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  1. Somewhat naively I was under the impression that Bow Thrusters were used to assist when mooring and winding. How are the batteries replenished if the thrusters are used excessively?
  2. I use XCWeather for Android. seems to give a good hourly local forecast and great for wind strength local conditions
  3. There are some really lovely 'Old' & Steampunk fit-outs around it wouldn't be too hard to get what you're after but as for growing hydroponically with grow lights extractors etc I would suggest that you set-up independently rather than using your domestic supply, unless of course you are on shore-power. We used to have a couple of polytunnels with grow-tents set-up on our smallholding, it was cheaper and easier to have them individually powered with solar panels and a Rutland windmill than run armored cable up from the cottage. Here's a nice example of an 'old fit-out
  4. According to the blurb This electric beauty 'has a draft of just 3.9 ft (1.2 m), meaning it can access just about any waterway in the world' I had a row with a woman on the K&A who didn't understand the tradition of giving way to the boat travelling downstream and stuck her widebeam sideways under a bridge. She shouted at me that the boatyard told her they could navigate the entire system . I actually felt sorry I had been quite harsh , it was their first boat & no experience at all of the waterways. They didn't even know how swingbridges worked !
  5. I got a scare there once, in fact it was there where I realised the Kennet can be an evil bugger. My boats is 57' with a slightly deeper draft and it too has left a fair amount of blacking all the way down the East Kennet to the Thames .
  6. I literally have just done this! I wish I had read this half an hour ago. Arrrgh
  7. So who's buying them? here in West Wales there are hundreds of executive homes going up and selling. Where are all the 'executives' coming from , most people struggle on minimum wage
  8. Last time I serviced the engine I wrote a checklist to tick off jobs as I went along, that way I wouldn't have to worry about whether I had tightened to odd nut etc. I found it the other day still in the toolbox unused. There's no hope
  9. Brilliant, I have been trying to remember that product for ages, we used it when converting buses, great stuff😁
  10. Hasn't 'Keelblack' had a lot of bad reviews. I had a long chat with them at last years Crick & came away with nightmares, envisioning this steel eating microbe munching it's way around the canal system.
  11. 500W, & a genny for the winter.
  12. The CRT & contractors did quite a lot of work Great Bedwyn way over the winter & heading east from there didn't find it too bad a month or so ago.
  13. Years ago I stuck gym-mats onto the sides of a bow locker in a steel De-Groot 45 motor cruiser which suffered similar damp problems. It was an oldish boat then, long before bow-thrusters had made their way into the leisure market. I assumed damp was a mixture of condensation and the usual damp on uninsulated steel I stuck the mats on with the black undercoat stuff we used to plaster underneath cars & at a chance meeting with the present owner I was amazed to hear the locker is still dry and the mats are still in situ, not bad for a bodge job really.
  14. Fossdyke for sale
  15. Have a look on Pete's Monty site
  16. As Chebacka has already mentioned battery clock-radios are easily found. I use one with rechargeable batteries as a back-up.
  17. I read the engine cut out and vessel drifted into bridge
  18. Very true Mike, I've only spent time on pontoon moorings in largish 'Yogurt Pots' or overnight stops. Marina life is not for me I'm afraid.
  19. The old adage 'Buy cheap pay twice' comes to mind & a weld on the tiller is something one does not want to fail. I tried to get my tiller arm off for a similar job & failed miserably. There's a good mobile welder down the Kennet & Avon way but I suspect he's too far away.
  20. I grew up in the fortunate position of having family owned moorings on the Great Ouse spent my boyhood messing about on the water. Unfortunately one of my earliest memories was witnessing a fatal gas explosion on board a wooden broads-type cruiser. Since then I've owned & crewed many 'pleasure' craft both inland & offshore, many with gas cooking/heating etc, however my current (probably last) boat is going to be gas-free. I'm installing a Heritage Uno to take care of heating & cooking supplemented by ' Hobbit' stove & a camping/caravan electric kettle 😊
  21. Being able to get to your boat easily is great for your mental wellbeing especially if you have a stressful job and need to relax. Many atime after stressful negotiations etc I took off to our moorings for a few hours R&R, often grabbing a few hours kip before getting back to the madness. My ideal if one isn't actually living onboard, would be to moor it within an hours travel.
  22. I must point out that no way am I considering an induction hob. I was just surprised to see see them being fitted in 'top- notch' boats supposedly aimed at the cruising fraternity. I know a vast number of vessels never seem to leave the marina but even then would the shoreline be able to cope?
  23. Just had a quick look in the latest Waterways World mag & noticed in the article on Crick 'show boats' a couple feature induction hobs in the galley that 'run' off a 13amp 230volt plug. The favourite NB has a meaty looking electric system to look after things but I was wondering if anyone Knows how much juice an induction hob draws & are all induction hobs the same?.
  24. My experience of 'Sods Law' & boating means if anything can fail at the worst possible moment, it will
  25. Has anyone actually spoken to the people onboard the boat & got the real story?
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