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  1. Some years ago I sailed a steel salty boat along a stretch of river crossed at intervals by power lines. The effect on the two deck compasses was, to say the least, quite dramatic. Whist they seemed to have no lasting ill-effects I had them swung again just in case. I lived directly under some power lines for the first 12 years of my life and the buzzing they created in mist and fog is one of my most abiding memories
  2. Wide boats, narrow boats, short boats, long boats, cheap boats or expensive boats..... The only thing that matters is that the owner is happy I prefer boats to be reasonably good looking but that is just me. It is not mandatory. Which is a good thing in this case
  3. I just try to get on with everyone and can't really be bothered when people get silly about things Don't sweat the small stuff It just ruins your day
  4. I certainly would. I hadn't actually realised that the Ombudsman was appointed by C&RT !
  5. I have But I was on a very big canal up in the very far north amongst our more reluctant members of the Union
  6. It could be regarded as a distress signal Yes I know it's old but I couldn't resist
  7. True I did point out that others have different views and priorities..... Such schedules as I do make (rarely) are worked out on the following calculations No. of hours I wish to travel x 2.75 (maximum careful speed per hour) Subtract 20min for each lock on route. All divided by two It usually gives me plenty of time to enjoy the scenery, the wildlife, multiple stops for cuppas and an early stop each day for leisurely imbibing of alcohol of an evening It also allows time to be courteous As for the tying up business I mastered mooring skills of all sorts on, usually, qui
  8. The most important part of boating for me (especially on the canal) is that I never have a schedule to keep to, can trundle along as slowly as I like (without causing an obstruction to those who have to hurry) and can, as I always do, slow down when passing any moored boats, occupied or otherwise. I maintain steerage way at all times, I am, after all, supposed to be fully in control of the boat (though even steerage way does not always guarantee that ) so I will be moving faster should the weather conditions dictate. Others may not have the same attitude - that is their choice and I
  9. It's the large bit of wood, iron or steel an a square-rigged vessel from which sails are suspended and the occasional pirate is hanged. As for the original question Dharl and Mike are correct but in my case it is up to but not including the 1st time I manage to correct myself
  10. tidal

    New Boat

    Now that is very pretty. Unusual superstructure for an ST but that only makes it prettier
  11. Many thanks for your informative reply Lady Muck. It is as I suspected more about a change in interpretation and enforcement and reflects situations I have seen elsewhere where the common sense approach of the people on the ground has been altered by circumstances like the change in popularity. I really don't like the breaking up of such communities, or the threat of evictions but I can't see how CRT can make exceptions without those exceptions being used (and abused) by others. There has to be a compromise somewhere but I can't see a viable one
  12. OK? No it isn't It's never OK to evict a family But it is done regularly away from the canal system where families don't or can't comply with other rules. And as I have pointed out in my first post on this thread other couples with families I know do manage, sometimes with great difficulty, to comply with the requirements for CCing. What, in your opinion , are C&RT's options here?
  13. Please excuse me for taking things back a lot of pages and also for trying to look at separate points by use of colour highlights. (I have been reminded in the past that snipping is not popular with some) Are you saying here that EOs used their personal discretion in the past and that discretion has now been removed? Or are you saying that the actual rules have changed? Or are you saying that they are being interpreted differently Does everyone try to comply fully or only as far as they think they can get away with. I always worked somewhere between the two myself I'm not entirely
  14. I have mixed feelings on this one. I have a deal of sympathy with those affected by increased enforcement (and that HAS changed) but I also know of 2 couples with young families and jobs who are managing to CC effectively enough to satisfy C&RT (and they aren't in exactly well-paid jobs) They make the not inconsiderable effort to comply and have not, as yet, had any problems with enforcement and have been supported by C&RT when one of the kids was ill enough to require a hospital stay. So whilst it isn't easy, and is getting harder, it is still possible wit the right attitude
  15. Actually it's dirt cheap I was getting £18 a metre 20 years ago ETA That was/is a very worthwhile project and much needed. Well done all concerned
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