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  1. At present we have an offside mooring on the K&A which suits us aewe have 2 boys at Bristol Uni,however our youngest is starting at the University of York this year &, as out boat is booked in with Martin Kedian this June, we are considering giving up our mooring on the Kennet and finding new moorings roughly halfway between Bristol and York. We have not yet sold our bricks and mortar therefore do not require liveaboard moorings yet but are looking for any advice or recommendations that can be given.
  2. Clodi

    Mooring halfway between York & Bristol

    Thanks for all your replies and suggestions,lots of food for thought.
  3. Clodi

    Turning Around

    Thank You for recommending this super little book. I've grown-up with boats all my life & can honestly say this book is one the best, easiest to understand, books on the subject I've read. Just gotto persuade my wife to read it now 😄
  4. Clodi

    Beast from the East - possibly

    We did the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct during the last Beast from the East, don't let a bit of cold put you off .
  5. Clodi

    Mooring halfway between York & Bristol

    That's me exactly 😁
  6. Clodi

    Mooring halfway between York & Bristol

    It's for us to have a base half-way between them. I doubt they will visit us onboard but we can visit them once in a while give them a 'sunday-lunch' (and the obligatory handout 😁 ) If the house sells we shall be moving onboard full time. Then the plan is to CC andexplorer new areas. I grew up with boats and there are family owned moorings on the Great Ouse so I would love to re-visit the Middle-Levels and introduce my wife to the unique magic of that area.
  7. Clodi

    Mooring halfway between York & Bristol

    Been so long in Wales have forgotten what public transport is. I would guess the best bet would be to find secure cheap mooring, possibly a marina, (though not too fussed about electric), to use as a base whilst we have a chance to cruise around and check out the area. As already mentioned do not need residential moorings but security is important also parking. A convenient water point would be great, at present we have to do 4 locks to turn around.
  8. Clodi

    Mooring halfway between York & Bristol

    I'll be myself and my wife, we'll be using a car, our house at present is in West Wales which hopefully will be on the market. Our problem is not knowing the area.
  9. Clodi

    Unusual Issue

    You could try a dog a Thundershirt anxiety coat for your dog. i've never needed to try one for my dogs but i know of at least 3 occasions where do owners have had excellent results in very similar situations to yours.
  10. Clodi

    Do you liveabroad? Show us your digs

    Search on pinterest
  11. I'm tidying up my wiring and have just realises that the short piece of 35mm2 wire from my battery bank to the isolator switch which incorporates a mega-fuse is rated at 400amp. Now surely if that ever were to blow the all of my wiring looms will be frazzled. What confuses me is this was fitted by a professional so what am I missing, I thought all fuses were to protect the wires therefore the fuses should be rated to protect the wires themselves so to my mind 35mm2 cable should be 150ampmax. 35mm2 cable runs from the isolator switch to the pos busbar. Hope this makes sense.😄
  12. Clodi

    400amp megafuse

    Thanks guys, i sort of get it, I was only checking to tightness of the connections when I spotted it anyway so I'll leave it to get on with it's job which, hopefully will be never.
  13. can anyone tell me the correct pressure for the water-tank cap please? mine is too manky to see any details, I've stuck a spare radiator cap I had kicking around in my toolbox which i think is off an old fergi tractor I used to have , rated at 5lbs which will do for now as I'm not really going anywhere.
  14. Clodi

    Bukh DV36 'radiator cap'

    The old one is both damaged seal and very rusty spring so just time for a new one. I have a photo copy of the manual and as you say there's no mention. I'll call T W I find them very helpful. Thanks
  15. Clodi

    River Great Ouse in winter

    Is that the sugar beet factory?
  16. Clodi

    River Great Ouse in winter

    Years ago it was extremely rare to see any narrowboat on the waterway at all. The Whissey is a lovely river.
  17. Clodi

    River Great Ouse in winter

    My family has owned moorings up by St Neots for most of my life and we usually keep at least one boat on the water, on flood poles, all year round. Flooding usually curtails winter cruising though in recent years it is much better controlled. Years ago whilst living onboard i was marooned, stuck onboard for over 2 weeks.
  18. Clodi

    Insurance for Dog

    We have a Family friend who recommended we use Animal Friends, he says the always pay out noproblems even for old dogs.
  19. Clodi


    Same in Carmarthen west Wales
  20. Clodi

    Setup of our boat and instant hot water taps ??

    Bloody bats are the pain of my life, we almost had to move out of our smallholding when the 'Bat Inspector' found we had insulated the roof-space, if he finds out I'm advocating filling the damn things with near boiling water I'll be in real trouble.😃
  21. Clodi

    12v electric for wifi

    Back to the question,can anyone recommend a decent reliable 12v to 12v regulator please?. I have assorted chinese converters left over from my travel-truck days but ideally I'd like a neat box with the necessary certificate of conformity etc etc
  22. Clodi

    Locker suggestions please

    That is a bloody good idea 😀
  23. Clodi

    Setup of our boat and instant hot water taps ??

    I think it would rather depend on the quality of the shore-power, running the tap continuously to fill a bat would probably trip something.
  24. Clodi

    A grim New Year.

    May I wish one and all a very happy and (hopefully) prosperous New Year. I actually rather enjoy reading a lot of the 'squabbles' on here, 'though it's rather sad some take themselves far too seriously, life's far too short for upsets 😃

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