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  1. Bizzard appears to be busy, so I'll add on his behalf that you could rig up a tarpaulin to keep the rain off, then they wouldn't get dirty so quickly.
  2. Yeah, I noted that, which is where I got the 360 watts from. Still not much to get your batteries squared away with a quick charge before you pop off to work, but if you don't take much out....? Anyway, twas just a thought. Seems your electrical needs are few Sir! Maybe your battery bank just needs to be a bumper pack of AAA Duracells!
  3. There's folk here who do this stuff for a living, but I'd suggest that 15 amps charging capacity is only enough to support pretty rudimentary electrical needs Mike. Notwithstanding that at 24v your alternator will be producing 360 watts, you might need to think about increasing your charging capacity before introducing a higher capacity battery bank. You're clearly no duffer, so do forgive me if I'm teaching granny to suck eggs.
  4. Hold on a minute there! Are you talking about the same boat, making their life about 3 years?
  5. Ah-ha! No, I didn't! Well, that explains quite a lot, I suppose! Thanks for enlightening me, Nick.
  6. Thanks for the link Graham! I am familiar with such Institutions and have paid my dues, but the IETE I wasn't familiar with. This surprised me as I had lots of CEng and IEng men and women amongst my flock, but even those in the Comms field were all IET members, rather than IETE. I wondered (mistakenly) whether someone might be throwing made up post-nominals around as pseudo-cred.
  7. That's probably the way to go, since it has a pretty display too. If you need something more than the nasa's 100amp shunt however, as I did (due to a big alternator and a relatively high power inverter), you may choose to opt for the Victron models which have that. Not very much more money, particularly from Cactus Nav. ETA beaten to it!
  8. What'll you do with any surplus cash after investing in beer and wild women? Just waste it on frivolous stuff, I'm guessing.
  9. Thanks Alan, appreciated. I had that in the back of my mind somewhere, and I can see the good intent and the sense of it, but they've been a bit too carte blanche I think. It's also introduced, or certainly not clarified, this winter mooring and continuous cruising ambiguity. The thing is, once they open the field in this way, how can they then restrict some back to 48hr again without upsetting someone, and how can cruisers get a 48hr mooring restored without complaining about a situation where our friends and fellow boaters are not doing anything wrong? Some of these 48hr moorings are quite strategic in the journey planning, such as above or below major lock flights, others are just good places to visit - which is part of the point of the cruise. Granted they are also good places to spend a fortnight, and I can see the attraction if they're extended to 14 days. Take Cadbury World secure moorings as an example: there's nothing wrong with staying there for 14 days now but, for the short term visitor, leaving your boat outside of the secure area whilst you're away for a timed factory tour is a well-known invitation to be burgled. A conflict of interests purely introduced by the CRT's well-meaning blanket '48hrs is now 14 days' decree. A shame when a little more thought and a few signs could have catered for everyone quite amicably. So it would seem that those of us who like to play 'beat the stoppage' and cruise in the colder months are destined to struggle to get an overnight mooring in some of these prime places every winter. Not the end of the world, but an unnecessary embuggerance, particularly when days are short and the option to keep going is restricted.
  10. Is it time to change the thread title yet? That pub boat can't still be hitting someone's friend's boat on a daily basis! If it is, why don't they just move? ETA: Ooh, hang on, Foxy might have turned us back towards being on track!
  11. Oh, that's what's happened is it? I'm out winter cruising at the moment and wondered why I was having more trouble finding a free slot on some prime 48HR moorings than I usually do in the summer! I applaud the general idea, but wish they could have put a little more thought in and perhaps have been a little less broad brush in that statement. There's surely plenty of moorings they could designate 14 day for the winter and still leave some at 48Hr to cater for those on the move looking to find moorings in prime places for a night or two.
  12. Well, you see, that's why I asked. Because that link is to the IET, which I'm very familiar with, whereas he said IETE which I don't think I've ever heard of so for all I know it might be aboat as kosher as your cake eating diploma.
  13. And, to be fair, even for Sea Dogs some just don't get under the skin enough to earn the honorific - however big they are. What's in a name, eh?
  14. Sea Dog


    You had a curry and your ills were gone a day later. Without the curry, it would have been 24 hours before you felt better! Result!
  15. Hi David, you appear to have added the above post nominals when you were challenged about your post content. I am familiar with IEng, but not with the IETE you cite membership of. Could you clarify please?
  16. Looks like I was in the Navy longer than you then Met, so please excuse my terminology but it is in rather common (and affectionate) usage for boats and ships. YMMV.
  17. Well, you'll see her tomorrow so you'll know much more then, but she looks like a decent build that has been well cared for, and ABNB have a good reputation (I bought my boat through them and wouldn't hesitate to use them again) so you're off to a good start! Looks and layout are intensely personal, so what counts there, after you decide she's lovely, is whether she's going to appeal to someone else when you want to move on. I hope you enjoy yourself tomorrow; good luck - whatever you decide.
  18. Wait the year and spend 48-50! This fits in with your Dad's sage advice and adds the very important "do nothing' option which should be in every spending review. The extra few grand buys a much better boat (well, potentially). So that's Choice #3, stand by for more! Edited to remove a double post.
  19. Really good advice and a tea cosy on the head! It simply doesn't get much better than that! edited to add a greenie!
  20. You're not looking at the budget end of the market, so you can expect quite a lot for your money. Look at the equipment fit as well as length and age. A reputable builder will want his boat to be 'right' so he'll be fitting things he knows give good service and work work well together. You might reasonably expect: the engine and gearbox choice to be reliable and well matched to the hull; the electrical system will be well thought out with a battery bank matched to the equipment fit, a quality inverter and a shoreline and engine-powered charging system that copes with the demand; the heating and hot water systems will be appropriate and probably include a 3 methods of heating water (immersion, engine calorifier and diesel/solid fuel); if there's a stove fitted (you should make sure there is if you intend to winter cruise) it'll be a good 'un; the fuel and fresh water tanks will be a sensible capacity. The kit won't look like it's only there by accident and the plumbing and wiring won't look like a snake's wedding in a well built boat. There's a few of what I think are key I considerations and indicators for you to add to the good advice above. Style preference is up to you, but there are advantages and disadvantages to consider with each. Someone else can start the argument about loos, and if you can't tell good quality joinery and interior design from bad, you've got no hope of recognising what bodges it might be covering: run away now!
  21. If so, this is possibly a bit of a faux pas by Bimble. They're usually the supplier most recommended here when it comes to things solar. Flogging a cheap tat gauge, particularly for this amount of money, could cause a bit of a dent in their reputation if that's what this thing turns out to be. Let's hope it's not.
  22. Nothing! They're causing it! If they generated electricity, every thread about battery charging, solar, petrol generators, etc, would end with "get a wind generator"! They don't, and people with them still have to charge in other ways. Where do they think their battery contents is going? It's a fan I tell you! (probably a conspiracy too) PS. Note the wink. I'm joking and don't really think this. I don't think wind power is the answer though.
  23. Ah Grasshopper, but, like the tree which falls in a forest, if no-one is there to hear it, perhaps it isn't! The generator, not the tree. Oh sod it - burn the tree anyway and if your lights go out, the genny has stopped. No-one else will know. Or something.
  24. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  25. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
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