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  1. Waiting for the appointment mross. Still don't know how it managed to get there without me noticing. By the time I found it there was no sign of an entry wound. Usually they just stick in and you can yank them out easily. A very good reason to wear eye protection at all times when doing this sort of job .
  2. Wire removed this afternoon . No pain , no gore . 1cm cut closed with some sort of stick on strip thing. Quick and efficient job by the GP
  3. Pearlygeoff, my post was a bit tongue in cheek but I expect you realised that . I think that certain threads can handle an amount of falling out and arguing without anybody needing to be a mod botherer. Hence my suggestion of having a Virtual Snug for heavy duty contentious topics . Both Carlt and Geoff lost their homes in truly horrible circumstances . Nightmare stuff. I'd be as prickly as all hell if it had happened to me .
  4. Oh and if we are going to have politics back then maybe some bans will need lifting . It's debatable if any of the banned would bother to re appear but that would be there choice. It's time for me to go do something useful instead of waffling on here .
  5. Jerra I agree totally about the selling off of social housing . MTB , housing is too important to be a free for all with the highest bidder winning . It's ok for our age group but the younger people , Generation rent as some describe themselves are struggling to get near the housing ladder. I have some sympathy with the NBTA stance here . I'd be mightily hacked off if I was being kept off a residential mooring by somebody who had a house to live in. However I do believe in waiting lists , expecting to skip the que isn't a plan other than in truly exemption all circumstances.
  6. Pearlygeoff I'm a bit curious who your traveller squatter subculture bores are . I can't immediately think of anybody . Perhaps in my hand spun knitted hat and striped multicoloured jersey I'm fitting into that group . Well I never claimed to be interesting. Window smashing , anarchist subculture empty " Town " motors are good at that.
  7. Carlt , it was you who suggested a CA section for politics etc , I was agreeing with that . I don't click on threads I prefer to ignore so that's CA and the word game threads for a start being by passed. I've thought further about the CRT threads and I think they belong out in open as the matters under discussion affect all of us boat owners . I find them heavy going but persevere rather than ignore . Given that politics seem to have caused the shitstorm that's overtaken this forum it makes sense to me to keep a bit of distance between such topics and the main business of the forum . This is why I suggested keeping CA topics off VNC . Disclaimer / arse covering exercise .....All this is only one persons opinion not an attempt to dictate forum policy . We were asked for suggestions and opinions and that's what I've given . Oh and this isn't a pissy snark because I don't do that . No flounces either, if there's nothing doing to interest me I just wander off and come back another time to see if things have changed. Ps Carlt , I'm not Minnie Cauldwells cat just an ordinary moggie on the shed roof
  8. Bit radical but they are the balance weight for the Daily Mail contingent . The sensible solution is usually some sort of fudge in the middle. Building more affordable homes is the answer to all these problems but such a sensible approach is beyond the ability of the self serving muppets in the government .
  9. Yes but can they be other than in the VP and also kept off the VNC list . Not because I'm a sensitive flower but because it means that those of us that come here to escape from such topics and talk boats or just be daft in the VP can avoid politics and current affairs easily . The CRT threads could keep them company in the same forum . Equally serious topics that need an airing. What do we call this "dangerous area" , how about the Snug . Pour a pint , light up your pipe or a fag ( no smoking ban in the virtual world) and set about putting the world to rights leaving those of us social butterflies to drink and party in the main bar.
  10. Thanks for posting those , of great interest to another Northwich owner. ETA . Is it not possible to get the tanks out . Steam cleaning would be a viable option if you could dig out the crud first .
  11. That's why there unlikely to be any photos Murflynn . Zombies are all over social media these days . I'm waiting to be sent an appointment letter .
  12. Looking through Daniels post there's a section buried in the middle that is most concerning . This relates to activity outside of the site such as personal abuse being directed at site staff. Stalking on line and in person , abusive threatening phone calls , invasions of privacy , malicious acts . Everything else is just stuff but that list is capable of real world harm to a real live person. To be honest I think there's a place for a lightly moderated CWDF and an unmoderated Thunderboat . People can choose to belong to both or only one .
  13. I missed Tree Monkeys sage advice on Zombie destruction so what's the plan ?
  14. Interesting . I admit I haven't really got time to fiddle around . Today has been a lost day for reasons but usually my life is pretty full on and any screen time is for when I'm too tired to do anything more energetic or demanding. Maybe time for a rethink but keep the replies and opinions coming . It won't be just me who's curious
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