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  1. I think the word "continuous" gives the clue that he was referring to the central 16 locks at Caen Hill. The presenter is Dan Jones, not Dan Snow who would probably have done a bit more research and been more precise in his assertions. Overall we enjoyed it.
  2. In your original post you mention Spencer, is that Spencer of Spencer and Victoria fame at the Boatyard? If so, he know's everything about everything and certainly has the diagnostic software to tell you if the unit is faulty and the experience to bleed the system properly. Enjoyable as it is to pontificate on this problem, winter is coming!
  3. This is the best advice in this thread. Unless you have a lot of narrow boating experience, you are really not qualified to specify your ideal boat and no one else will ever be qualified to specify YOUR ideal boat. A couple of years living aboard won't make you an expert but at least you will have an appreciation of the essentials. If you are thinking of a new build then £100,000 puts you in the sensible/economy class, another couple of year's savings may allow you to build your kitty to afford the extras which you may currently consider to be the essentials.
  4. I didn't say I wanted to re-calibrate it, I had read MtBs previous comments and checked my Smartgauge which was reading about 0.3V low. I contacted Smartgauge and they replaced it without quibble, the replacement being correct. I am, however, curious to know if there are any secret ways of affecting the SG readings as claimed by MtB and others, just a naturally curious mind.
  5. Let's hope there's a Julian Assange out there who is willing to spill the beans.
  6. How does one go about re-calibrating a Smart Gauge?
  7. I'd agree that Peukert Factor is not relevant to Consumed Ah however changing the Peukert factor has an immediate effect on the SoC reading. My BMV is currently showing an SoC of 90% ( PF set at 1.25) changing the PF to 1.1 changes the SoC reading to 82% and changing it to 1.4 changes the SoC to 95%. This seems counter intuitive as me sketchy understanding of Peukert Factor is that the higher the factor the greater the discharge at higher loads, a perfect battery having a PF of 1, I'd therefore expect that a higher PF would show a lower SoC. The time Remaining is infinite as the solar is ensuring a positive charge. Do we have any mathematical/physics geniuses who can explain this in English?
  8. Surely Castle Marinas' income expands.
  9. Yes, I have the panels on the port side going through one Voltage Regulator and those on the starboard going through another. The theory being that with the curve of the roof there will normally be a difference between the two and if going through one Voltage Regulator the whole system will be pulled down.
  10. Is the Aux LNB actually connected to twin LNBs on the Vuqube or is it there for a future upgrade? If you have a twin LNB equipped dish then just connect the 2 LNB leads to the 2 inputs on the Humax and you can record one channel whilst watching another, Make sure you buy a large recording capacity Humax box as the recordings build up quite quickly and also that you need the dish operating for timed recordings. Sounds obvious but ........
  11. Do Lec make a 12v fridge? If not you may have to look for a dedicated inverter directly wired to your battery bank. Hopefully this will will have an on/off switch allowing to turn the fridge off if leaving the boat.
  12. You'll be drummed out of the Magic Circle for divulging this information.
  13. I believe you now have to give 24 hours notice if you want to access/leave the docks via Llanthony Bridge.
  14. Is that really the case? As Nicknorman mentions it would need some sort of data link with the inverter/charger. I've always assumed my BMV602 was simply a monitor, measuring parameters and inferring SOC. I've recently discovered that when the backlight is on, the voltage drops by 0.03v, I find it difficult to believe that the power consumed by the backlight could have this effect. This is not a coincidence, it is totally repeatable and turning the backlight intensity up make the voltage drop more pronounced. Anyone else get this effect or have I got a duff monitor?
  15. Difficult to believe that 50+ litres have been expelled through the PRV. You say the cold tank was well under half full and now virtually empty, perhaps not that different? probably the only damage done is to your wallet, check your electricity meter!
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