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  1. I bought this Adaptor https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/392943898051 and downloaded this Android App direct from Epever https://www.epsolarpv.com/upload/file/1903/Charge Controller(Sealed).apk Once the phone is connected to the WiFi Box the readings from the Charge Controller can be read. After changing the Battery Type to User on the Controller the settings can be changed and then sent back to the Controller.
  2. The decision I have made after various discussions, is to buy a WiFi Unit and to connect this via an Android App supplied from the Epever website and not the ones on the Play Store which are not official. Will update once I have received and installed it.
  3. Many thanks for this Richard. Yes it seems either an MT50 or a Comms Cable is needed both of which (if bought from a UK supplier) will end up costing about the same. I will contact the supplier first and see what their response is. Thanks again
  4. That is the manual I got with the unit. The screen has a display and buttons.
  5. Ok. What I feared was that it would need a stupidly expensive 'Module' to connect to it like the Victron Equipment does. I will take a look at the leads. Thank you.
  6. Thank you. I shall try this a little later on and let you know.
  7. They are pre-set for the Types Gel, Sealed and Flooded but there is a 4th type called User which it says can then be set as you wish with some proviso's about the relationship between the voltage settings. The manual gives the guidelines but not how to actually make the settings.
  8. Can anyone help me with how I can alter the settings for the Float Voltage on the above Controller. I can get to the part where I select User Defined Battery but cannot get to the part to then alter the individual settings?
  9. Yes good point I initially read it as both at the mooring site and/or over the water space. Sorry panic over! I could just see them trying to take down all the sheds around the system!!
  10. I have noted that an additional term has been added to the L2/L3 Mooring agreement: P12. You must not build any structures, either permanent or non-permanent, at the Mooring Site and over the Trust’s water space. While I can understand not being able to build anything over the water space, how can CRT dictate what is built on the Private Property?
  11. Only load would be 12v fridge as and when it kicked in. But the 14.8 was constant over several hours.
  12. Yes sorry I did the maths wrong as you say and I should multiply by 1.5. But that will still give a compensated voltage of 14.65 which is well below what I saw today. Main question is, will I be damaging Gel batteries if they are being charged at up to 14.8V or is there a way to alter this?
  13. I have the Victron software but there isn't an option to alter the Temperature Compensation setting. Unless by selecting a different battery type it also alters the Temp setting values?
  14. I have both a Smartgauge and a Victron BMV700 and both show the same reading.
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