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  1. Has any body had any serious problems with Canal & River Rescue recently?
  2. Thanks If, I have it right? It would seem that my CRT Br No10 is in fact Savick Br, which is a faux John Rennie design or facing and the CRT Br No 9 (below) is in fact Goodier Bridge. That said it is interesting to know about the past coal trade on the brook, presumably a stop gap until the tram way was built. To me the big question is why was the LC not linked to Preston Dock? As I have no idea about the local landscape or topography I would chance to speculate that the origin of Goodier Br is in fact medieval and represents the location of the first upstream ford or crossing over the brook giving access between Old Lea Hall Farm & New Lea Hall (Hoghton family) and Lea Town and little to do with 18C commerce. This would also support the theory that the two western tracks would more likely be used to transport bulk coal, (first landing, then by cart up to the L Canal) however lightering could make it possible for barge goods to be transhipped to pack animal at the Goodier Br landing for local consumption. A competent archaeological investigation for the BW Savick Brook modifications should have identified coal transhipment points, if it did not, to me, it would indicate that very little coal transhipment took place on to the canal and that was pre 1804 when the tramway was built. That’s not to say a landing was not used for passengers or other goods pre and maybe post canal. As I say pure speculation. I would be interested to see the location of the landscape pic’s marked on one of the OS sheets. They do look intruding.
  3. We have just had a terrific trip over the Ribble Link. Traveling up the Savick Brook (parts of which could better be named the Orinoco) most of the bridges are mundane to say the least. But as we emerge from the jungle before the submersible lock 8, we came face to face with Br 10, a magnificent wide shallow arch ashlar bridge with all the hall marks of John Rennie. The quality of the stonework suggests its original owner had cash to spend.(estate, or Turnpike may be) Can anybody through any light on its origins. Obviously at the time it was built to brook had no relation to the canal.
  4. Thanks, we did see you go. Our trip down the Trent turned out to be a total anti-climax (after all the negative comments from supposed experienced users) with a very easy reverse entry down past and into Keadby Lock. We are now up on the S&SY and what a lovely waterway this is. Totally un promoted and very few boats. The Stainforth & Keadby it a real Blue Sky Fenland waterway. The section between Doncaster to Swinton could be on the Thames (without the mansions) Goring Gap springs to mind. Thorn Lk begs the question what is the longest NB that will fit. A fellow boater felt the need to go via Trent Falls due Thorne Lk, but others say Thorn will take 70'. (previous post this forum) The CRT site just gives the lock size so was not much help to him. So real personal experience is important.
  5. After a lovely trip to the top of the Chesterfield, we are now stuck in West Stockwith Basin due to the high river levels on the Trent. Due to this hold up, we are now considering taking Braggabout @ 58’-6” x 7’ in to Sheffield and leaving our trip to Ripon for next year? Checking lock dimensions on the S&SYN, it would seem the official lock size for Sheffield to Rotherham is 56’-6” x 15’-3” (something of a surprise) so can we fit ? We have done the Huddersfield Wide @ 57’-6” x 14’-2” with no problems. Similar questions hang over the R. Ure @ 57’-0” x 14’-6” & Linton Lk. The benefit of anybody’s practical experience would be most welcome.
  6. Going through is a must A lot of people get put off by horror stories & the local Black Prince yard do not let boats through, we we have an Ex BP & when we bought her we were told it would go under all the CRT bridges. So we put it to the test at Froghall. No probs with just 2 adults, just fill all the tanks. See Blog below. It dose have a small kink to look out for, so go slow.
  7. It all comes down to training and common sense! Unfortunately the two don't always go together. It's the new ones that are keen that we tend to have a problem with. and the PAINT! THE PAINT OH THE PAINT!!!!!
  8. Yes so did we. Neither of us had a weed problem then, but unlike most of the other IDB's, 4IDB do not make the waterway available until after 1st May, which was our downfall. This needs to be changed, as you suggest the weed comes up PDQ after mid April. It's now got cold again so hopefully all will be well.
  9. Would anybody in the Witham/Trent area be interested in a trip to New York or Boston down the Witham Navigable Drains in May after the Sleaford Gathering on the 3-6 May. https://braggaboutlife.wordpress.com/2015/04/26/witham-navigable-drains-newham-west-fen-antons-gout-to-new-york
  10. Thanks that is my feeling. It seems somewhat incredulous that the EA would take such action with all the previous documentation on the effects of flow on the river. Then compound it with the water transfer programme. Do you know of any documentation related to the correlation between the Relief Channel & the formation of the Hump?
  11. Can anybody tell me when the Stow Bridge Hump on the Great Ouse was first identified and if it was before 1965?
  12. Mods My last post has got a bit mixed up so can you please take them down I will fix it up.
  13. We were in Paddington Basin last year and had room next to an 8’-6” GRP boat between fingers. Any body know just what CRT use as the standard gap between fingers?
  14. Thanks that has put me on the right track. In a nutshell. (v small) The Forty Foot first discharged into OBR, floodwater backed up the channel to Erith so a dam (Welches) was built across the channel just above the original lock and the original pre NBR access up to Ely was closed. Some time later a new Drain was cut (the Delft) and the OBR above the lock was reopened as the Counter Wash Drain (OBCWD). 1700’s ? The OBCWD then continued in use for transporting among other things Puddling Clay (Gault), which travelled from the NBR pits along the Great Dyke and through Mepal Lock onto the OBCWD above Mepal and down to the MLC. What I assume to be sea coal went up to the Mepal Pumping Station (3 miles) and possibly up to Mepal itself. Hay also went to Mepal Br from between the 1850’s-80’s. The OBCWD's last regular commercial use would appear ? to have been Diesel delivery’s to the pumping station in about the late 1960's? It would be interesting to know if the section up to Mepal Bridge is still navigable? I know the EA have been dredging the OBR below Welshes Lk recently. The Great Dyke & Mepal Lock, are not. I still do not know if craft went up to Sutton Gault, but from the above it would seem so.
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