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  1. You can hire a 20ft shipping container at Debdale so you could hire a container for the first couple of months until the bulky stuff is out the way. Debdale is about the cheapest I have found so far - £0.52 per foot per week for hard standing. Also worth checking out this channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2Uo6bTN0zEppL_vBX5Kdbw Christine Anne the Buoys - currently fitting out at Debdale. Narrowboat Skills Centre at Debdale do some 2 day fit-out courses. Each course covers either electrics, plumbing or woodwork. out of interest who are you buying your shell from? Trying to decide which one to go for...
  2. Colin Jaques (YouTuber) was from the southwest and fitted his out at Debdale Marina. I’ve thought about the back garden but I suspect the crane costs would be costly. With farmers yards or industrial yards you will have crane costs and rent. If you are working on the boat onLy on weekends- a farmers yard might be the better (and cheaper) option because it may take a couple of years. If fitting out the boat full-time and assuming it takes 6 to 9 months - Debdale May be the more cost effective option.
  3. The latest edition of the Booth book is 1999 and the information is extremely dated, some of the diagrams are so small they are virtually useless, "dry biological" toilets get three sentences.... Not sure I would recommend it. Its a shame there isn't a more modern book.
  4. Like a couple of others I was going to suggest alternator but starter motor is another possibility
  5. garibaldi


    Saw the ebay add yesterday and I completely agree it is a bargain. ABC shells are currently around £18k and their sailaways are currently around £33k. By the time you have done a diy fitout I reckon you are looking at £45k so this does look a bargain especially if the seller accepts an offer of £40k. Perhaps it is listed at a low price as presumably only the shell is covered by an RCD
  6. There are a couple of places where you can do 1 day narrowboat experience days in the Midlands https://nbsc.org.uk/experience-day https://livingonanarrowboat.co.uk/narrowboat-discovery-day/ but its not going to be the same as living one for a few days to get a better taste of things....
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