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  1. Yes, it was. I remember your words of advice now. Hope those lock gates get fixed soon, and hope you've not had too many problems since?
  2. Yes, I didn't find them too bad, moored at Tottenham Lock and Ponders End on the lower section, not the most scenic but handy for tube/train, then Broxbourne which was lovely, Ware, and Hertford in the town. For me it was a first experience of being on a proper river, well apart from Consall Forge section of Caldon. Was lovely. River Stort was even more rural, it was like taking the boat up a stream in places. Made it to Bishop's Stortford, after a wait below the top lock in a stoppage due to water shortages! Found it trickier to find moorings on the River Stort, seemed few and f
  3. Also, when I was down in London, I didn't plan to navigate the Rivers Lea and Stort, but ended up doing all of them, up to Hertford via Ware, and up to Bishops Stortford. Someone very nicely told me they were worth doing on my way down to London, near Ivinghoe Lock, and I'm glad I did.
  4. In my experience in 2019 the double mooring was roughly from Paddington to Hackney Wick on the Lee Navigation. I didn't stop between Victoria Park and Limehouse, but that bit gets busy too. I managed to find a visitor mooring by Victoria Park, moored there okay for a week and someone moored alongside me, similar near Hackney Wick. I moored up alongside another boat just west of Little Venice in Paddington, also fine for two weeks. It gets less busy after Mitre Bridge going towards Park Royal going northwards.
  5. Well done for raising this, thank you. I have objected, took about 5 minutes, on the council website link given in David Macks post. Agree with all the sentiments here and objected for those reasons. In any case, the restoration can be progressed step by step, and if you block it at the start of the route that's a disaster and a terrible missed opportunity. Hope the application gets rejected or resubmitted safeguarding a viable route for the canal.
  6. Thanks, fingers crossed then, or maps at ready/crossed..
  7. Anyone have any updates on this, or any ideas whether it will be repaired before we can stay on and travel on boats, i.e. April 12th? Didn't see any dates or forecasts of dates on CRT notice, unless I'm missing something. https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/notices/19018-bridge-80-bennetts-bridge-shropshire-union-canal
  8. Above article being about Anderton Boat Lift, as opposed to the stoppage near Anderton Boat lift (oops).
  9. Article in Northwich Guardian posted in my Google feed today, suggests it will be 18 months before works start, after summer 2022 all being well. Posted twice in case link thing doesn't work. https://www.northwichguardian.co.uk/news/19119522.major-refurbishment-project-cards-anderton-boat-lift/ https://www.northwichguardian.co.uk/news/19119522.major-refurbishment-project-cards-anderton-boat-lift/
  10. Funnily enough I took a six month Waterways World subscription a few years ago at Crick Boatshow and have been thinking about trying Canal World. Similarly thinking of trying both. I like Waterways World. Do tend to find I've read it in about half an hour mind. Perhaps a reason to have both...?!
  11. Does sound like it could be a sign of some rot. I had a similar issue in my narrowboat, a leak from the calorifier soaked the floor at the stern end of the cabin under the steps. It just got softer and softer, so I had the damaged section replaced at Glascote Boatyard, they did a good job. Also had a section at the front done, where it turned out there had been a slow leak from the outside deck area.
  12. Thanks alot both. As far as I can tell the policies are fairly similar. Craftinsure come out a fair bit cheaper, and I've been with them 4 years so will probably stick with them.
  13. Jonkx


    One way to look at it would be like graduates applying for jobs, they often give a parents address as they would still be in the process of looking for secure accommodation. You could simply state you're in the process of looking for accommodation and would like to give the Brighton address as a permanent address. It's not as though employers need to contact you at that address on a daily basis, many line managers in larger companies wouldn't know their employee's addresses and would only ask HR if they needed it for any specific reason or emergencies.
  14. Its those clever models again.
  15. Craftinsure or Towergate, if the price is about the same, does anyone have any preferences? Good or bad experiences in event of a claim?
  16. Nowhere near the same league as many of the great posts in this thread, but this is as far as you can get on the Anglesey Arm of the BCN, just below the feeder from Chacewater Reservoir.
  17. Just got the Alrewas T&M river section closed message, not that I've been down that section.
  18. Dare I ask, what is it we should object to about the new terms and conditions? I managed to miss the consultation. Have looked on crt website and got to page 14 of a set of a terms and conditions, but must be missing something.
  19. Looks a bit like the Lea Navigation near Enfield Lock to me.
  20. So, re: CRT enforcement of 14-day rule post lockdown and Tier 3 areas, should you notify CRT if you're not visiting your boat as it's moored in Tier 3 area (and you live in another area e.g. Tier 2) or not?
  21. I've moored at the north end twice before going through Harecastle, including the first time on a hire boat from Heritage. Didn't have any problems.
  22. It also doesn't bear thinking about if one of them had fallen in, particularly in the early shots when the boat was moving about on its moorings.
  23. We came up Lapworth in early July and I don't recall any issues opening the paddles.
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