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  1. So in order to provide a fair and accurate representation of the service,you provided, which of the facts that have been clearly posted would you like to challenge?
  2. Regarding the situation with owning pets and finding rental properties, this is not a black and white situation, despite what the letting agents conditions say on the property details, I.E. No pets, smokers, etc this is standard paragraph included in the conditions and not necessarily the owner's conditions. Most landlords issues with pets are concerning the state of the property on-hand back and neighbour complaints about the pets during the tenancy. Typically a house that has had pets requires more cleaning internally, potential damage to furnishings and potentially garden landscaping on hand back, which means more cost. If you offer to provide a higher deposit or agree to cover all reasonable referb costs incurred, then some landlords would accept pets. Provisor being the breed and nature of pets, you do need to get the agent on your side to make this work, typically the agents are looking for a quick easy hassle free contract, if the property is highly desirable, your chances are lower, there will be a waiting list of template potential applicants, but try and find a property that works for you and has been vacant for a while. You may find the smaller independent letting agents are more likely to be open to accommodate you. I would agree with the advice previously given, if at all possible, keep the boat for an interim period, if you can manage it financially, and make sure bricks and mortar work for you, it is a different lifestyle, Good luck.
  3. Was wondering if my shopping trolley would turn up, but alas!
  4. Fender151


    So like Sea Dog, i have brolley mate, it came with the boat, in three years, I have used it, let me reflect, NEVER a once. But it's good to have mates I guess,!
  5. When I worked in London, I used to see a Piper on Westminster Bridge, in the full outfit, on my shuffle back to Waterloo station, one thing I noticed, he never looked very happy, I always wondered if it was due to wearing the outfit the sounds, or possibly the tourists doing the selfy ting and not leaving any dosh!
  6. My local fruit and veg shop are great at promoting/bullying one with new ways to prepare/use produce (Stop it), I walked out with a smallish bag of Beetroot, to be roasted, Sliced thin, 15 mins in oven, if you like roast veg, deliciousness, and I really don't like Beetroot Next visit to shop, I was interrogated what I thought, having given positive feedback, was asked, right, what else don't you like. I left!
  7. Thank you very much for sharing this info, Folks; like yourselves, make this forum so valuable. Have fun, That's very helpful, many thanks David. Cheers
  8. That's great, many thanks Brian. I will make contact with him regarding my queries. Cheers
  9. The new side hatch looks really great, this is something I plan to have done to my boat this year. Wonder if you would be happy to share some info on the work, maybe in a PM if that works better. Time-scales. Flexibility in design options and of course apx costs. Would also appreciate Martins contact details. Cheers,
  10. Happy, fun and safe 2019 to all.
  11. Hi Arthur, wise move to avoid the Huddersfield Narrow. I live very close to the canal, as lovely as the scenery is and I love walking it, sooo many locks and the canal suffered for long periods of closure this season due to low water. Although CART is, I believe, proposing some major works at Sparth Resivoir, which feeds the canal, to address the low water issue. Have fun
  12. Maybe worth deleting cookies from your web browser and reloading link. If that doesn't fix, delete history from web browser and reload.
  13. I have memories of sailing from Oban down the West coast to Falmouth and then across to Le Harve, on a 55ft Nicholson yacht a lifetime ago. As we left Oban we ran into a force 5 gusting to chucking-up. Whilst I love the imagery, serenity in the video, struggling to reconcile it with the terrors of the deep we experienced those first days, I was offered and took a place as crew couple of years later, Portsmouth to Gib, happy days experience, may have something to do with a particularly lovely lass I got to know on the trip. This is not meant to be the start of a war stories saga, just saying.
  14. Hi Nick, Matt and Steve from Pheonix Marine Engineers did my solar install, very happy with the work, they are based a few 100 mtrs from KB marina, if you ask in the office they will have contact details/ I am at the marina Thursday PM to Sunday PM, ur welcome to come and have gander, PM me. Cheers, Jon
  15. My lock has a name, I called it Paddy!
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