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  1. Confirmed...........Arlen Narrowboat Hire went out of business several months ago. Thanks for everyone's help. Glasson will have to wait a few years until we're liveaboards.
  2. Ahhh so Arlen did then so that's further forwards anyway. Thanks. I've not had it confirmed that they've gone bust yet...only a non reply from the company and Insurance has just been cited by Blossom who I hired off and now 4 hire companies so it looks as though no one does now if Arlen have closed. I'll keep trying to find out for sure. Thanks for all your replies.
  3. Thanks for your reply. Water Babies don't allow passage although their website is quite misleading so we contacted them to ask. Walking it is an option but we'll be going at the time of the closure at Bolton-le-Sands so the branch will be a good overnighter for the time.
  4. Thanks for your quick reply. We were told Arlen allowed you to go down the Glasson Branch, hence our desire to go with them. Was that true do you know or know of any other company who do please? We've just had Blossom from Tewitfield and they said a lot don't due to insurance. Did Duck Island or any others that you know of please? Thanks again. Jerry
  5. Does anybody know if Arlen Narrowboat Hire on the Lancaster Canal have closed up for this year or ceased trading? Website only shows 2018/19 prices, the last review was from October 2019 and I'm receiving no reply whatsoever from emails or phone calls. It's constantly going to answerphone and I've been trying for weeks to book one for next year. Thanks. Jerry
  6. No problem at all. Some great memories. I really can't remember the surname at all but if I remember rightly part of their appeal was that as kids, we thought it great that they introduced themselves on first name terms as opposed to Mr & Mrs........... Great to know John is still about. Wonder if Dawn is too. I remember waking one morning in Lichfield ( boys slept on Lichfield, girls on Daisy Ashford , with the floor wet and calling into a boatyard to have a quick repair done to a hole on the port side, just behind the well deck....lol. I also remember getting drunk and being ill after smuggling a few mixed spirits from my parents drinks cabinet in a jam jar for myself and my mate. Dawn had a quiet word, changed my bed and covered for me with the teachers. I had the ultimate respect for her right there in that instant. I was 15 at the time 😀. Fantastic times,. Jerry
  7. Hi Duchess. I holidayed on Lichfield and Daisy Ashford with Holidays Abroad in April 83 and again April 84 with my school. Both times they were ran by John and Dawn with their child. Sorry I can't remember the surnames but they were a lovely couple who had a cottage close to the Stratford Canal. Both times we travelled from Kingswood Junction to Stratford. I hope the following photos upload ok. Jerry
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