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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  2. Couldn't resist posting this. Anyone we know?
  3. If it's more of a rattle it could be the bearing. Mines on the way out and does.
  4. I'm sure I'm being daft, but how would hot water freeze faster? Doesn't it need to get cold long before freezing? Lost here.
  5. Sounds good that you are already familiar with boating and not just looking for a cheap London pad. Look here www.watersidemooring.com. Sure you have seen it already, but netherless there have been London residential moorings listed here over the last few months. Good luck.
  6. She does look lovely. Also, do you have any experience of boating? Holiday hires perhaps? I've always loved our waterways but will never convince Mrs J to live on them. It's very different to a house or flat and you will need to understand and be happy with the compromises.
  7. Welcome to the forum. I like the look of the boat. But 85k wide beams are way out of my experience. However it's not about age. The condition and fit out much more so. Experts will be along and they will agree you need a full buyers survey to confirm condition and value before considering parting with that sort of money....
  8. Lol. Not sure it works so well at 4mph. The kids I meant, not the beer....
  9. The new LED tunnel lamp is going on at the weekend
  10. I have never had that problem with any hire boat (Thames, Broads or canals). But my idea idea of a boating holiday is to cruise for more than 5 hours a day. Only a problem now we have our own boat. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to do same on our boat but unfortunately need to hold down a full time job to pay for it
  11. Yes. I'd understood my 2x110ah was entry level.
  12. I would think it totally depends on usage over evening / night how much needs to be charged next day, no?
  13. Hi Hackenbush. I have a pair of 110ah leisure batteries. I understand that that is seruiosly minimal even for my minimal 12v lights, telly and only running fridge with the engine. And no, if you will be buying a new bank of batteries best they are same.
  14. They must eventually reach the end of their lives. Otherwise where are all the old steel boats??
  15. Jak


    Couple of gallons on Radweld you think? Just need a local Halfords...
  16. Jak


    Lol. They should post on here to get some advice. I'm sure the experts would have it sorted soon enuff!
  17. So true. I've been driving diesels for years thinking it's a better choice than petrol. Gone hybrid now. And NO not a Prius. EDIT. P.S. The electric narrow boat thing is getting my interest.
  18. This is all good stuff though. The batts that came with my boat are pretty much fecked, but now I do know how to look after the new ones going on in the spring.
  19. I did!, but as the experts said, only valid if the battery has been left for a while without charge or draw.
  20. This really needs to be pinned and added to the FAQ. I learned something!
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