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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  3. I'm glad to hear it's not just me that rarely encounters any grumpy fishermen Ian! Same as with anyone else really - a smile or a cheery wave rarely goes unanswered. I think few of us realise how seriously most fishermen, and all match fishermen, take their business. Match fishermen in particular are concentrating very hard in what they're doing and are much busier than a non-fisherman could possibly imagine. We're natural allies in my opinion and Sustrans will happily tarmac over us both!
  4. Those rules are general rather than for set out "matches" as they mention the use of 2 rods, which is not allowed in a match. Clearly, they don't include lock landings either. Whilst the individual angling clubs will be responsible for getting the rules out to their members, I think it's incumbent upon CRT to provide the clubs with those rules which deconflict boating and angling. Anglers, boaters, or both, having to guess or interpret rules is a recipe for unnecessary conflict between 2 sets of users who otherwise have a great deal of common interest and should be firm allies. It's not hard to imagine how this could be achieved given sound leadership from CRT. Edited to remove auto correct apostrophe.
  5. How does the CO detector know it's on a boat? Or, to put it another way, what's special about boaty ones or, to put it yet another way, what does the non-boaty one do/not do when it finds itself in a boat?
  6. Don't watch Dr Who, it'll drive you batty!
  7. Longevity of a manufacturer's tyres doesn't really have a read across to the quality of their batteries. Bridgestone (who were once known for their "Japanese instant skid" tyres that lasted forever) may have only given you 15k, but they'll likely have given you the compromise of more grip across a wider range of surfaces and conditions at the expense of greater wear, where Hankook have chosen a different balance. Batteries will also be a compromise on Price V Longevity as well as other factors, and that's clear here from the ticket prices on Hankook, Varta, Trojans, Rolls, etc. Point is: compare batteries with batteries and factor in your usage and charging ability/regimen - as is writ large through all of these threads. Incidentally, I have 4 very ordinary sealed for life 110Ah leisure batteries now 7 years old and still doing well. I put that down to the Mastervolt Combi charger, 175a domestic alternator, a regime of not taking them below 60% and cruising sufficiently to get them back to 100% every day or two. Being an engineer, I was possibly able to sort out for myself what was the really good advice given on here and elsewhere, but there's probably a big dollop of luck in there too!
  8. Hence why propellers developed beyond being a simple screw thread into what we see today.
  9. It would be sensible to ensure that the heater supply pick up sits a little higher in the tank than the engine supply. This will prevent your heating being able to fully empty the tank, depriving you of engine power.
  10. And just to flog BEngo's good points to death: always connect starting at the "service" end, in this case the boat, and finish at the "supply" end, ie the shore connection box. That way, the cable you're carrying is dead until the final connection. It goes without saying to disconnect at the supply end first for the same reason.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  12. You may be onto something there. So, global warming will also bring more daylight hours. I like that idea!
  13. Well, I love winter cruising, usually getting in a 6 week trip and a couple of shorter jaunts between Jan and Mar. However, I've finally got round to reading the CRT stoppages only to find that Tardebigge is out for whole 3 months without the usual weekend opening half way through this year. So, with the vagaries of the Severn and just a weekend window in stoppages above Stourport, it's looking like a lean 3 months for those of us low down on the Worcs & Brum. I thought CRT had recognised that last year's stoppages were rather too restrictive? Someone tell me I'm missing something.
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  15. You may also wish to consider wiring it so that it works from the shore supply only, rather than running the risk of goosing your batteries should it be left on accidentally. This wiring method is quite common practice. A typical narrowboat immersion heater is 1 kilowatt so draws over 80 amps if you run it via your inverter. With that sort of load, especially given the length of time it's needed, I'd want my engine on - in which case you're heating your hot tank anyway. Mine's wired like that and your usage pattern sounds similar to mine, which is occasionally as a 'cottage'at a mooring with a shore supply, but mostly we're out and about, stopping overnight or for the odd day or two.
  16. Do make sure you use new ones, rather than those found growing in the hedgerow.
  17. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  18. Well, thinking more along conventional lines like NickNorman has done, you could go for a 12v dimmer switch on that circuit, although that may involve new dimmable lamps too. However, I feel that suggestion may put me rather out of step with the thrust of this thread so, alternatively, you could hang dog poop bags over the yoghurt puts should they not be sufficiently effective. The National Trust do green ones for a change of mood.
  19. After you have evicted the unwanted apps using the 'wobbly icon' method, remember to close the app flap, or some of the little blighters may sneak back in!
  20. I thought for a minute there you were intending to use wind power to heat your stove!
  21. Aparently this is not the case with the yeast recommended by John V which he adds monthly. Not the case with the Silky RX I use either, which is added at a teaspoon per month. From the Silky blurb....... A unique enzyme based toilet odour and solid reducer technology that makes your boat a more pleasant place to be! • Reduces smells and odours aboard the boat. • Reduces and breaks down solids in the holding tank making pumping out easier and more pleasant. • Lightweight and extremely efficient in usage. • 65g package will last an entire season and not take up the space of a liquid based treatment. • Single teaspoon dose required per month. • No harsh chemicals. • Totally natural enzyme based formula that is classed as treated as sewage. Pays your money: takes your choice. Disclaimer: I have no connection with Silky (I think I may in fact be a budding tortoise salesman), but I have put away quite large quantites of yeast one way or another in my time!
  22. Trade them in for tortoises, which are much better suited to canal boat life. Apart from the far closer match of speed, they're much more resistant to the effects of sustrans tow path 'improvements' and I've yet to see a post about them falling from gunnels (do not confuse those escapee terrapins with lost tortoises). In any case, they look like they could be modified to float quite easily. They're also remarkably eco friendly for an alien species, as they're unlikely to escape and turn ferral and will not fill your engine 'ole with recently deceased native wildlife. A Dandelion leaf diet is cheap and easily sustainable. When they finally depart this mortal coil, they'll already be a family heirloom and you'll probably have gone years before them, so they pose none of the usual upset associated with pets (well, maybe for your grandchildren's grandchildren). In winter, pop them in a cardboard box to keep the frost off and break them out next year for a summer of tortoise filled fun and high jinx!
  23. Sounds like you really need to get this boss out to me as it will make quite a difference to you (and your neighbours)! Sometimes it's worth considering getting a professional in to do the job.
  24. Sea Dog

    stove fan

    You really watched that, didn't you, and now so have I! Damn it!
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