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  1. Manuals can be downloaded. Google Barrus Shanks. If you can't get access, be specific about engine model and date and ask some-one to look for you. https://www.yumpu.com/en/document/view/24000708/shanks-owners-manual-10-build-30-30h-35-35h-40-ep-barrus
  2. RichLech

    A new cat

    Lovely skinny little black cat tried to adopt us just recently. We would have loved to have him but we go away a lot so it was not really on. Took him to local Pets at Home store (with vets on premises) and found he was chipped. Owner was over the moon when contacted. Poor little cat had been missing about 6 weeks and travelled about 15 miles. Can only think it stowed away in a car or van.
  3. Yes this should be empty or else you tank cannot vent and if your filter is a charcoal one it will be ruined if it gets wet. In the worse case the tank can pressurize and probably force foul gases back up though the loo - it happened to me. I had a similar issue with my boat and its Lee San system. The vent pipe from the hull vent fitting dropped about 30cm before rising again to attached to the charcoal filter. This in effect created a water trap, ruined the filter and stopped the tank venting. The hull vent fitting is not really far enough above the waterline and water either got in when a passing boat created a wave or more likely when the hull was jet washed for blacking. I have now re-routed the vent pipe so it goes up immediately inside the hull and then drops to the tank/filter. Seems to be ok now although I ensure there is a plug in the hull vent fitting when it goes in to be blacked.
  4. A.M.Marine Trimming, based at Windsor Marina on the Thames. Done a cratch cover and a canopy for me. Excellent jobs. http://www.ammarine.co.uk/
  5. Saltisford Arm. Secure, overnight mooring for a small charge. Very helpull people.
  6. RichLech


    I like watching a good game of either rugby or football but prefer rugby as I feel it is far more sporting. I am sickened by the way professional footballers think it is ok to deliberately foul (cheat!) if they think they will get away with it. What sort of example is this to the youngsters that follow them. The most obvious example that you see all the time is shirt-pulling. What place has this got in the game? You can't do it by accident. Why is shirt-pulling not an automatic red card offence - that would cut most of it out. I do know the answer. It's money. These prima donnas who set such bad examples are paid so much to entertain that the game cannot afford to send them off the field too often.
  7. Yes they do indeed, but from the wording above it is not clear these sites will still be free for the first 24 hours. The announcement just says "local charges will apply"
  8. This says local charges will apply at short stay moorings at lock sites ( the first list eg. East St Moorings). These locations have always been free for first 24 hours. Let's hope "local charges" will still be zero for that first 24 hours.
  9. I certainly agree the Skoda is well built, comfortable and has all the bells & whistles. I went for 2.0L petrol with the 7 speed auto as I don't do that many miles but most are longish distance going to the boat fully loaded with all our gear and two Labradors. Averages about 34mpg. Adaptive Cruise is great on the motorway. Has several drive modes eg. Eco, Sport, Normal, Snow & Ice. I bought the Skoda Kodiaq for less than I would have paid for a 4 or 5 year old Range Rover Sport and I am absolutely convinced I did the right thing.
  10. I recently wanted to change an 8.5 year old Range Rover Sport. I would have liked another one but couldn't justify the premium cost. I ended up buying a Skoda Kodiaq. Fantastic value for money. Not quite the RRS ride quality but not far off, for less than half the money. Kodiaq might be a bit bigger than you want, but the Karoq might be worth a look although there might not be many 1 yr old ones about yet.
  11. Might be worth mentioning which parts you are after. It might be something for which some-one has found an alternative. I have found some Barrus Shire parts ridiculously expensive.
  12. Back in 2013 I got some parts from French Marine Motors of Brightlingsea. 01206 302133 They were very helpful.
  13. I bought 3 x 110 ah Xplorer from https://www.alpha-batteries.co.uk/ April 2017 for about £250 delivered. We don't live aboard so we are either cruising or hooked up in a marina, both of which keeps the batteries well charged. I don't think they have ever been below 70%. My view is that if I get 3 years that will be OK, but I hope to get 5 or more. If I only get 3 years, that's about £80.00 a year which I can live with. It's not a huge amount when viewed against all the other boating costs.
  14. Happy Christmas everyone! For Gods sake lets just move on and enjoy the great Forum in 2019.
  15. My first bike was a Francis Barnett (aka "Fanny B") 197cc. Can't remember year but can remember reg. no. VPC 37. Think I paid £12 10s for it in 1966.
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