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    Boats,fishing,being in the country side and at sea,charity fundraising for The Eva May Trust,having a laugh at my expense.I like people to laugh at me,not with me ???

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    Builder’s labourer’s labourer ?
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    Unsinkable lll (Third time lucky hey guys ?)
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  1. ???????? Roland that is so funny ??
  2. Thank you Captain Pegg I genuinely thought it was the one that got killed in the plane crash with Buddy Holly.Ive been getting that wrong for years then,thanks for educating me.
  3. I wonder if he would had made any more if he hadn’t been killed with Buddy Holly in that tragic plane crash along with The Big Bopper ? Thanks for not telling my age ? can’t believe i’m gonna be 60 in twenty months time ? ???
  4. What song was number one in the UK ?? pop charts on the day you was born ? mine is “Tell Laura I love her” song by Richie Valance.
  5. This has just made me cry,in the three years of fundraising for Eva I have never had one person donate anything like this for her.Whoever just sent the £50 to the Just Giving page can I please tell you that myself and Eva’s mum are actually speechless and are in total shock at the amount you have donated for her.Thank you so so much for your generosity and kindness xxx You really are a super hero in our book ❤️
  6. One day she will stand up on her own and walk away from her wheelchair forever ❤️
  7. Can you help me raise £1000 to help Eva-May with her on going physiotherapy, Ant has decided to take to the skies again! this time he’ll be standing on top of the plane!. Please donate to my JustGiving Crowdfunding Page: EDITED by Magpie Patrick to clarify the link to the just giving page https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/evamaytrust?utm_term=966wm955r
  8. I was at the swimming baths the other day,and was dying for a wee but couldn’t be bothered to go to the toilet so I started to do it in the pool ?all of a sudden the lifeguard was going crazy and was yelling at me so much I actually fell in ........???
  9. I walked straight into the doctors surgery last night completely surprising him and one of his patients.I shouted “Doctor Doctor I think I’m a moth” He said “what the hell are you doing just swanning in without an appointment” I said “Sorry Doctor I was just passing when I saw the light on” ??????
  10. Ditchcrawler thank you,I am going for the first one I think.The Cobra one looks perfect for me,cheers I am going to order it now before I get too confused because to be honest I can’t understand half of the long words I read on this forum lol you’re a brainy bunch and I do appreciate all the help you give.Thank you all.
  11. I have just seen this on Gumtree,the seller said it’s in perfect condition and pretty local,i’m thinking of having a look at it on Wednesday after work.Do you think it will do the job ? It looks like a good bargain to me!
  12. Thanks everyone I am going to look into it before I take the boat to the coast.
  13. This is brilliant,thank you very much I will look into this right now!
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