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  1. On a d4wsc or d5wsc the fuel metering pump is inside the heater unit . On other models is it external to the heater . The filter is a pain to get at ( i did mine yesterday ) . You have to loosen a 17 mm brass nut which connects the copper fuel pipe to the metering pump . Removing the tiny filter can be fiddly . It can be done without removing the heater from its mounting bracket but i find it easier to dismount it and work on a bench whilst servicing the eber . If you search for a website " le tonkinois varnish " theres a section on ebers . Click on " hydronic " and it shows the location
  2. As i say , my comments were a bit tongue in cheek - just come back with a few more details about your expected usage if you are uncertain about it & folk on here will be very helpful . Ive always found it so . Maybe stating what kind of equipment , specific if possible etc . Those in the know about electrics , battery charging etc can then go about giving advice which will prove very useful , so do come back with as much info as u can cheers
  3. When you say " we havent done a power audit " do you actually mean " we cant be bothered to do a power audit "? . It sounds like theres more than one of you so im at a loss as to why you would not do one . I expect that without doing one you are going to be guessing about how to go about achieving what you want . Worse than that youre asking the forum to guess aswell . So do a power audit or youre asking for trouble . " due to work commitments .... reliance on 240 v " . This comment could only be more vague , if you wrote the same sentence in swahili or Thai . So what items r u r
  4. sounds like essex possibly .... probably basildon .
  5. when i bought my boat it was a private sale . After viewing the boat and considering the matter further i put in an offer . The offer was 8K below the initial asking price ( 5 yrs ago ) . On the day of survey we travelled on the boat to the yard . Survey was good apart from a problem with gas so the seller offered to knock £300 off to cover the cost of a gas bod . He was v keen to sell as money was needed for a house deposit . Folllowing this we went to my bank and i transferred the money into his account . Under NO circumstances whatsoever would i have given them or anyone else selling
  6. I think there might be some " Tim & Pru " effect involved . Just my own cynical view mind you . It seems to me that boats are being somewhat overpriced , if not very .. Some asking prices nearer to the capital , are shocking . I also get the impression there is a good market of buyers - those who are retired & have spent too much time watching a pair of fogeys on telly & being swept up in the " romance " of waterway life , either as a liveaboard or a marina moorer holiday boater possibly using a lump of thier state pension ? Another type of buyer might be someone looking for a ho
  7. Brilliant stuff cheers Id like to do fit soundproofing panels to my engine bay but the amount of panel needed would be expensive so i would need to build a box alot like this . There is a steel cross bar running directly above my engine tho onto which fit the boards covering the engine bay . There is very little clearance between top of engine & bottom of this steel cross brace so will need some working out . As i say , ive read your references to your demountable soundproofing box & the " not quite hospital silencer " you got from TW marine ( if i remember rightly ) &
  8. Mr Brooks I have read several times in past threads your reference to the box you built around your engine . Your correct to say that this means using less soundproof sheet & therefore less expensive . Any chance of a picture or two as id be keen to see how you did it . If its hassle , or if im just being a cheeky sod , no probs . Cheers
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  10. Ive just read the article aswell . Im still convinced CRT were right & the way they went about was right . Harsh but fair . To me , there was no time for dilly dallying . Just tear it down . Once down its no longer a danger . Despite the occupants situation i simply cannot find myself able to feel sorry for them . The project was dangerous & iiresponsible & they thought of no one but themselves . All those comments about how people loved it etc etc are total nonsense - theyd change thier tune if it went up in flames with two occupants on board . If the chaps a gas
  11. This Sir , with all due respect is complete bollocks but then you know that dont you .....?
  12. Also if you leave it then how long before someone else manages gather together another pile of litter & turn it into " accomodation " Get in , tear it down , send a message to other would be piss takers , potentially save lives , potentially save the emergency services from having to attend etc etc . Then deal with the repercussions . CRT did the right thing by putting the wider community & thier wellbeing ahead of some dumb muppets good
  13. Surely this " vessel " is a pile of litter cunningly crafted into something that looks like a house. If it is not registed as a boat , it has no bss , no insurance & yet it has a means of cooking & heating (?) then it is basically a pile of rubbish thrown together in order to create a deathtrap . As is usual with such " accidents waiting to happen " it is unlikely to be the owners who go up in flames but poor innocent nearby . Suppose the authorities wait until the gas bottle explodes or it catches fire near other more boat shaped boats then folk will say " why oh why did th
  14. So you sold a house & with the profit you bought a boat & another flat ? In what sense have you entered into the " owning a house ( or indeed flat )is not the be all & end all " mentality ?? You still own B&M ! Its an entirely different scenario from the OP as you still have a property asset . It is still , though less so , a safety net , a fallback option & almost certainly an investment in the sense that its value is likely to increase . Its hardly selling up & throwing caution to the wind as far as i can see . You appear to have then fu
  15. Good grief My thoughts - Im not a person who believes that our 3 scores & 10 are meant for just trundling along on our " expected " treadmill of work , work & more work . Life is short & there are far more worthwhile things to be done . However a balance must be struck as work & the benefits of income are necessary . I spent my 20s & 30s travelling . I was addicted . Work was a means to an end & soon as i had enough savings i was back on a plane . The travel bug wore off in my late 30s & now in my mid 40s im worth bugger all . Regrets ..... im sad
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