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  1. We had that Morris Oxford, I first learned about car ingines from HELPING my dad to decoke the beast before the annual holiday. One year we did 6 European countries in three weeks, remember being stuck to the leather bench seats for days in Italy, it always got us back. The fun we had !!!
  2. So having seen the attached advertisement, I am seriously considering putting my luxury craft up for sale. Having done the math, I reckon if I could get £1.5 million for her, I should just about break even, and in companion the mooring fees as a single occupancy for the whole marina would seem very reasonable. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/money/homeandproperty/britains-biggest-houseboat-boasting-five-bedrooms-sauna-jetski-and-stunning-views-of-tower-bridge-goes-on-sale-for-£35million-plus-£32000-a-year-to-moor-it/ar-BBYyUhN?li=AA64tF&ocid=iehp Just a couple of questions, have any of your folks added a Jacuzzis and Sauna on your boats, I do have 2 * 175 solar panels, thinking I may need to add to the 4 * 110 amp leisure batteries, appreciate any advice and guidance.
  3. Hi Dave, the WEBASTO can go into an error state, to reset i think, for memory, you need to take the two blade fuses out for 2 mins, reinsert, turn on the times, take the fuses out, for 2 mins, reinsert and turn timer on again.. this should clear the error and reset the unit. The process is described in the manual if you have one, or you can download one from the Webasto website.
  4. So I am being invaded by my family and partner at the end of next week, love it!! It occurred to me I don't have enough storage space, three girls + 1 guy for 3 days must be at least 7 suitcases, solution but another IKEA chest of draws. NO, wrong thinking. I have rebuilt car & motorbike engines with less hassle, without a manual. I didn't revert to drill or the large hammer, but I have been advised I have used up my total 2020 allocation of swearing!!! What really pisses me is that I did this a few years ago, I wish I had a brain/memory. I think anybody that can complete an IKEA assembly, following the instructions provided 1st time, should qualify for entry to MENSA. Note to self, next time storage issue, drive to Charity shop and dump my stuff, not even the meat balls make it worth the pain.
  5. I believe today is the shortest day of the year, in which case, it cant rain as much today as it did yesterday and will do tomorrow.!
  6. He contributed to much to bringing understanding of Nature into the lives for so many with his enthusiasm and knowledge, Myself and my youngest daughter met him at an event, he had time for people, young and old and a genuine passion to share and inspire. Not many of his like about sadly.
  7. When I replaced my replacement WP I fitted flex hoses from B&Q and mounted it on a ant-vibration matt from RS Spares. May not be the cheapest solution, but defo quieter and pump doesn't do the jive. https://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/anti-vibration-pads-chips-tape/7553750 Cheers,
  8. A quick update to save all you good folks re-writing your present list to Santa to include crimping tools and soldering irons. Following a second visit by BSS examiner, we DISCUSSED the comment re-Chocolate Block (still prefer Box) and it was explained, the comment was intended as an advisory note that bullet joints are preferred to above, but was not clear the way the comment was worded, all sorted. I think MTB comments re-differentiating between BSS and boat survey are probably bang on in this case, still, we all love a happy ending!!
  9. Hi Sam, nope must be another boat, with a non-compliant fridge connection.
  10. Advice/ experience please I have a chocolate box connector from my 12v fridge to the 12v supply, I have been advised these connectors is not BSS compliant, I can't find any specific reference on the BSS requirements spec, Do folks have any information, advice. Thanks,
  11. Thanks for that Nick, interesting that a Gas Tech recommended I fit a unit with OPSO function. worlds a confusing place methinks!!
  12. Hi, I need to fit a new LPG pressure regulator valve on my boat, connection to two bottles, I am trying to source one that has a manual change over function, preferably with OPSO, can any folks recommend a unit and supplier, my boat is moored at Market Harborough, so localish supplier of mail order delivery would work. Tanks,
  13. Another vote for EE, I have an unlimited data sim £27 per month I use the sim on the boat and at home, for my sole WIFI access. On the boat I have external aerial, Huawei B525 router, I can count on on one had the number of times I haven't got coverage on the CUT, on my Marina, which is a notorious black spot, I get around 20 + MB DL, 10 > 20 + UL. @ home I get 60 + MB DL and 40 + UL. Economically it works for me and Very happy with EE.
  14. Hi Neil, It depends to a large extent on what type of boat your looking for, you won't find a trad ex-hire boat. For me, my main consideration would be, does the ex-hire boat give me the layout I think I want, does it have the character and style that tells me this is my boat, irrespective of the layout, I thought I wanted! I would agree with the principle that Hire boats will be well maintained, but they need to be, as they will probably clock up more hours actually being driven than most private boats. It is also reasonable to say that some of the hirers wont have driven the boat with the care a private boater tends to take for their beloved, most can all testify to this. I personally would not be put off because the boat was an ex-hire boat, if it ticked all the boxes for me, however, when buying a boat privately or through a brokerage you can often arrange to meet or have a dialogue with previous owner, from which you can form an opinion on how the boat has been looked after, this would not be as relevant in buying an ex-hire boat, they may do the maintenance, but not the driving. Very best of luck in finding the "One"
  15. Another vote from mee for the Dahon, I got mine around 3 years ago, for use from the boat, purchased from eBay for around £200. It has 18 gears, has a good ride position, comfy enough for 2 - 4 hours ride, after that it's not the bike that's the problem! Rides on the towpath fine, based on my ownership experience I couldn't fault the build quality and it's not overly heavy.
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