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  1. Do we canal boaters have a "union".An organisation that can speak for the majority.? I am not in favour of witholding licence fees,but perhaps an elected representative who can solicit opinions/complaints/ suggestions from the electorate and put them in Mr.Parry's conch pink ear might result in improvements to our waterways. Was that a pink pig that just flew by? 😂
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  3. That is very interesting to me as I am giving electric propulsion some thought for my Norman 20,which I think will be a similar size as a Caracruiser. I assume your friend is using the 100lb thrust Bison motor. What wattage of solar does he have to achieve the performance he's getting? Thanks.
  4. Surely it's CRT's water that is leaking.They are responsible for the navigation and are responsible for keeping water in the canal. You might try Zenatoom's suggestion,you have nothing to lose.It sounds as though CRT are trying it on.
  5. Never heard of Farrow and Ball,so I Googled them.A colossal range of colours,but no Hearing Aid Beige.
  6. Those all in one unit heaters can not comply with BSS safety regs. Its not only the plastic fuel pipe,but also the fuel tank is in the same casing as the heater. To be BSS compliant,the plastic fuel pipe needs to be metal,and the fuel tank needs to be situated in a place where the tank can vent overboard,and also have a drain overboard for spillage when re-fuelling.
  7. If someone offers help when locking,I politely decline except asking them to shut the gate when I exit the lock.
  8. Once saw an ad for a Trabant and the colour was described as "Hearing Aid Beige"
  9. You might have tried the Nazi goose step,or the silly marching style you see in armies of third world countries.😍
  10. My CO detector went off due to overcharged battery. I have a small (10W) solar panel and no solar controller at the time.Only 10W,but it still overcharged the battery. Now have a cheapie Chinese solar controller fitted,and no further CO warning.
  11. Don't play this boaters silly game. cruise past really slowly,put on a CD of Handel's Water Music at full blast with your windows open. If you hav'nt got the Water music then Wagner's Flying Dutchman overture will be just as good. If you don't have these,then any music will do. It's the volume that's important! If you know someone who playes the bagpipes, invite them in for a coffee.
  12. Can anyone recommend a toilet flushing tank chemical. Not the blue stuff,that goes in the waste tank,that's ok. I bought a bottle of the red stuff for the flushing tank,and to me,it smells like rotten cabbage.The whole boat pongs of this stuff. It actually smells worse than the tank contents! Thanks in advance.
  13. Have got one of those.The usual problem with these heaters is voltage drop.They need 12amps for about five minutes on the start up cycle. Check that the feed wire is thick enough. Havn't got the very confusing instructions to hand,but can't remember what error E10 is,but when the voltage is low the battery symbol flashes.
  14. Have used Cillit Bang black mould remover.Simply spray it on and leave for 24 hours and the mould has gone. It does stink a bit though.
  15. A lifejacket will be essential. It will be a very shallow canal for you to run aground. At locks just pick up your board and walk. No pollution or fuel costs and healthy excercise. What's not to like? Except cooking facilities overnight accomodation.
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