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  1. My experiences of buying from them was good, Price was good, delivery good, battery as per spec.
  2. In one of the areas we work in it is a mandatory requirement of planning approval to provide external electrical charging points for vehicles on all house type dwellings, the requirement has not been extended to flats and apartment buildings, as yet, will be an interesting challenge if/when it does! We have been looking into modular build construction, which have many advantages from a commercial and environmental perspective, one prototype design we have seen which uses some advanced energy conservation and generation techniques has a projected energy cost of less than £300 per annum, across all heating and consumer units and you can still watch TV, without the need of a power generating exercise bike/ rowing machine. The revolution is coming friends but the scale of uptake will need to be massive to make a significant difference, to the global climate issues. etc, the build costs are getting close to that of trad builds on small scale projects and on large scale project, can better them. Unfortunately, you still have to cut the trees down to clear the sites to build the houses on, respecting TPO's of course!!
  3. Hi Rob, I have a liverpool cruiser stern NB with the Isuzu 42 engine, and prm 120 gearbox. As Brian points out, the cruiser stern are prone to rain water in the engine bay, the rain channels and outlet need to be be kept clear of any build up of rubbish that blocks the channel and results in water in the engine bay. Also, on my boat, the stern gland has a tendency to drip when cruising if the not greased, there is a hex head bolt on the top of gland that provides a grease point. It is difficult to tell if the rust shown in the photo of the engine bay is just surface or not, I would want to have a closer look maybe ask seller permission to use a scraper. Good news, the engine bay is reasonably accessible, rust proof and repaint can be sorted by, in my case, old git. Also, if the, engine and gearbox have been serviced according to manual, which because of easy access is very easy to do, means it is more likely to be done, they are very reliable units. Hope that helps. Your update posted whilst I was typing, not sure my ease of access comment still applies
  4. I live very close to a canal and I often meet the CRT guys on the CUT working when I am out for a walk, almost all the folks I have met are friendly and have a "can do will do" attitude to fixing problems and maintenance. What I do hear a lot is frustration because they are severely understaffed, they know very well what work should be done, but they don't have the resources /manpower to carry out the work. I was talking to a CRT employee a couple of weeks ago (yep, stopping him from working) and he listed around 12 priority jobs that needed doing on the 4.5 mile stretch he was working on, of those listed, the time he had been allocated for the work would allow him to fix less than a quarter of the problems, he predicted that of the problems that he couldn't fix, several could easily lead to closure and emergency repair in the very near future. so he knew full well what work needs to be done and also that he can't do it. Despite this, he was clearly trying to do the best job he could, to the point that he was waiting for a work group to turn up on their way back from another job to help him fix a problem on a lock gate he couldn't manage on his own, this was at around 5 PM, when I got back 1/2 hour later, the other gang had turned up and they were still working on the fix. The guy I spoke was chuffed he been made a permanent employee after the winter and clearly determined to do the best job he could. I only speak as I find, my thoughts are, great guys, doing the best they can in a no win situation. Whilst I have been out cruising I have come across CRT workers with contrary behaviour and attitudes, we all have good days, bad days, what I also know, is many of the CRT workers do follow the canal forums, I would not like to think we are criticizing CRT employees without proper cause, coz it' wouldn't be helping to improve attitude/motivation.
  5. Fender151

    Wi fit on board

    Firstly I agree with comments from jonathanA, you could use the specs on equipment from WIFI on board and find comparables and depending on the numbers, purchase in the open market. What I can share is that the equipment and configuration works and is solid. I use EE for data sim, download speeds in busy marina typically 10 >20 MB, can be 30>50 MB DL on the CUT, can't remember not getting coverage in 4 years, it does get hammered with internet streaming when I have family on board but can normally handle the traffic, depending on location. Voice over IP works well through the router and removes the issue of living in a Faraday cage. Good luck,
  6. Hi Mike, Your post has interested me, I have a much-loved 60ft NB, built in 2009, which is obviously the best boat on the cut! I also travel a lot, the last few years I have spent exploring Asia. I think it would be worth having an exploratory conversation, would you like to PM me. Cheers
  7. So in order to provide a fair and accurate representation of the service,you provided, which of the facts that have been clearly posted would you like to challenge?
  8. Regarding the situation with owning pets and finding rental properties, this is not a black and white situation, despite what the letting agents conditions say on the property details, I.E. No pets, smokers, etc this is standard paragraph included in the conditions and not necessarily the owner's conditions. Most landlords issues with pets are concerning the state of the property on-hand back and neighbour complaints about the pets during the tenancy. Typically a house that has had pets requires more cleaning internally, potential damage to furnishings and potentially garden landscaping on hand back, which means more cost. If you offer to provide a higher deposit or agree to cover all reasonable referb costs incurred, then some landlords would accept pets. Provisor being the breed and nature of pets, you do need to get the agent on your side to make this work, typically the agents are looking for a quick easy hassle free contract, if the property is highly desirable, your chances are lower, there will be a waiting list of template potential applicants, but try and find a property that works for you and has been vacant for a while. You may find the smaller independent letting agents are more likely to be open to accommodate you. I would agree with the advice previously given, if at all possible, keep the boat for an interim period, if you can manage it financially, and make sure bricks and mortar work for you, it is a different lifestyle, Good luck.
  9. Was wondering if my shopping trolley would turn up, but alas!
  10. Fender151


    So like Sea Dog, i have brolley mate, it came with the boat, in three years, I have used it, let me reflect, NEVER a once. But it's good to have mates I guess,!
  11. When I worked in London, I used to see a Piper on Westminster Bridge, in the full outfit, on my shuffle back to Waterloo station, one thing I noticed, he never looked very happy, I always wondered if it was due to wearing the outfit the sounds, or possibly the tourists doing the selfy ting and not leaving any dosh!
  12. My local fruit and veg shop are great at promoting/bullying one with new ways to prepare/use produce (Stop it), I walked out with a smallish bag of Beetroot, to be roasted, Sliced thin, 15 mins in oven, if you like roast veg, deliciousness, and I really don't like Beetroot Next visit to shop, I was interrogated what I thought, having given positive feedback, was asked, right, what else don't you like. I left!
  13. Thank you very much for sharing this info, Folks; like yourselves, make this forum so valuable. Have fun, That's very helpful, many thanks David. Cheers
  14. That's great, many thanks Brian. I will make contact with him regarding my queries. Cheers
  15. The new side hatch looks really great, this is something I plan to have done to my boat this year. Wonder if you would be happy to share some info on the work, maybe in a PM if that works better. Time-scales. Flexibility in design options and of course apx costs. Would also appreciate Martins contact details. Cheers,
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