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  1. Yes - £130 million spent on committees, surveys, feasibility studies only for them to conclude it’s not possible with only £10 million left in the fund.
  2. Good idea especially if he gets a job a distance away from the boat. And if he wants to save money could down the van conversion route. Plenty of videos on Youtube.
  3. If you live in the North East - probably the most convenient "canal" marina (if you are in Newcastle or Teesside) is Ripon (just off the M1) but its still quite isolated from the rest of the canal network. There are a variety of one day experience days you can go on or a two day helmsman course (nearest one to you is probably near Bradford https://www.bearboating.co.uk/training )
  4. Nope - https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-020-02973-3
  5. Education should only be shut down as an absolute last resort. Most of the science indicates schools have little to do with the spread. Coronavirus is completely disrupting their education as it is and the token education my secondary school kids got during last lockdown were powerpoint slides, and very little interaction. Some teachers dealt with this much better than others but some of them made very little effort (one teacher was working from home but had no internet connection). The young are the ones least at risk and yet they are the ones likely to be paying for this for many years to come. Universities need to continue, especially those with medical, nursing or allied health professionals students. The NHS needs the final years to qualify in the summer to replace the staff who retire/resign etc
  6. Boat built - 2010, completed 2016. Thats a long time for a commercial fit-out. Looks more like a self fit-out to me. Check it comes with an RCD (Recreational craft directive).
  7. They are not cheap - inflatable ones start around £200 and more well-known brands from around £600. They are very rigid once properly inflated. Bought one for the summer holidays and the teenagers loved it. There was a major shortage of them this summer due to manufacturing disruptions and massive increase in demand due to lockdown and more people holidaying at UK beaches.
  8. Yes - its doable - I've seen a video of a delivery when I was thinking about it as a possible option.
  9. Botany Bay, Chorley? https://www.botanybayboatyard.co.uk/ If you use Google satellite view doesn't look like they have too much space and if you are having a shell delivered - road access does not look great around the next door pub....
  10. David Johns gives his view on trad sterns 4 mins in If you have a cruiser stern and are worried about the cold - fit a waterproof 12v socket at the rear and buy a heated waistcoat or jacket https://www.sportsbikeshop.co.uk/motorcycle_parts/content_cat/1387 If you keep your core warm, your extremities will stay warm.
  11. They have posted a new video. Shock, horror spoiler alert - they survived....but strangely the camera footage doesn’t show much water entering the boat..
  12. garibaldi


    The other alternative is to buy a sailaway (basically a new hull, engine, windows, insulation) which you line and fit out yourself. The advantage of this is you have a brand new hull and engine - the disadvantage is the research and work involved and legally you cannot sell it for 5 years as a completed boat. If you want the challenge and hard work of a fitout consider a sailaway (from about £30k upwards) or even a shell (about £19k upwards).
  13. I feel sorry for the CRT employee/volunteers. They are coming in for an enormous amount of flak (including physical threats) in the comments none of which are condemned by the vloggers.
  14. Journey with Jono was another with a broadcasting background - shame he has moved onto other things
  15. You can hire a 20ft shipping container at Debdale so you could hire a container for the first couple of months until the bulky stuff is out the way. Debdale is about the cheapest I have found so far - £0.52 per foot per week for hard standing. Also worth checking out this channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2Uo6bTN0zEppL_vBX5Kdbw Christine Anne the Buoys - currently fitting out at Debdale. Narrowboat Skills Centre at Debdale do some 2 day fit-out courses. Each course covers either electrics, plumbing or woodwork. out of interest who are you buying your shell from? Trying to decide which one to go for...
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