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  1. My illness is progressive,I am leaving the cut as soon as my boat is sold.In any case I no longer wish to be a tenant of CaRT.
  2. Not quite sure where you are going with that statement?
  3. One wonders what some of you would think of this.As some of you know I have been extremely ill for some months and have been unable to move my boat.This did not stop CaRT from asking me for a £480 fee for the winter period,November to the end of March to allow me to stay on the towpath at my chosen spot.I am now looking at other boats along the towpath very close to me who have not paid a fee and have been close to me and not moved for months.I did not hesitate to pay CaRT for this period,I thought it a good idea.However it as made me wonder who the fool is in this matter.
  4. Indeed you have John and I know this from my own illness.I have to say that CRT have been very understanding.
  5. Feck off,lets have some proper answers.
  6. If the paper work is in order this a very reasonable price.
  7. Anyone on here help me to find the best route to take a Widebeam from Skipton to the Lea and Stort,I realise that the full journey cannot be done and a crane out and in will be required.Where will be the best places be for cranage.This is not for my own boat but a friends.The width and length are 11 ft x 57ft.Thanks.
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  9. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm,got me thinkin now.
  10. You could could convert from petrol to LPG if you are worried about the use of petrol on the boat.
  11. Does sound good,I need my stern deck replacing and this material needs looking into.Good post,have a greenie.
  12. bowten

    14.7v or 15v

    The consensus seems to be go for 15v as I am not on shoreline and this is what I will do taking care that I check electrolyte levels.Thanks for everyone's input.
  13. The Sustrans and the council are spending around £1.5 million on regrading the towpath between Gargrave and Skipton.This will enable the some of the cyclists around here to time themselves with their stopwatches and make even greater time between A and B.I witnessed an accident between an elderly woman and a lycra clad mountain biker on the towpath in Skipton Town Centre some years ago,it was not a pretty sight.It is nice to see a family out and about on their bikes for a leisurely ride,however I don't think it is the place to be doing time trials against yourself or your mates.
  14. Springer!Just to add the Hallmark boat as an engine room from hell.
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