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  1. That's why I wanted to do it this year, im going to have to launch on the nene so have to buy an EA licence so somewhat kills the idea of the middle level
  2. you are correct, add a n't
  3. Having failed to find anywhere on the Middle Level to launch my boat and store my van and trailer for 4 weeks, I am widening my search area Any ideas?
  4. Sadly Foxes, Bill Fen, Floods Ferry or the Watermens club can't help us. We can use the slipway at Bill fen but no van and trailer storage. So it looks like we will have to try marinas on the Nene or Great Ouse, Might start another thread. Thanks for all your help so far.
  5. "Thank you for your email. At this present moment, we do not have any requirement for a BSS Certificate on Middle Level waters we just recommend people to have a Boat Safety Certificate." I didn't have a physical certificate when I did have one.
  6. I suppose this must be one of the idiosycrasies "The vessel’s Boat Safety Certificate will need to be available for inspection upon entering the system."
  7. But the van I tow it with is 8ft 10
  8. 2 ft 6 ins is high for the bed of a trailer. My wilderness will be under 8ft on the trailer
  9. I used to have a Danforth on my 26 foot catamaran,. It got so stuck I couldn't retrieve it, had to cut it free, still at the bottom of the sea.
  10. I have no problem with Weatherspoons Can you recommend one?
  11. Not cheap... small generator and a fan heater
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