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  1. Just so you are aware I've asked the forum to restrict my access on here and I will no longer be posting. Thanks for everyone's help from the nice people. To the others find someone else to pick on. The worst bullying I've ever seen online.(appalling) Thanks but no thanks. (Laters)
  2. Thanks for everyone's help and advice. I've bought from craftmaster before but can someone tell me which clear varnish as the one I looked at was for overcoatimg colours. ? I am still looking now.
  3. I realise this is a Summer Job but please can anyone recommend me a decent brand of marine varnish that has some decent viscosity ?
  4. K he'll Just woke up like a corpse in the captain's Chair (smelling poo and my eberspacher went sod off yer right buy new Batterys) It's freeeeezin and the dog won't let me in the bedroom. Buy the dream ? You can for 70k go on press proceed to checkout. Cough cough white smoke No really.... DON'T EVER SELL A HOUSE FOR A BOAT. (No) Choking on white diesel fog. Tick tick tick tick
  5. Well I don't follow Wheaton law I just get up and hòpe for the best, I burn green fresh wood every day it's not the best. I don't always do live well but I've never met anyone on the canal who has cracked it. Guess being awake is a bonus I do feel that thundersh1te has Bletchley staff on here. Getting annoyed not posting tonight. Tired.com
  6. this. Your post. My next door neighbour on the other side burned coal and that did bother me - nasty smell and my boat was covered in soot
  7. From only a daft news clip they are replicating beef tissues to minimize cow trumping. The world has gone dolally. Sorry lab grown meat tissues... err
  8. Life is quite simple once you seperate that world to this one. Who checks smoke output.? That's funny. Nice try TB might be warmer.
  9. I once walked in a house to read a gas meter and a lovely lady said 'I've not been down the steps for years.' Cob webs n all my top pocket torch. Stick with me here please! Anyway I went down well scared I found the gas meter but what sticks with me was all the wood turning stuff left. I went back up stairs with her holding another torch. She made me a cup of tea and told me the cellar was left that way from the war. She then told me she use to deliver and fly new Spitfires to RAF Bases. Walked out with nothing but respect. What a lady
  10. Ow he is a nifty bugger I think no go away from their ya daft sod. (I am a northerner)
  11. I've come across this too, idiots who buy old knackered waterside houses next to the canal and moan. I will be honest, people like this don't realise we have the same rights in law and threats is bloody hard to deal with. Some people think we don't have the same rights and just see boaters as travellers who I respect in every way. Living on the canal you have to be multiflexible in mind, theirs a lot of characters out their. (Think Live Aboards know this one) lol for sure.... Threats just not on. Better to report than doing other !
  12. Burning wood especially green fresh stuff will annoy any neighbour, what I find worse and a bigger problem is someone running a knackered old lister pumping horendious amounts of toxic choking fog as was next to me once. I had to shout at a boat last week to ploy them out if their boat because their ebersplutter or webasto was throwing out battlefield amounts of white diesel smoke and it did not go through the shut off cycle. God knows what the boat owners next door came back too, all their window tops were open?
  13. Yep I lived their and the skippers most often had their cars plonked on top of weird places on the back. Sorry OP, I know people who have cars and CC and they chase their arses, some have done away with their cars and bought 250w electric bikes instead.
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