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  1. RichLech

    Autonomous cars any body.......

    I've just bought a Skoda Kodiaq with the Driver Assistance package. I didn't really want the package but it was on the car in the showroom that was available immediately so I took it at heavily reduced cost. I must say that now I've got it I think it is brilliant. Most of my journeys to date have been long motorway trips to the boat. Adaptive Cruise stops me getting too close to the vehicle in front - something I admit to being guilty of. Blind Spot Detection helps me to be more aware of what is going on around me. Lane Assist helps stop me wandering out of lane and changing lane without indicating (the steering stiffens very slightly if I try to change lane without indicating). I don't see it as taking control for/from me but I definitely feel it assists me to be a safer driver.
  2. RichLech

    District enforcement mooring fine Reading

    Thanks for visibility of the EA/TVM contract. When I first became aware of TVM I (naively) thought that their income would be from mooring fees and I could never see how they could collect enough to run their service and pay some over to EA. Seems I was correct on that score in that EA are actually paying TVM! So the arrangement is even worse than I originally thought. It looks like the EA moorings are actually costing money to run, rather than contributing anything to EA coffers. I'd love to see the figures for the 12 month trial period.
  3. Many thanks for all these suggestions.
  4. RichLech

    Supplier for comparable filters

    I've spent ages looking into this in the past. I've got a Barrus Shire (Yanmar) engine. I found I was going round in circles and never 100% confident about compatibility. I ended up buying genuine Yanmar filters from Ebay suppliers (typically suppliers of tractor/digger spares) at reasonable prices including delivery. I'm sure I could have saved a few pounds if I'd spent longer researching but it's a once a year purchase so I'm happy to stick with the Yanmar parts.
  5. RichLech

    Zeus the Apprentice Cuthound

    Although I don't claim to be an expert, my theory is that some dogs are aggressive to other dogs when they are on the lead because they feel restricted in their ability to defend themselves (or perhaps their owner). I have Labradors and it seems to me that two dogs on leads meeting on the towpath will often "have words" but if they are both off lead they will do the customary nose up bum socialising, perhaps play around for a bit and then just get on with their own business. I believe that when they are off lead they quickly determine and accept the pecking order and there is no need for aggression. Just my opinion. Probably not a lot of help wrt Zeus as learning to walk quietly on the lead past other dogs is something that comes very early in the training programme. Unfortunately Zeus seems to have missed this stage in his development before he was lucky enough to land on his paws with you!
  6. RichLech

    Grease nipple on tiller

    If it has got to the stage where it is stiff and squeaky it might be worth planning for a new bearing when the boat is next out of the water. Mine got to that stage a couple of years ago and greasing only eased things for a short while as the damage to the bearing had already been done.
  7. Just planning our summer cruise, leaving in a couple of weeks time. As title says, seeking suggestions for convenient shopping stops. Our preference is to stop every 4 or 5 days at a large supermarket close to the canal. Our goal is to get provisioned as quickly as possible, then back to the tranquillity of the canal. We are starting from Calcutt, going to Birmingham via the Stratford on Avon and the Worcester & Birmingham. Then the Birmingham Main Line, up through Wolverhampton and onto the Shropshire Union as far as Nantwich. We wanted to do the Four Counties Ring but as that isn't possible we haven't decided where to go after Nantwich. So, any suggestions for shopping stops between, say, Kings Norton Junction on the Worcester & Birmingham and Nantwich on the Shroppie will be much appreciated.
  8. RichLech

    Buying a Diesel Car

    I've had diesels for the last twenty years or so but have just bought a new 2.0L petrol Skoda Kodiaq. A part of my reasoning was that diesels seem to be worse for the environment and I'm sure taxation/restrictions will be further skewed to reflect this. I'm also concerned that all the technology required to bring diesel emissions down add to the complexity of the vehicle and provide more opportunity for costly problems to arise. Regarding petrol engines, they seem to much more fuel efficient these days and I think engine/emission management may be a bit simpler. I've got no scientific evidence of this. My new Kodiaq has returned 34 mpg between the first two fills (calculated by myself, not measured by the car). I'm more than happy with that as my previous diesel only returned about 27. Although diesels do have more torque at the lower end of the rev range, petrol engines always seem less "harsh" to me. When I test drove the 2.0L petrol I was really impressed so went for it. So, little scientific reasoning behind my decision; just did what I felt was right for me.
  9. RichLech

    Tilehurst - station access

    I'm sure there are a couple of bollards immediately downstream of Caversham Bridge, on the south bank. I think they are trip boat bollards but if you synchronise arrival times I'm sure you could stop long enough to pick up Mrs P. I don't think I've ever seen a trip boat there and I have used them for long enough to let the dogs off for a pee.
  10. RichLech

    Tilehurst - station access

    I'm fairly sure there is access. I recall that when cruising past you can see a set of steps that go up towards the station. However, you can also see boats permanently moored on the bank near those steps. Pick up may not be that simple. I think central Reading pick up by Caversham Bridge would be more straight-forward.
  11. RichLech

    Thames Vistor Mooring web site

    I have reservations about TVM. My first is that there is now a third party between myself and Environment Agency and that party is going to take some revenue that I would prefer went direct to EA. My second reservation is about enforcement. TVM cannot possible monitor all the EA mooring sites without an army of enforcement people. The signs say that the sites are monitored by CCTV. If that's the case why do they need you to register to ascertain how much space is available? ( That is "tonge in cheek" as they obviously do not have cctv at all , if any, sites.) I am also averse to logging on to anything while I am cruising. That means I have to make a call just to inform TVM I am mooring for one night, which is free. I would prefer management by exception ie. make contact and pay if I do want to stay more than one night. Lastly, as mentioned above, the system was meant to be a trial. So how did the trial go? I would like to know how much money was collected during that trial, how much was swallowed in costs and how much was passed on to EA. I was on the Thames a couple of weeks ago and didn't notice any real difference in mooring availability from previous trips two or three a year in recent years. Apologies for the negative post but I just can't see the cost model working, or that it will make Thames mooring much easier. I would have preferred more focussed enforcement by EA.
  12. RichLech

    Thames - Wey to K&A - moorings

    Nice moorings in Cookham too. 6 or 7 pounds a night when I last stopped there. I've seen boats left for a while behind Baths island in Windsor itself. Handy for railway station. Can't remember how much but not too bad for a relatively safe mooring.
  13. RichLech

    Send Marina river Wey

    I believe the prices are displayed in the Byfleet Boat Club so if you know a member they could probably tell you. There is a phone number on the board at the basin entrance but I'm afraid I didn't take note when we passed.
  14. RichLech

    Send Marina river Wey

    You have to put your address (don't have to provide proof you live there) on the licence application and the address/location of where the boat is moored. So I guess if you don't supply an "official" mooring location you won't get a licence. They must rely on their lengthsmen to keep an eye out for boats moored illegally. I suspect boaters protective of the Wey's status would soon identify abusers as well.
  15. RichLech

    Send Marina river Wey

    Went past last weekend. About 15 - 20 boats in there already. Apparently not all services available yet. I suspect several moved when their Pyrford Marina moorings came up for renewal 1st April. I couldn't find a website either, presumably because it is not fully open.

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