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  1. Good news, looks like it's open again. Thought it might take longer than that from the photos. Notice Update: 30th July 21 Navigation: Open, Towpath: Open Shropshire Union Canal Location: Lock 14, Bunbury Lower Lock, Shropshire Union Canal Starts At: Lock 14, Bunbury Lower Lock Ends At: Lock 15, Bunbury Upper Lock Up Stream Winding Hole: 350 metres South of Lock 15, Bunbury Upper Lock Down Stream Winding Hole: 120 metres North of Lock 14 Bunbury Lower Lock Update on 30/07/2021: We are pleased to advise navigation has resumed at Lock 14, Bunbury Lower Lock on the Shropshire Union Canal following a successful repair to the lock gates.
  2. I found the Delph 8 and Stourbridge 16 reasonably quick, we did Merry Hill to Kinver comfortably in a day with time for afternoon beers, and that's a few miles and locks more.
  3. I thought corrosion from stray currents only occurred with direct currents, as one end of the boat acts as an anode and the other a cathode. Hence cathodic protection on some bridges, which passes a current into the steel reinforcement of the bridge to reverse the effect. Overhead lines are AC, so every 50th of a second the current would reverse, reversing the effect?
  4. Hi Rob, thanks, that's brilliant and looks like just the kind of system I'd want. Any thoughts on how you'd powere the control unit and WiFi if you didn't have shore power?
  5. Hi, does anyone know of a battery powered CCTV security system that you can use on a canal boat, i.e. one that requires no external power source and allows you view images remotely, by Internet or phone, while away from the boat, say for 2 weeks?
  6. We did part of the route from Birmingham via Wolverhampton then the Shropshire Union at the end of April. No queues then, except one boat at the solitary Wheaton Aston lock of course! Didn't find the Wolverhampton Locks too bad to be honest, seemed quite reasonably. We moored by Tipton the night before and went to Mad O'Rourkes, I've also moored at Wednesfield before and it was fine and not far from the Wolverhampton locks.
  7. It was a padlock with a combination on the side where the CRT services point is, which I think is the offside, at the access gate from Birmingham Road. I didn't see a CRT key but stand to be corrected.
  8. I moored at the BCLM Visitor Moorings last October, which were fine, someone told me the code for the combination lock (which I can't remember, sorry) and the mooring is secure. Busy road not far away but don't remember it disturbing us, maybe we were further away. I also moored more recently on the towpath side just before Factory Junction, opposite the residential moorings, and that was also fine. I moored just around the curve/out of sight from the pub by the junction, towards Dudley/BCLM, as the pub looked a bit rowdy. Both times has excellent meal at Mad O'Rourkes Pie Factory, which I'd say is worth booking if you're interested.
  9. I think that photo is Kingsley & Froghall Station, lower down the valley below the canal terminus at Froghall Wharf.
  10. Hopefully the Rochdale might fill up a bit then..
  11. Thay sounds good I think. Just checked on CRT maps and there is no winding hole marked at the end. But sounds from the chat that I'd be able to wind my 52 ft narrowboat by the workshops, even if they were closed?
  12. Ah yes, the deep water sign! Suppose we're lucky they haven't fenced it all off...
  13. We didn't get to do the Town Arm as we were a bit pressed for time, having added a day's diversion to our route back to Birmingham, and went straight (almost) up the locks. Guess that's where the balloon is? Will have to visit another time.
  14. We went round the Curley Wyrely last Autumn before the lockdown and we enjoyed it. Moored at Wednesfield, which was a nice enough town, Pelsall which was lovely, and Longwood above the Rushall locks on the outer edges of the Birmingham metropolis. Didn't manage the Cannock Extension so that's something to go back for. Managed the Angelsey Branch and enjoyed a walk along the Reservoir at Chacewater. It was slowish going at times, got the feeling not many boats had been there for a while and weeds had grown. Once I learned to cut revs at bridges and generally go a bit slower, I didn't need to go down the weedhatch as often, beginners mistake. As the water was clear, you could often see some debris before you went past. Coming back, we'd intended to go up Ryders Green locks but I hadn't seen the notice about the Midland Metro bridge works then at Hampole Bridge. So we had to detour back via the Walsall. It wasn't too bad, yes did get a fair few things round the property including a builders merchants bag, but we got there. Almost couldn't get in the bottom lock at Walsall, which I read someone else had also found - since reported it to CRT and they advised they've now checked this and its okay. Okay the Walsall may not be the most scenic but it's not horrendous either. Guess if you just take it calmly and on a sunny day if you can. All in all it was an enjoyable experience and I'd recommended it.
  15. Just to check with those who know, is it still the case that you have to go Mon to Fri in working hours, if you want to wind at the end by the Bradley Workshops? As per Nicholson's Guide.
  16. Me too. Kicked up to the new rate, so about 5% increase. Still cheaper having the extra month though.
  17. I saw these on Google too. Any good? Let us know when you've had the chance to use then. Cheers
  18. He makes so many unsubstantiated claims about how reliable it is when he's basically just got it out the box. And it's as though he's just reading off the manufacturers website about it being hand made etc.
  19. Good news, it's open. Update on 31/03/2021: Many weeks of hard work by our engineers and contractors have allowed us to make excellent progress on the repairs to the culvert at Bridge 80, Bennetts Bridge on the Shropshire Union Canal. The new culvert and bed repair have now been completed. We are pleased to confirm that the canal will reopen to navigation at 4pm today, 31 March. Towpath diversions will remain in place as works to reinstate the towpath continue after Easter. An update will be provided on Friday, 9 April. We would like to extend our thanks to our neighbours at Overwater Marina and Mill Lane for their patience and support throughout the project.
  20. But would it not belong to you, as per the red line on the plan, so you could do whatever within reason you wanted in it? Or is that red line not the property ownership? Unless there's some sort of deed or agreement between CRT and the arm owner?
  21. I did, but probably wouldn't be able to give a summary, so appreciate if anyone else does. I thought they did say they'd share the slides though.
  22. This is fascinating. So the question is, if you bought the house do you get the arm, and rights to moor any boats there?
  23. Yes, it was. I remember your words of advice now. Hope those lock gates get fixed soon, and hope you've not had too many problems since?
  24. Yes, I didn't find them too bad, moored at Tottenham Lock and Ponders End on the lower section, not the most scenic but handy for tube/train, then Broxbourne which was lovely, Ware, and Hertford in the town. For me it was a first experience of being on a proper river, well apart from Consall Forge section of Caldon. Was lovely. River Stort was even more rural, it was like taking the boat up a stream in places. Made it to Bishop's Stortford, after a wait below the top lock in a stoppage due to water shortages! Found it trickier to find moorings on the River Stort, seemed few and far between on the river sections, and busy at Harlow Town - had to go to the Mill. Also had my first involuntary swim near Roydon... ?
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