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  1. As the owner of a Liverpool Boat for the last 5'ish years I can speak from experience. The company had gone by the time we bought the boat, so I can't speak to their customer relations and after sales approach. What I can say however is that we have been very pleased with the boat. It passes surveys and BSS exams first time, it fits into locks and is straight fore and aft. The internal fit out is pretty good, alright I concede that there is a little bit more MDF than you might get with one of the high end builders of today, but it is robustly put together and certainly fit for purpo
  2. I have a bunch of different knives from my days running the foredeck on offshore racers, I wouldn't use any of them down the weed hatch, they are all too sharp and if I can't see the blade in relation to my pink, pointy bits, I won't use it. I have used a variety of 'tools' down the weed hatch, everything from the scissors out of the kitchen drawer (don't tell 'er indoors), to a set of mole grips - depends on what is wrapped around the prop. I also have a small set of bolt croppers on board, but like Ken, never needed them (if that isn't the kiss of death, I don't know what is?!?!).
  3. Yup, that's a weed cutter, not a dredger. Nice to see one working, the ones we tend to see are all tied up going nowhere...
  4. Good point Pete, generally speaking the important bathroom stuff is achieved before the donk is turned on. Problem would be if daughter #2 was onboard, it takes her about 4 hours to get herself ready for the day!
  5. Thanks guys, The LED bulbs from Bedazzled are rated 10v-30v, we have these fitted in most of our 12v lights. My worry is that if the Ikea stuff gets a peak of 14.5 volts, for example, it will blow. What I am after fitting is one of their over cupboard lights over the bathroom cabinet so I can actually see what I am shaving. I guess for 15 quid it is worth a pop?
  6. Hi Everyone, Has anyone tried using Ikea 12v LED lights on a boat's 12v DC system? I have read a bunch of stuff online with people hacking the lights to fit motorhome 12v systems so I guess it should work? My concern would be that the bulbs/strips wouldn't deal with the voltage variations on a boat, I can't find any detailed tech specs to give a voltage range for the LEDs. Anybody tried it?
  7. Thanks Guys, Always amazed by the sheer breadth and depth of knowledge of the people on this forum. Now we jut have to get there on time!!
  8. Hi Everyone, We need to pick up our daughter from the train as we go north on the GU in a few weeks time and the obvious place for us to meet is as we go through Wolverton. Is it easy to get on to the towpath from the station in Wolverton? It looks like there might be some steps down to the towpath from the Stratford Road Bridge, but Google Earth shows a locked (?) gate. Any helpful suggestions? Thanks
  9. I have a small one, but it appears to do the job perfectly well. Anyway 'er indoors tells me she hasn't got room for anything bigger. A 2 Litre accumulator tank - this is what the guys at Xylem/Jabsco recommended, and it does the job perfectly.
  10. I bought one of these - https://www.jabscoshop.com/pressure-systems/fittings-accessories/accumulator-tanks/cw269-accumulator-tank-2-litre.htm Good company, delivered swiftly and happy to offer advice (no connections, other suppliers are available)
  11. I have just fitted an accumulator. The advice I got was to fit it as close as possible to the pump. I was lucky, our pump is under the base of the cupboard under the sink so I had plenty of space to fit the accumulator with about 18" of pipe to the pump. Seems to work really well, it has stopped the pump surging and maintains a nice steady pressure. I'm not sure why it has to be close to the pump, logic says it shouldn't matter.
  12. We have used these guys and are very happy with their work, we are waiting for them to start on a replacement cratch cover for us at the moment. I'm sure they could oblige. Tim at http://ammarine.co.uk/
  13. We have had one of these for a couple of years now, bought at Crick with a little bit of discount. It is still pretty heavy I have to say but both the dogs and the Mrs are comfortable using it, it is slightly wider than a traditional plank I think so it doesn't actually sit on the plank holders, but it has little rubber feet which lft it off the roof enough to prevent water sitting. ETA - please be careful throwing sticks for dogs, not only infections but physical injury including serious mouth and throat injuries.
  14. Changed from single glazed to double glazed a few months ago. The condensation is much less and we think it is warmer, but one bonus which no-one has mentioned above is the noise reduction, it is very much quieter with the extra pane of glass.
  15. As an occasional visitor to Cropredy, mainly for the Festival, I have to say the footpath between Wharf Road Bridge and Cropredy Mill Bridge has been pretty ropey for a few years now. Any work being done to improve it has to be a benefit to all. No self-respecting cyclist would risk a valuable treader along that section of towpath, too many cracks to lose a front wheel in. See you all for this year's Festival.
  16. Was going to suggest Caldwells, like our old ones, but on closer inspection, I think probably not. Ours still had Caldwell stickers on the inside at the top of the frame in the centre. Give Suzanna at Channel Glaze a ring, or drop her an email - they are a really helpful company and I am sure they will recognise their stuff. [suzanna@channelglaze.com]
  17. Had of these for years - brilliant bit of kit.
  18. Ok - I don't know if this helps - but: Virgin Media do not provide Static IP addresses to residential users. Static IP addresses (sometimes called lease lines) can be very expensive. Your outward facing IP, not the internal IP between your device and your router, can change at the whim of your ISP. Your internal IPs (always in a reserved range) can be configured and can be static or dynamic, but this internal IP is invisible to the internet. All IPs provided by your ISP will sit in a predefined range. The IPs are allocated, mainly by IANA, in ranges. That range can be quite
  19. Hah!! no, of course not. we only deploy the dehumidifiers when we leave the boat. We don't seal ourselves in, part of the pleasure of boating for us is the fresh air.
  20. We use these, we have two on board, they are well worth it, but make sure you shut all of the doors and windows or you will be attempting to dehumidify the planet!
  21. I have 4 135s in my new bank, used method three with a large Blue Sea Powerbar bus bar and 25mm Cables made for me by Bardens so they were all exactly the same. Works perfectly, as designed and talked through with the clever people at Merlin (very clever and very helpful). Having the busbar really helps with connectivity allowing for all sorts of things to be connected - i.e. auto bilge pump connected directly.
  22. Kathryn, the Pod Art lady, is making us a pair of her panels to replace the plain glass in our front doors. She is still working on it, but we have seen pictures and it looks amazing. We already have a piece of Kathryn's work, I'm not sure what you would call it*, but we stand it on the dinette table in front of the window and the light shining through it brings the whole thing to life. In the evening we put a candle behind it. ( * I think you might call it a sconce??)
  23. We are having new windows fitted in a couple of weeks, having looked around we settled on ChannelGlaze. I have no idea how the windows will fit, but the company have been good to deal with, delivered the windows on time and are working with the boatyard to fit in around the re-paint when they fit them. So far, so good. We pick the boat up in about 4 weeks time, if you can wait until then I will update with a review of the final result. As to why... The old windows were leaking, we don't like condensation, we want to cut down on noise transmission and heat transmission and w
  24. We have used these guys before and they are everything you would want - good workmanship delivered on time at a fair price. http://www.ammarine.co.uk/ They are based in Windsor, so not too far from London.
  25. 'Er indoors has a Lockmaster, she has never had a problem with her nuts though... I will have a good look though and deploy the Loctite as appropriate.
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