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  1. Thanks for your reply's. So now to work out if more advantageous to have boat on hard standing and do the work or have put in the water get basic work done then of cruising around the cut.
  2. General question and it may seem a stupid one to most of you. At what stage do you get your boat license? If you are having a boat built for example a sailaway and you are fitting it out yourself at what stage do you get or apply for the license? When it goes in the water or before? does it need to be licensed when on a hard standing whilst being fitted out?
  3. Wow 20 bikes. What size boat do you have?
  4. Good tip with me pedaling the bike wouldn't be going at any great speed though The biggest problem pedestrians are likely to have is me wobbling and falling off on top of them.
  5. Those of you who have bikes an their boats How do you store them and keep them secure on your boat? Is there such a thing as a bike rack that you can fit on the boat like on the back of a car? Do you have recommendations for bike trailers to go on the back of bikes to make collecting shopping easier? Are their restrictions on tow paths as to cycling? Are there advantages to having an electric bike on the tow paths
  6. I am glad you asked this question it is one we have been considering. We are planning to do a new build next year and were looking into this. Have you come to any conclusions on this yet or found any one who has one fitted
  7. Now that is strange I will have to look at my profile or whatever as I am a new member just about 1 week ago so complete novice. Thanks thats great
  8. Do these guides also tell you the length and width of boat that can go through each lock or bridges
  9. Sorry another question. Did you find that your feet swelled with the heat did the under floor heating ever get too hot for comfort? How easily controllable was it were you able to keep it at a contast heat?
  10. Thank you so much for this information it is good to get feedback from someone who has underfloor heating. did you fit it yourself or get someone to do it?
  11. Thanks valid point there. I am just starting to look at radiators now see what's available. I allotted myself two two hours a day to search boating ideas equipment specs etc, but so far, have been at it well over 8 hrs. a day. It is getting a bit of an obsession now.🤪
  12. Thank you very valid points Thanks good information. I agree no tiles we have tiles all through our property down stairs and although the house is warm in winter the floor can still be cold
  13. Ah i hadn't realized that the space was so small hadn't given that any thought whatso ever. thanks for bringing that to my attention. So need to see how much depth the underfloor heating would take in all see how much that would make the headroom.
  14. My first two questions asked have been answered and one discussion certainly took off in all directions. So here I am again, and being controversial once again. Hope it doesn't create too much of a storm. it is being aimed mostly at those who do have under floor heating.. How have you found it has it caused any problems with feet ankles as I once heard it could cause swelling in the feet and ankles. Do your feet get too hot? Does it efficiently heat the boat. What types of under floor heating do you have fitted.? I believe that when preparing to go into living on a boat ALL things need to be considered that will help with having the best and most comfortable way of living that you are going to be happy with. I know what some people may think of as unnecessary, others think of as being essential. I am also aware that many opinions are if you want these things classed as luxuries you get a house or an apartment but we are choosing a boat, we have chance of fitting out the interior ourselves, as it will be an expensive adventure I want to make sure all things have been carefully considered . Thankfully we are no longer in the middle ages and technology has improved immensely, as in solar power batteries and general off the grid living is becoming easier. Just because I am considering these things doesn't mean to say our boat will have all the mod cons because it wont I just want to choose what I feel are the best options for us. Taking into consideration the opinions and advice of those who have already been there and done it
  15. Thanks hadn't really looked into hybrid yzt but is certainly worth thinking about for sure. Is there any information on forth coming regulations in the boating world at the current time ?
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