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  2. I visited Upton a couple of times last summer. I managed a night, maybe two, on the pontoon in the photo, but there were unoccupied long-termers there, some undergoing work by the look of it, so I was lucky to squeeze in. Maybe that's changed now reading Jackie's post above? When looking at Nick F's picture, there's wall moorings a little further down too (by the Swan Inn iirc) but as stated, not great in times of rise and fall. The trip boat is moored on a pontoon too, but each time I visited the other potential mooring on there was taken up by a canoe-like paint cat contraption. Tingdene Marina offer free overnight moorings under an agreement with Upton Parish Council according to Nicholson's who say free tickets are available from local shops and the tourist info kiosk (in the rather nice church building). When you ask, you'll be met with wry smiles - it seems this is not actually the case! Upton is a lovely little place and imho deserves full boaty support when they're not under water!
  3. I share your frustration, but your idea is too widely aimed. Like most humans, dogs don't crap 24/7 but instead have daily routines. They can be trained to go on command quite easily too. So, responsible owners know exactly when the dog will empty itself, hence there's no need for nappies for responsibly owned dogs since they're not contributing to the issue here. Same as dogs don't need to bark, jump up or otherwise make a nuisance of themselves - if a dog's a nuisance, it's usually down to poor training due to the ignorance (not necessarily deliberate), laziness, or irresponsibility of the owner. They say there's no such thing as a bad dog, only bad owners - I'm not sure about that, but I would offer that if a responsible owner has a problem dog, they'll make sure that it has little impact on the rest of the world. Just my 5 cents. YMMV.
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  5. Which way are you going? Cos if you're going via Hanbury on the B&W one crewman will be ok, but if you're going to work those stiff old Droitwich locks to the Severn, you'll need half a dozen and a bigger spaghetti pot!
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  7. Well, maybe, but.... There are a lot of unscrupulous folk who will get a known duff boat surveyed 'til they get a 'pass' and then sue the surveyor to either get the fault he missed paid for or to screw him for some compensation money. Most often, it's not in the surveyors financial interest to fight in court, so he rolls over and either takes the hit himself or his insurance does. Insurance gets dearer the more surveys ne does, and ne can't even pack in without paying for insurance cover until all those surveys become 'time expired'. Small print may mitigate, but it isn't bomb proof. Easy to get caught out too - we don't want our linings ripped out, floor lifted, blacking/epoxy ruined, etc, and some faults are intermittent, well hidden or expertly disguised. There are Good, Bad and Average surveys, no doubt, but turn up, nosey round a boat a bit and pocket circa £500 in pure profit with no risk it's not. Still comes down to Caveat Emptor and risk management though, eh?
  8. I believe they hang it in trees so the dog poo fairy can find it. Someone should explain.... with a big stick.
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  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  11. From what I've read on here, that doesn't necessaily even come with the narrowboat painter! (Just a little joke chaps - the names of all the characters in this post are ficticious and it does not depict real life events. Do not try narrowboat painting at home without adult supervision).
  12. I didn't have my boat surveyed when I bought her. I'm a Chartered Engineer with 35 years naval experience, I've done a university small vessel surveyor's course and have some experience of second hand boat surveys in the marine market. The ONLY reason I took the risk of not having a survey was because I was happy to take that risk based on my own assessment. Not because I'm a clever dick and didn't think I needed one, but because I thought I understood the risk I was taking and was prepared to take it - and I could withstand the potential financial consequences. It was still a risk though, make no mistake, and doubtless some would say I was still foolish to take it. Frankly, there are few circumstances where I'd buy a narrowboat without having it out of the water for a hull survey, but my boat just happened to be one of those, which it wouldn't have been if it had had a bunch of work done by someone I didn't know very well indeed and trust entirely. Incidentally, I blacked my boat late last year and was very happy with what I found but, of course, I could have been wrong. This couple are right to ask for a survey IMHO,.
  13. True, especially a couple of years or so ago. Buying it is just the start though, eh?
  14. Mine steers astern comparatively well actually, or else I'm just lucky. I do seem to get luckier the more I do it though. And if I had a bow thruster (which I wouldn't admit here!) being able to use it as a rudder if things went a bit would give me the confidence to reverse for fair old distances, which I happily do. Also, it actually gets easier the faster you go, but I didn't say that and be careful where you try it!
  15. Well, no, but it was his regular discovery of 5v in marinas that Loddon was posting about (and I quoted), hence what I was asking him questions about. It's also arguably the most common/pertinent to most readers, and there's direct read-across too, eh?
  16. Filled up a jerry can at Falmouth before sailing to the Scillies a couple of years ago - the pump read £650.00 after the last Sunseeker had stopped for a splash and dash, and it wasn't even a big one. Lovely boats in their way, but it strikes me that many of those who have enough money to own them spend too much time at work to get much use out of them.
  17. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  18. This is a fantastic project and it's great to see the work going so well. Keep it coming - anyone who's bored doesn't have to click on the thread! (And they're probably on the wrong forum anyway)
  19. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  20. Now that poster took an interest from a very long way away and made a post that could have cleared up a lot of confusion, and you two just go and cause more confusion. Have a word with yourselves!
  21. Eek! Thanks for the report Isatis. I'm intending to follow in your wake (from Brum onwards) at the end of the month (again, mostly due to the Cosely stoppage) so I'm particularly interested in your Walsall and Wyrely & Essington adventures. They sound rather worse that I was anticipating, so perhaps you could make recommendations (or otherwise) particulary on your moorings. Or maybe someone has an alternative?!
  22. True, but my notional drill was a gurt big long 'un! And who reads instructions until all else has failed?
  23. Oh I doubt that Dave, it's (pretty much) on topic so you're audience is a selected one already. If they've read this far, I expect they'll also be interested in what you have to bring to the table. There's plenty of folk here who appreciate such skills, I'm sure.
  24. I'm the same Nick, just about centre. At Crick I was deflected to almost the end of the green zone, so I too am reassured. A bit. I think.
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