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  1. I moved my boat to a new area of the network last October, the boat needed a BSS examination at the end of November, which meant that I engaged with an examiner who was not familiar with my boat. I wasn't at the boat at the time of the examination (my bad) the result was 7 failure issues, 2 of which down to the examiner not finding elements of the leccy installation and 1 a wiring support rod had been deemed broken which was an emaination error, the rod was attached to the bulk head but this was missed. After the examination I had a call with the examiner a couple of days later to discuss the failures, fixed the issues, met the emaniner for the retest, BSS certificate issued, all good. The examiner was a knowledgeable decent guy, if we had communicated during the examination three of the failures would not have been raised and a result, I would not have reacted so negatively and challenging to examiner, a much better outcome for both of us. My point is that, based on this experience, communication during the examination is really important, if you are not able to attend during the emaination, due to corvid, restrictions, my advice would be to agreed to a call after the initial examination and before the examiner leaves the boat. Is my boat safer having fixed the issues, arguably perhaps yes, was it a good experience, nope, but the outcome was, would I use the same examiner again in three years time, TBO, I hope I would have moved to a new location as I am, reasonably confident lock down will have eased by then, if not, then defo yes.
  2. This statement from the Boris in the commons is not going to help leisure boaters who want to do the DIY or is it ? anybody's guess.!!!! "We don't want to see people travelling to another home for a holiday or a second home," the prime minister says. "That is not what this is about. "It is about allowing people the pleasure of going to parks and places of natural beauty." I can see a retraction from C&RT appearing tomoz. Heyho
  3. That isn't ever going to have a happy ending, did you say on mooring of leg it?
  4. I have a Dahon folding mountain bike, full sized wheels, really good build quality, comfortable enough ride, stored in front catch, secured to anchor point by normal bike lock chain. Gear range works fine for short, medium trips, although I would not tackle the Yorkshire Dales on it, or anything else with out an ingine TBO. I got it from eBay, it was second hand, around £230, very happy with it.
  5. Without doubt a sad loss, he had a good run. Did you get into Youssou N'Dour and African Celt sound system, I used to take the girls to Womad most years, a great venue for third world music. I was talking with a pal yesterday, both really miss the live giggs, sadly, I think it will be one of the last activities to re-open.
  6. I came across the following article, Charged for breaking quarantine 30 mins early A Singaporean man has been charged for leaving quarantine 30 minutes earlier than he was supposed to, according to a report by the Straits Times. Tay Chun Hsien, 22, was ordered to be isolated in his flat until the 22 March at noon. But he's been accused of not being at home from around 11:30. It's not clear why he had to be isolated or where he went after leaving home. Singapore has for some time been ordering contacts of confirmed cases to stay at home, and checking in on them with video calls at random times. Tay, who has been charged under the Infectious Diseases Act, says he intends to plead guilty. If convicted, he faces up to six months in jail and a maximum fine of up to S$10,000 ($7,010; £5,670). OK, so I don't know the back story, but seems a tad harsh, if the guy gets hit with the max fine of £5,670, his 30 minutes of freedom would have cost him £189 per minute, I often heard it quoted "You can't put a price on freedom" well this guy certainly can,! Stay safe and sane
  7. I moved my boat to North Kilworth last October, my experience has been very positive, Being a brand spanking new the facilities are some of the best I have come across. Access to lift out, maintenance team. It gets a tad challenging maneuvering the boat when the wind gets up, but I have no issues providing entertainment for my fellow boaters. Staff are fine, helpful, and bus service into Market Harborough, if you need public transport, or post lock down, you can take the boat for a trip to the town, Costs are on par with other local marina's. Works well for me.
  8. Whilst I have only done a very few night time trips, I have loved the experience, for me, whilst I have caught a few more logs and canal rubbish, that I might have seen and avoided, if it had been daylight, I know I travel slower at night, and do take more time and care when locking, it's the nature of the experience., I am also reasonably sure I have never it another boat whilst doing it. I think CRT need to be aware, as a community, we are would not readily accept draconian restrictions introduced without reasoned justification. Eer endeth!
  9. In my world "I eventually got a response yesterday at 16.00 hours, after screaming and shouting, I got one number which was not manned. Someone eventually rang, agreed some action, then they changed tack again today at 12.00 noon." this Is totally unacceptable behaviour, your friend is making other folks work life's stressful, by her own words and selfish actions, this is not a decent person. Your advice, would be be better aimed at dealing with the cause of the problem not the effect it has.
  10. So up front, I am not a very patient shopper, I have been known to walk out of Supermarkets, having loaded basket or trolley with my stuff when the checkout becomes the community forum for discussing, holidays, schools, travel the problem with stuff!! So it was with some trepidation I went to do the shop at my local Aldi, they are operating a policy of maximum people in the store, then one in one out, yep get that. When I arrived, TWO people, yep just two waiting to enter, 3 minutes and I was in, 15 minutes and I am out again, and I paid!! I am not religious person, but, hallelujah!!! When I passed by 30 mins later, the queue was around 20 people. Have fun and stay safe all.
  11. I am liking that one Nightwatch So my precipitations: 1: Folks will know more neighbours than before 2: Kids will know better how to entertain themselves 3: Drug dependency will drop, supply is getting tough up eer 4: I am going to have a real issue with new pants, M&S is going to stop selling clothes, 5: I envisage even more problems justifying keeping, the Car, Motobike, canal boat and the two bikes.
  12. An appeal has been launched in the Czech Republic to "save" the equivalent of 1,305,552 pints of craft beer that will go off "within weeks" if it is not drunk.The beer is languishing undrunk in barrels in 32 craft breweries across the country. All pubs and restaurants are closed to the public (they can serve through hatches) but customers can buy direct from breweries.Pale lager as we know it was invented in the Czech city of Pilsen in 1842. The Czech Republic has the highest per capita beer consumption in the world.If you’re in the Czech Republic and think you can help, So doe anybody know of a Corvid-19 compliant route to Pilsen, approximately how many locks and the number of bottles I can carry on a 60ft NB, before I sink. As a responsible member of society I feel I should make every reasonable effort to help out in their time of need.
  13. So my better arf is Nurse working in GP surgery, sadly smarter than Moi, we were discussing the social distancing ting and she ended my disouse with, "Its not the Virus that moves, it's people that move the virus" end of. My only recourse was to use physical superiority, needs must. Stay safe all
  14. I have two isolation switches on the boat, now there's forward planning, who would have thought it!
  15. Hell no, they are going to inherit my estate my SUV, and probably my boat , no gain without pain, suck it up kids!!!
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