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  1. 70liveaboard

    A sad tale

    Ah yes, I know them as 'bow return' plates on anything metal. But that doesn't mean to say, they are called something completely different using older terminology. Edit: (I should just say, on metal when the plate, as you say tapers in, or I would say 'returns'. Not on a straight build, ship like for example.) Another edit: after reading your reply, didn't yards steam all the bow planks originally, not just the top one.. ? give them added stability against cracking/splitting with numerous impacts to the bow. Just word of mouth I suppose. I quite like a bow cabin..
  2. 70liveaboard

    A sad tale

    When you say 'top bends' is it the return plates your referring too ? Also I still think it would look nice with a bow cabin, lets be honest, its not that original now. is it..
  3. 70liveaboard

    Fitting an engineered hardwood floor?

    I did go on to say that you may be able to secret nail it and yes I do know its t&g. I was speaking more regards the wood type, not the fitting, although as with any ply based, or ply itself in sheet form, it needs fastening often and securely. I don't fit flooring so wouldn't know how they secure it, but I just know it needs securing. Its nice your fitter did a fine job.
  4. 70liveaboard

    Thoughts on this boat

    Its a nice looking boat, to us anyway. If what has been said is correct, that its been up for sale for some time, then clearly the seller isn't strapped for cash and probably still enjoys it from time to time. Somewhere out there... Hang on.. no 😕 There will be a buyer for it out there, may not get quite what he wants (price wise), but many boats sell to the heart usually and someone will come along and love it..
  5. 70liveaboard


    First look just at the pic there. Nice cabin edge, neat welds, the finish is quite nice too. So just ask the builder/fitter for no figurehead and your on your way, if its what you fancy. But we can only see from that little pic of a small area, but I would imagine most of the boat is like that. Thing with Polish shells. Most tend to be good fabricators on the whole, simply copying from an original source. These Polish builders depend heavily on the UK market, obviously, so they tend to build to a good mid range spec. These boats are leisure boats, they do not work for a living, well the vast majority and if it did you wouldn't necessarily want it to look pretty. The boat will last decades if looked after, what more do you need to know.. Springers from the late 70's are still cruising (without replating), its how you look after them.
  6. 70liveaboard


    See for yourself first. Has always been our thoughts on most things, boat wise. We don't produce much steel in the UK now. To path check back any steel plate, is fairly important, but most builders wouldn't want you to do that.. Steel comes in from all over the place and has done for a few decades now.
  7. 70liveaboard


    I haven't been told.. I've seen them up-close..
  8. 70liveaboard


    These are usually well built shells, but can go a little OTT on the addons.. Still nice boats though. So are the ones that came in from china, but the fitouts were very caravan'ish..
  9. 70liveaboard

    Pump out prices

    We've always been bucket and chuck-it fans.. The bucket being a cassette and the chuck-it being.. into a recognised emptying hole..
  10. 70liveaboard


    Just saying..
  11. 70liveaboard


    Possibly a Polish shell..
  12. 70liveaboard

    Fitting an engineered hardwood floor?

    I don't agree regards engineered doesn't warp.. It does (if it gets damp/wet), all ply warps if not fastened often and securely. Ply is obviously the best sheet material to use really for inside boats, but you have to understand that there are drawbacks to it. The drawbacks in this case is that you tend not to be able to fasten it down to the sub-floor without it being visible. Secret nailing might be an option, although not sure, you would have to look at the joint method it uses. This applies to Sheathing (good one side) ply or WBP. WBP will be far more stable than sheathing, but they still both warp. The types are; solid wood, engineered and then mdf, that's about it when it comes to floors, in that catagory. A hardwood floor (solid wood) is the best option, however the cost is very high. Vinyl is a good option, although many don't like it, but the way it has come on over the years is pretty impressive. When it comes to your own boat, then really its up to the owner, if your happy putting mdf down, because you feel that you can replace it quickly yourself at a reasonable cost, then fine, use that. A builder/boatfitter shouldn't use mdf anywhere in a boat, too unreliable. Engineered is good, but will have to be fastened like a normal ply sheet, only mini sheets.. Solid is what a builder might go for, as the 'come back' on such floors will be very low, as they are fairly stable and reliable. Soft flooring is often fine, including Flotex, which has some pretty bad designs but can appeal to some people. Carpet is cheap and easy nowadays. Carpet/Vinyl is probably most used in mid range. Its owner choice really, what do you feel comfy with and how often do you mind replacing it. Note: A fairly nice option might be 4 or 6mm veneered ply (provided you have a good subfloor), as you can fasten that reasonably well (glue it also) and it looks very nice when varnished (floor varnish or deck varnish, you need a hard finish), but obviously no lines.. Joints can be strapped with some nice 'fine' hardwood, provided your not likely to have someone trip much.. Or of course you could recess the straps, but you'll have to be fairly good to achieve a nice finish.
  13. 70liveaboard

    A sad tale

    When does a restoration, stop being a restoration and just becomes another boat.. Some builders will restore you a boat, from the bow right back to the stern, then say 'there you go, I've restored it to its original glory'. When in fact to others, its just a new boat.. Albeit, probably a very nice boat, built to an old design. We've always been very wary, when it comes to restored boats. It would depend on what was still left, that is original. Then there are the replicas. We've just seen an ad, where the 'rivets' look as though they have been delivered by a machine gun. 😕
  14. Just out of interest, what viscosity was the oil you put in the gearbox, or indeed they put in ?
  15. 70liveaboard

    A sad tale

    OP. You going to put a bow cabin on it..?

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