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  1. RichLech

    Engine question

    I've a Barrus Shire 45. Engine is actually a Yanmar as used in some tractors and diggers. Built in 2005. Done just over 2K hours now. Only thing I've had to replace is temp gauge sender unit. I priced up spare Barrus Shire alternators and they were prohibitively expensive so I managed to find alternatives. Yanmar filters are pretty expensive. There are alternatives but I don't bother just to save a few quid once a year. Uses somewhere between 1.0 & 1.5 litres per hour. Overall, I've been delighted with it.
  2. RichLech

    "Your lights are blinding!"

    I had a similar experience in Braunston tunnel back in early September. I just couldn't see as a boat with LED tunnel light approached. I slowed right down but unfortunately gave him quite a clout as I just could not see the outline of his boat. I find my old halogen light perfectly adequate. It's pointed slightly upwards and sufficiently illuminates both the roof and sides of the tunnel.
  3. RichLech

    Guns - what's the law?

    Sounds like he could have been trying to shoot squirrels.
  4. RichLech

    Pump out toilet

    We had a similar issue with ours when the tank vent got blocked. Ours has a charcoal filter on the vent pipe but water had got back up through the vent outlet into the pipe and filter and blocked it. This leads to a build up of gas in the tank which is eventually forced out through the bowl.
  5. RichLech

    River Navigation

    Lots of great advice about Thames cruising above but don't be intimidated by the number of things you need to be aware of. When the Thames is normal it is easy and absolutely beautiful to cruise. Different to canal cruising but no more difficult once you have been on it a while. Don't know when you intend to make your trip but parts of the Thames are often "in flood" until late April/early May. After that usually fine until late autumn. Occasionally goes in flood for a couple of days after periods of heavy rain. In last five years (three cruises each year) I've only been caught out once and it just meant we had to moor up at Wallingford for 3 or 4 days.
  6. RichLech

    wey and arun canal

    Is it a cruiser or narrow Boat? Can't think of anywhere with a crane for a narrow boat on the Wey. TLC have a crane (for surveys, blacking etc.) but I don't think you can get a truck near to it to get a boat lifted into the water. Might be easier to get a narrow boat craned in on the Thames. If a cruiser would be easier. Pyrford Marina has a slipway. I think there is a public slipway at Stoke Lock. Not sure what new Cartbridge Basin has.
  7. RichLech

    wey and arun canal

    There is a new marina on the Wey navigation now. It is at Send and called Cartbridge Marina. I think it opened for business early this year. Not sure has all facilities yet but there are boats in there.
  8. RichLech

    Mooring Suggestions GU, R. Soar, T&M

    Thanks for all the suggestions
  9. We are cruising the Grand Union Leicester Line/River Soar, then Trent/T&M to Fradley Junction over the next couple of weeks. This is new water for us so I'd be interested in any good mooring suggestions. We like a mixture of rural and less rural. Perhaps close to a pub. Are there any places where mooring is not advised? Also would appreciate recommendations for stops near supermarkets. We prefer to do a fairly big shop every few days rather than bits & pieces every day or so. Any other thoughts/recommendations for this cruising route will be most welcome.
  10. RichLech


  11. RichLech

    triangular bucket

    Another vote for an ice cream tub. Haven't got a bilge pump in it. I empty it at the end of each days cruising and it is very rarely more than 50 - 75% full. This way I don't actually get any water laying in the engine bilge, although I do check the engine bilge pump regularly.
  12. RichLech

    Good stopping places and pubs

    We recently did the stretch between Hawkesbury Junction and Coventry Basin and were disappointed with the state of the canal. The basin itself is quite nice but there is not much going on there. We felt more needed to be done to attract both boaters and others. There was quite a bit of rubbish in the canal and were scraping along in a couple of places (particularly around bridge 4 if I recall correctly). So, by all means visit Coventry Basin but don't expect to be delighted with the approach! I can recommend the Saltisford Arm at Warwick if you get over that way. Ideal for visiting the castle. Stratford on Avon is also a delight with lots of nice mooring in the basin and the option to drop onto the River Avon as well. However this area would involve moor locks.
  13. RichLech

    Mooring between Reading and Teddington

    I love that spot at Marlow, with that beautiful view down towards the bridge.
  14. RichLech

    Mooring between Reading and Teddington

    Usually plenty of space upstream of Sonning Lock (EA moorings). Good food in the Bull, but expensive. Not a great deal to do there but a nice place to relax. EA moorings at Wargrave. Lots of paid mooring in Henley and always plenty going on. Cheapest moorings are below the bridge adjacent to the regatta course. (£9?) There is space for about 4 or 5 narrowboats immediately upsteam of Higginson Park in Marlow. Good for shopping. These are free 24hr. Avoid the expensive park moorings. Nice village moorings in Cookham. Often very busy. Charged by local council. Various lovely National Trust moorings along Cliveden Reach. Plenty of paid moorings in Maidenhead but never fancied them. Couple of free moorings against the wall just above Bray Lock. EA moorings adjacent to the Eton (Olympic) boating lake upstream of Windsor. These are often full of boats out from Windsor Marinas for the day. There are a couple more on the corner just upstream. Baths Island in Windsor. We particularly like getting tucked in around the back of the island. Good for shopping. EA moorings immediately downstream of Runnymede park. Some free town moorings in Staines. OK for shopping. EA moorings against wall immediately below Shepperton Lock. Nice moorings on "the loop" (old Thames channel) downstream of Shepperton Lock. Often busy, especially at weekends. I think it is free for 24 hr. There are some others but these are the ones that spring to mind.
  15. RichLech

    Barrus Shire alternator belts

    I use the following on my 05 year Shire 45. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Gates-Fan-Belt-950mm-11-9mm-section-6318MC-fan-alternator-v-belt-AV-11/160758489356?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 for the starter alternator (960mm x 11.9mm) and https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Gates-Fan-Belt-950mm-12-5mm-section-6468MC-fan-alternator-v-belt-AV-13/130662068982?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 for the leisure alternator (950mm x 12.5mm). To get the leisure alternator belt on I find the easiest way is to take the pulley off the front of the engine, fit the belt on both alternator and engine pulleys then refit the engine pulley.

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