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  1. Dog Friendly Hire Boat - and Few Locks!

    Try the Lancaster Canal, lock free for forty miles. These people do pet friendly boats:- https://www.lancaster-canal-boat-hire-holidays.co.uk/
  2. johnmoly

  3. Between any of the four locks on the Middlewich Branch, especially summertime and over a Saturday /Sunday. Its busy enough during the week in the summer.
  4. London Livaboard Life in the Morning Star

    I read an article recently in the Daily Telegraph where it said that while the wages of those living in the south east where 30% higher than the rest of the country, the cost of living was 66% higher than others.
  5. CCing in a widebeam

    I was under the impression that the Trent and Mersey stopped at the Dutton Stop Lock, what otherwise was the point of the canal companies putting the lock there. That is approx 100 yards from the Preston Brook tunnel so I would agree that the tunnel is on the Bridgewater Canal.
  6. Best place to buy diesel

    Isn't it best to mention which canal you will want to buy the fuel ?
  7. Typical day on a canal boat

    Not the operator, you are , or one of your crew. That's if I have read your question correctly !. If not been on a boat before the hire company will provide you with some training before you take command.
  8. On Merseyside you can get an elderly persons Travel Pass at 60, which will cover bus, train and ferry. The English bus part will only become effective when reaching that age, which Merseytravel will automatically send to you.
  9. Advice needed (not a narrow boat)

    Years ago I was an HGV driver and was told not to use easy start even though the garage used to stock it. Being in my twenties I ignored such advice just to get the engine started, well that engine didn't last long although I suspect it was on its way out anyway. To get other engines started in the cold weather I used to light a page of yesterdays newspaper and hold that by the air filter intake and pressed the starter button - worked every time.
  10. hireboat with a trad stern?

    I had a 4 berth trad stern narrowboat out last year from Claymore Navigation at Preston Brook, Cheshire.
  11. Identifying sections of hull

    Still is. Both my daughters work in the retail business in cosmetics and they say its amazing the number of chinese people coming into shops to buy makeup that makes them look 'white', meaning that they didn't work out in the fields, so they look like either stay at homes or work in offices making them seem wealthy compared to the ordinary plebs. Most of these cosmetics are then sent back to China.
  12. Bridgewater Closed 13th Feb till 24th May

    Should this be Vicars Hall Bridge, number 56. Anyone know if indeed work did start today.
  13. Damaged Bridge Made Safe

    Works ok on my PC.
  14. Ways to keep warm

    Really sad I missed the stove top fans at Aldi. Search around, their still available in stores, I saw some the other day in Aldi, Old Swan, Liverpool.
  15. Removing old lettering.

    If its vinyl lettering, just get a hairdryer and apply over the letters, that always brings them off, then using white spirit remove any traces of adhesive.