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Lesley S

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    Devizes/Monmouth K&A
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    My familythe countryside, nature, painting/drawing, music, theatre, cinema, meeting people, walking my dog.

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  1. Lesley S

    Algae on the roof

    Hi, Thank you so much to everyone who offered advice. This post is digressing so I am withdrawing from it now. Regards and safe boating to all. Lesley
  2. Lesley S

    Algae on the roof

    Thank you Phil, I'll look out for that. I've not heard of it. Glad you agree about the pressure washer. Regards Lesley Thank you Cuthound, I have many things to try, thought I'd try them in order. Regards Lesley
  3. Lesley S

    Algae on the roof

    Thank you, however jet washers also bring off layers of paint!
  4. Lesley S

    Algae on the roof

    Thank you Frank, hopefully won't need that much.
  5. Lesley S

    Algae on the roof

    Thanks Graham, any advice gladly welcomed.
  6. Lesley S

    Algae on the roof

    Thank you BEngo and Tumshie for your advice. I will try both and post the success (I hope) of them on the site. Bit of a long way to the South of France for sunshine! Seriously though I am in a Marina and out in the open and still have the problem. Best Regards Lesley
  7. Does anyone have an idea for removing algae from the non slip areas of the roof. I have tried a stiff scrubbing brush and all the usual cleaning fluids. Obviously need to think about residue going into the water so probably some things are a no no. My next thought is white vinegar if it ever stops raining.
  8. Hi all, I have tried to post a picture on Gallery, General Interest and got this message, first time I've tried to use Gallery so I'm probably doing something wrong. Lesley
  9. Lesley S

    roses & castles and signwriting courses?

    Hi Dave, Whereabouts in the West Midlands are you, I would be interested in a course too. Lesley
  10. Lesley S

    Changing E Mail address

    I am trying to change my e-mail address and am having the same problem, I can't resolve it.
  11. Lesley S

    Roses & Castles

    Your painting is stunning, I particularly like the individuality.
  12. Lesley S

    Waterworld on ITV

    I saw you, you came across really well. The programme was regional to West Midlands, The Monmouth and Brecon canal is really beautiful. Lesley
  13. Lesley S

    re supermalc

  14. Lesley S

    decisions, decisions

    Colin Make the most of enjoying life. Money isn't everything, Follow your heart. Regards Lesley

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