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  1. Fender151

    New Kedian side hatch

    Thank you very much for sharing this info, Folks; like yourselves, make this forum so valuable. Have fun, That's very helpful, many thanks David. Cheers
  2. Fender151

    New Kedian side hatch

    That's great, many thanks Brian. I will make contact with him regarding my queries. Cheers
  3. Fender151

    New Kedian side hatch

    The new side hatch looks really great, this is something I plan to have done to my boat this year. Wonder if you would be happy to share some info on the work, maybe in a PM if that works better. Time-scales. Flexibility in design options and of course apx costs. Would also appreciate Martins contact details. Cheers,
  4. Fender151

    Happy new year everyone.....

    Happy, fun and safe 2019 to all.
  5. Fender151

    Leed Liverpool trip plan

    Hi Arthur, wise move to avoid the Huddersfield Narrow. I live very close to the canal, as lovely as the scenery is and I love walking it, sooo many locks and the canal suffered for long periods of closure this season due to low water. Although CART is, I believe, proposing some major works at Sparth Resivoir, which feeds the canal, to address the low water issue. Have fun
  6. Fender151

    ebay issues

    Maybe worth deleting cookies from your web browser and reloading link. If that doesn't fix, delete history from web browser and reload.
  7. Fender151


    I have memories of sailing from Oban down the West coast to Falmouth and then across to Le Harve, on a 55ft Nicholson yacht a lifetime ago. As we left Oban we ran into a force 5 gusting to chucking-up. Whilst I love the imagery, serenity in the video, struggling to reconcile it with the terrors of the deep we experienced those first days, I was offered and took a place as crew couple of years later, Portsmouth to Gib, happy days experience, may have something to do with a particularly lovely lass I got to know on the trip. This is not meant to be the start of a war stories saga, just saying.
  8. Fender151

    Solar Installers

    Hi Nick, Matt and Steve from Pheonix Marine Engineers did my solar install, very happy with the work, they are based a few 100 mtrs from KB marina, if you ask in the office they will have contact details/ I am at the marina Thursday PM to Sunday PM, ur welcome to come and have gander, PM me. Cheers, Jon
  9. Fender151

    Do new locks have names?

    My lock has a name, I called it Paddy!
  10. Fender151

    Yelverton Marina

    Apologise, I did mean to write Yelvertoft Marina.
  11. Fender151

    Yelverton Marina

    I will be moving my 60 ft NB across to Grand Union in June and considering leisure Morring's at Yelverton Marina. I have spoken with them on the phone and looked at their website, all looks good. I prefer a Marina in the countryside, logistically it's where I need to be. I would be interested in feedback experience from any members who have stayed at this Marina or any alternative suggestions. I will visit before I commit. Many thanks, Jon
  12. Do you have an area of the country you are prepared to invest/ live in?
  13. Fender151

    Jabasco fresh water pump

    Hi Tim, I have a surplus to requirements Jabasco Pro max 2.9 pump installed for around two months, I changed to vetus pump and spare, primarily because the vetus is quieter. PM me If you are interested in a spare pump. Cheers, Jon
  14. Fender151

    Narrowboat at sea adventure

    Wouldn't surprise me if he was aiming for the skipper!
  15. But it looks like it so can! just been reading Maplin, one of my favourite shops for all things electrical, that I can't remember the name of, but they can, are fighting to hold off going into administration. I think a petition needs to be raised and a march on No 10 organised, why do we need to save financial institutions if there is nowhere to spend your money Can we send a hat around and save the day,

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