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  1. 70liveaboard

    Any info on Hesford Marine Boats?

    Bernard Hesford ran the marina with his wife. The builder that was based on site, can't remember his name, but he was late middle aged chap that had a throat illness that meant he had to speak through a wind pipe adapter type device. The sound could be a little scary to young children, but he was a very nice man and built a reasonably nice boat. Bernard had his own boat built there too, a trad. I don't think they built that many, maybe two three per year if that. But the owners were happy with them and many moored there. It has changed a lot since Bernard had it, for one it was modernised, as it was very much a boat yard (work yard), type place when Bernard had it. Can't give much more info than that. Bernard and his wife were both nice people. I can add the shells were expensive at the time, higher than some of the more well known builders around then. We enquired about a 50ft trad, shell only. It only went as far as an enquiry, we went elsewhere for the shell. They weren't as good as the price they were asking, but they were o.k. We used the slipway there, many times. I'm going back to very early 80's, maybe 82', can't remember. Also, he always signed off as Bernard Hesford, but the wife seems to think on some invoices we had, the surname was different. I can't remember that being the case, its a long time ago..
  2. 70liveaboard

    AINTREE BEETLE...advice sought, owner opinions etc

    I would be very interested in the price (if you don't mind giving it), just to see the re-sell performance of these boats. Thanks and good luck with your viewing, if you do one.
  3. 70liveaboard

    Elton Moss Boats

    Thank you very much for the update and information. It is nice to hear Mick is still active and around the industry. I thought it would be Mitsubishi he stuck with, good engines, fairly cheap to buy trade (in comparison), once your buying in batches. Regards Elton Moss, I would imagine its a better idea to have them completed abroad then brought in, maybe without engine and have that fitted here as the last thing. Although that too perhaps, is best done abroad.. Its also nice to hear Kings Lock is still busy and active. Years go by quickly for us, but for 'places', doesn't seem to go by at all sometimes, which is nice. We'll have to try and get back up there and have a look around at the boats etc, will be nice, maybe even nostalgic, its been a long time. We knew Mick from when he had a shed there at Nantwich Boat Yard, 'boat centre' as it is now, back in the early 80's, I guess. Dealt with him in the 90's too, engine wise early on. Thanks anyway, its been enlightening.
  4. 70liveaboard

    Elton Moss Boats

    Ah thanks. Mick Sivewright was a vetus agent at one time (long time ago). I forget these people are ageing as fast as I am and they were younger in many cases, so where does time go.. I knew Elton were/are using shells from abroad, not sure if that is for quality or better price trade wise, not that it matters provided they're good. I had someone ask the other day who they were and I said I had no idea really, other than odd bits. But Kings Lock I was pretty familiar with, way back. Not really surprised Mick would be doing his own thing with engines, Mitsubishi perhaps, as he was very familiar with them. Not heard of Craftsman engines, would have to look that up. Does he supply engines to Elton Moss then too ? Do they fit the boats out down at Kings Lock, or is that done abroad too and just brought in complete ? Didn't know Steve Wedgwood so.
  5. 70liveaboard

    Elton Moss Boats

    See in a recent list that this builder came top in 'Rank boat builders'. It was taken from an average, so not to be used as gospel or anything. But it spiked my interest in Elton Moss and Kings Lock, having knew Sivewright for a short time back in the day. I assume he is no longer there, so was wondering if anyone on here had bought a boat from these builders/sales ? What was it like steel wise and fit wise. I think the previous fitter was from Pipers originally, moved on to form his own now. So just wondering.
  6. 70liveaboard

    Fernwood boats

    Thanks, but I have it now.
  7. 70liveaboard

    Fernwood boats

    Do you have details concerning Ken & Julia, for instance a surname, when they bought the company, what period they owned it: from-to ?
  8. 70liveaboard

    Fernwood boats

    Its a shame, but there again if he had died, then not surprising if the family can't continue. Hopefully full details of boats already completed should be there ie. RCD, but regards any RCD work still outstanding, whereas the customer has the boat. Then really its just a case of finding someone else to do the work now and pay that yourself. For other's with boats in there, it will be an idea to try and gain access to claim a boat as yours, some recievers will not think twice to sell boats that are there off to others, to raise more money, especially for receivers fee's. So get in and claim a boat, you'll need to explain how you know that boat is yours pics, extras, stage payment invoices etc, if there are no markings, ie, hull number etc. But once claimed you have a better chance of getting it back, as it would have to go to court for them (receivers) to try selling it IIRC.
  9. 70liveaboard

    Rank these boat builders!

    Living in London..... ? Although.. I suspect some waterways in/near central London can feel quite calming. But I still wouldn't moor there.
  10. 70liveaboard

    Rank these boat builders!

    The correct way is always to go and look. A Hudson, Colecraft etc can be overpriced at new, so obviously when people sell on, they think they're going to get a good return, which is certainly not always the case. In-fact in my experience, as I keep pointing out, name means nothing after its sailed for the first time. Its only worth what someone will pay for it and looking, there are plenty of nice boats around, built by known and indeed unknown builders. Plus perceived high end builders are only put there by a reasonably small section of the boating public. The actual boat building side of the trade (hull builders), can have a very different view, which in some cases is based on good solid build information and not just competitor 'bashing'.
  11. 70liveaboard

    Decline of the canals through abuse and neglect

    Yeah, I know. We've been told that many times. You never know though.
  12. 70liveaboard

    Decline of the canals through abuse and neglect

    I can't see them falling into a state of 'unusable', and we wouldn't be around then, if they did. But it is fair to say, they have done some great work in places, thinking really Rochdale Canal, Caledonian etc. (not done the Caledonian). I think there has to be a real rethink in funding and salaries to top end people. If we did lose our system, then shame on whoever let that happen. And when I say 'they have done some great work' I mean people in general, not just trusts etc.
  13. Been on some builders boats for years, just not mandatory, but yes a good idea at last to have them made 'the norm'..
  14. 70liveaboard

    Rank these boat builders!

    Yeah, people have choices. But both the Merc and the Lexus/Toyota depreciated like bricks. Whereas a Ford holds its price well. Merc say = Colecraft, Lexus say = Hudson.. General publics perception of car and quality, not the boats, there for example. Ford = Liverpool (maybe) That is why ranking boatbuilders is just silly. For every person there will be a different outcome. A ardent Liverpool boat owner, will want them high in the list. Same as a Colecraft owner or Hudson or whoever. For me, I like affordable ownership, that is why generally, I would choose something other than the perceived high end builders.
  15. 70liveaboard

    Rank these boat builders!

    I know.

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