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  1. Sorry I missed this. I have been talking about Heywood with a fellow boater just recently, so I know more than I did. Thank you though.
  2. We used stove paint on our flue, that stuff for aga's. Worked great.
  3. Perhaps it would come via vouchers for gas or fuel.
  4. I like this boat, taken right back to steel and then partially refitted ready to finish & paint, nicely done interior to. https://narrowboats.apolloduck.co.uk/boat/narrow-boats-cruiser-stern-for-sale/697788
  5. Wow 'joy stick' not seen that before.... I'll stick to tiller. & an electric front lifting section ??
  6. The hull & superstructure looks easier to build. Looking at the interior, windows, bow cabin door etc, I can see where a lot of additional cost is. However the hull shape looks to be an easy shape to build. However I haven't seen it close up, so just from the pics. Looks to me to be 'slab' (ship style).
  7. I quite like this boat. Refreshing to see something different. Of course the paint job makes it look more streamlined than it probably is, but overall I like that. Plus it's possibly easier to build.
  8. I didn't know Brucie had a boat.
  9. Could always take the tank home and empty it there. Unless your getting public transport back home, then you might get some looks.
  10. The job I hate the most, painting. Hope it is inside or bugfest springs to mind.
  11. 25ft Dot, don't get many up for sale, lovely little boat, a little trivia the range name 'Dot' named after Chris's mum after she passed away. (Chris & his wife owned Hallmark).
  12. @Mike1951 Happy for you, enjoy.
  13. Good luck with your new boat, looks lovely.
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