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  1. I did "a couple of years out" thing 20 years ago and lived in various countries for all this time. At one point I spent a few months in Indonesia looking at getting a boat built, but concluded it was a stupid idea then too (phinisi boats in Sulawesi if you're interested). I can't quite shake it though. I blame watching Miami Vice at an impressionable age. Crockett lived on a boat with a crocodile and everything.
  2. I have considered it, but rejected it. Doing a poo in a van is one of my few red lines
  3. Thanks for your concern, but after a year of agency work, I am not that convinced about the "better than universal credit" part. And recent events suggest UC is the plan for almost everyone. Maybe woodland then. The main thing is not having 30k in cash while everything's going a bit Weimar. Wrecks seem to come up on eBay quite often. There appears to be a market for them.
  4. Come January, I confidently expect I'll have no job, 30K in cash and no assets apart from a suitcase of clothes and a 10yr old laptop. Rather than be unemployed (and just pay rent with that 30K until there's so little left I qualify for Universal Credit) I would like to buy something expensive.... like a boat. The smarter option is possibly some land, but I want a boat. I even moved to Milton Keynes last year so i could study the matter further. I am thinking of spending 20k on a small "project boat", where the engine works and not much else. I am not a delicate person
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