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  1. Jim Collins at the New Inn and Mrs Nelson at the Greyhound
  2. That's an easy one to answer - No (No 'g').
  3. Mmmm, "Fate of The Knights" - New Netflix Series? Seen together at Sutton Stop around 1968 with Keith Christie. They shared a Severner 'Dove' with Philip Hutchins then. If Peter Froud were alive he'd be the one to reflect on upheavals. The scene with Morton in it must have been shot on a Wednesday - his Braunston/Nelson day/night.
  4. https://www.macearchive.org/films/look-around-12071963-waterways Whitlocks at 10:10. At 12:10 Mr Morton with Marion Harris and family behind - followed by George Harris and Janet. Brian & Rosy Daisy Knight at 21:08 onward. (Relationship upheaval shortly after - not sure of outcome) Colonel Ritchie in it too - even me in a couple of shots.
  5. I have a good digital copy of The Boat People. I don't live in the UK but not sure of legality of sharing - or how that could be done.
  6. 'The Boat People'. Rank Pinewood Studios. National Film & TV Archive. Best boating film ever!
  7. Freddie King (or Walters - take your pick of family names!), with beret, on Towy - usually known as Watters. Jack Smith (or Jack Taylor - again take your pick) working locks. Latterly, Jack lived in the fore cabin of Gifford so Freddie tied up against her overnight. Jack well known for eating cakes - when others had fish & chips for dinner Jack had cakes! The black horse's name rhymed with trigger. Paddles probably wound down because they were being filmed?!
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