my boat I found the bilge pump outlet was so close to the waterline that water entered the outlet pipe and set up a back-syphon into the bilge. So the auto bilge pump kept operating every few minutes. I changed the bilge pump pipe so that it now rises above the hull outlet before dropping to the outlet. This alone prevents back-syphoning but I put a non-return valve in the pipe to be sure.
  15. I have often seen grass snakes swimming -they have a bright yellow marking on the back of their head.
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