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  1. Yes that's the one I have now
  2. I forgot my CO Detector, and need to buy one, I am near Blackburn, any ideas?
  3. I suspect in practical terms they are not bothered I rowed a boat down the lancaster canal, I got passed, while moored by 2 number crunchers, who treated me as if I didnt exist, I did have a licence and insurance.
  4. I think fixed is the important rule here. You will need insurance you will not need a boat safety certificate for a 30 day explorer you can either declare as exempt or self certificate , in any case there will be no repercussions for not having one
  5. adder with the diamonds, they do get that long and they do swim
  6. is growth that much of a problem in fresh water?
  7. Er, not quite Unbaked trailer can't be more than half the weight of the tow vehicle but may be less than this if the vin plate says so
  8. Thumbs up indicating that I know the empty box is blowing in the wind. Quite windy, you were one of only 3 boats thst have gone past today . We wouldn't have fun moving in that wind
  9. You have just gone past me, little yellow boat at Wansford Station
  10. We are off out the other end tomorrow If you haven't done it before, go down steam and turn, then come back into the lock if the tide is againt you, i crashed, the boat behind me crashed, I assumed there was no right way as nobody had told me, the tidal flow was not expected
  11. https://m.facebook.com/groups/952976534859125?view=permalink&id=1246302048859904 Well we got here, not been all plain sailing.
  12. I can still get a laugh if I say ball or aerosol. I'm not sure if she is laughing with me or at me. Do you Have any?
  13. I kept chickens, first of all in the house, bad move they smell soo bad. we took them with us camping , used to do a festival circuit, they managed fine, my son used to take them for walks on a lead or just balanced on his shoulders and head. dont try this at home, they shit shit shit and shit
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