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  1. lockedout

    New number old logo

    and he shares the same middle name with Attila and Winnie??
  2. One more thing to consider on the Thames (any river really) take an anchor and have it bent on ready to deploy.
  3. Just a balancing view for Sheepwash. An interesting stretch of canal, a few decent places to moor (try and stay away from the railway, it is V. Noisy) . Good pubs easily accessible. College Boats for water/pumpout/chandlery.
  4. "magel or smiler" Maybe should read Magel or similar? ETA . - MTB beat me to it
  5. lockedout

    Phenolic Ply - Alternatives

    Yeah, I spent some time in the Tech Data last night and it looks like the stiffness isn't there. Also, looking at the many use cases the site presents, very little of them are in any way structural. The last thing I need is the Memsahib disappearing down the engine 'ole in a cloud of denatured plastic! That would be the start of a very bad day. Back to Phenolic Ply then...
  6. lockedout

    Phenolic Ply - Alternatives

    I like the look of this stuff - and it is made from recycled things, so even better! I will have a look at the strength figures, but it should span my engine 'ole ok. Thanks for the link!
  7. lockedout

    Phenolic Ply - Alternatives

    Good advice, thanks. Question about the Aluminium angle - horizontal surface of the angle on top surface or underneath?? Also, does this not increase noise levels if you introduce metal to metal?
  8. lockedout

    Phenolic Ply - Alternatives

    I was thinking about chequer plate... Slippery when wet? Noisy? And it still needs marine ply or similar to fix to, so although the steel might live forever, the marine ply won't, so maybe not such a good idea... Not according to the 'experts'... "We have purchased phenolic ply from China which looks very good but the ply veneers are invariably a softwood/hardwood combi, eucalyptus or poplar, and the construction quality isn’t the same standard as European plys. We now buy Russian or Latvian phenolic ply with a birch core, the quality has proved much better." I haven't got a clue, but I believe everything I read on the internet (apart from Wikipedia, obviously!)
  9. Hi Everybody, I need to replace the decking in my semi trad, the existing phenolic ply has started to go spongy around the edges and the top layers are starting to degrade. Decent (ie not Chinese) phenolic ply seems to cost about the same as a new boat for a piece 2 foot square. Now I am sure that you clever people have come up with some smart ideas as to possible alternatives that cost slightly less but do as good a job. Suggestions please???
  10. lockedout

    Joining the shiny boat brigade

    Autoglym Extra Gloss Protection? Stick with the same system...
  11. lockedout

    Joining the shiny boat brigade

    The guy who painted our boat recommended Autoglym Super Resin Polish - follow the instructions on the bottle.
  12. lockedout

    Thames info please

    We are regulars on the Thames and South Oxford... Lots of good advice above, one thing no-one has mentioned is an Anchor. Particularly if you are unsure about the reliability of a new (old) engine. There are some big weirs on the Thames and I would hate to get stuck on one. Nothing wrong with the Sheepwash Channel, IMHO slightly quicker and a few places to moor near a couple of decent pubs as you go through Oxford, and fuel and pump out at College Boats if you need it. A good early start to rock up at Osney ASAP and off you go with the current behind you. And, as above, make sure you have two decent mooring lines, we have dedicated Thames String which is longer and thicker than anything we would ever use on the cut, some of the Thames locks are pretty deep. Usually the lockies will take a line for you, particularly if you ask nicely...
  13. lockedout

    Cruiser stern "dodger"

    You're not too far off. Having said that, I have seen Marinas elsewhere around the network with similar arrangements.
  14. lockedout

    Cruiser stern "dodger"

    Yup - if you want to pay for a 'Premium' berth. ~I don't!
  15. lockedout

    Cruiser stern "dodger"

    Every time we get on the boat when parked in the Marina.

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