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  1. I'm not surprised It hasn't sold if you put as much effort into selling it as you do to visiting your forum threads
  2. rasputin

    A place for naughty boys and girls!

    There used to be a great unmoderated place back in the day where folks could while away the drunken early hours in the morning without offending the rest of the forum. Bring back the chat room I say.
  3. rasputin

    What's the best ever Christmas record?

    bang bang was BA Robertson
  4. rasputin

    Bring Back Mike the Boilerman.

    You seem to have missed a few of last nights posts from a mod that seem to have mysteriously vanished this morning, making a few of everyone else's posts look a bit silly
  5. rasputin

    Photos of your boat.

    but maybe better the other way up.
  6. rasputin

    Bring Back Mike the Boilerman.

    I must have misunderstood many of your posts.
  7. rasputin

    Bring Back Mike the Boilerman.

    Lady G you seem to be getting wound up by this thread, for the second or maybe third time. I see no problem in having a discussion about why or how a long standing member of the forum has left. I don't see it breaking the rules, well not any more now the posts from the mod have been removed. As is said to me often enough, you don't have to read the thread, Even as a mod, unless it is reported of course.
  8. rasputin

    Leed Liverpool trip plan

    But only if you are a pirate
  9. rasputin

    London Gatwick Airport Closed By Drones

    No answer as to why not get another drone and follow the former to the battery change facility?
  10. rasputin

    Bring Back Mike the Boilerman.

    do you think that could catch on? what a great idea, maybe a little bit of good could come out of this to make the forum a more pleasant place.
  11. rasputin

    Why ?

    in the second picture the gate would appear to be surplus to requirements. there is a lot of hatred of the lake district national park planning board and the national trust
  12. rasputin

    Graceless and contemptuous motorbikes

    excellent. My first bike was a GP250, well it wasn't mine, but I had to pay for it after I had blown it up Then I had a honda 50 cub, loved it. now I have a Derbi Senda X-treem 50 r love it I'm too wild and have too little self preservation to have anything bigger than a 50
  13. rasputin

    Bring Back Mike the Boilerman.

    I agree with the first part of your post (apart from being called grumpy) but don't agree with the bit I have quoted, I could just as easily say, banter and topic drift drives the experts away, I'm not sure why you think makes the forum better, It makes it more frustrating for me to read. As for the only read what you want, how would I know when the thread returns back to the topic without reading (or trying not to read) the drivel
  14. rasputin

    Bring Back Mike the Boilerman.

    Scared to post for fear of picking up random points
  15. rasputin

    Bring Back Mike the Boilerman.

    Yes, thanks for that advice, I am visiting less, and it would look like others are too.

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