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  1. grahame r

    Slow Down!! "I Can't!!"

    The proximity of the moored and moving boat is also an important factor so always giving moored boats as wide a berth as possible will also reduce harsh words in our peaceful envireonment.
  2. grahame r

    Which toilet to get?

    May I respectfully ask you to revisit your decision on Composting toilets? It seems to me that disregarding a system which may potentially save you money, time and effort because you have had a fall out with a retailer may not be thouroughly thought through.
  3. grahame r

    Self pump out kit

    It was indeed, I mentioned this in my PM to the OP but as he's new to the forum he probably doesn't know of your reputation. I didn't mention the super-hyper-composting loop you cleverly inserted into the output so the giant vegetables with their triffid-like properties which will shortly be emerging from the Cheshire sewers will come as quite a surprise!
  4. grahame r

    Self pump out kit

    I know but when I tried to reply to his message it bounced. I was in a hurry so may have done something silly. Looking at it now I see that I sent the email to somewhere called No Reply. I'm not very techy!
  5. grahame r

    Self pump out kit

    Hi John, Got your PM but can't reply I think it's because you need to have made a few posts before this is allowed. Please send me your email address by PM and I'll reply directly. Grahame
  6. grahame r

    Self pump out kit

    I've got a 12v unit which is surplus to requirements. PM me if it's of interest. Grahame
  7. grahame r

    renewing anodes

    Anodes are sacrificial, ie the ones that are "shot" are actually working, the ones that are "OK" are not working. This may be because there is little corrosion around around the OK ones or there may be another reason. Worth investigating, and it's normal to replace them whilst blacking otherwise it will cost more to dry dock the boat than to supply and fit new ones.
  8. grahame r

    Want to buy a genny

    I don't think it a good idea to have petrol in your engine room whatever exhaust you have. The Honda is definitely the front runner but if cost is a factor then the Kipor is about half the price. It's noisier but not horrendous, I had one for about 4 years and it was totally reliable. Electric start, but if you want auto-start then it won't work as there's a manual choke.
  9. grahame r

    Front Fender

    I'd be very hesitant about cutting a tyre with an angle grinder, a hack saw would be slower but both arms and your head should still be attached afterwards.
  10. grahame r

    Couple of questions

    Best mooring option would be to moor alongside a moored boat. Most people don't mind. I'd go for chain, you can fix a chain with a padlocks so it can't be removed from a bollard or ring or the boat, most caster offerers are drunk opportunists they don't carry battery angle grinders!
  11. grahame r

    How much does Hotel Boat Insurance cost?

    PM me with what you want to know and I'll give you all the info you need.
  12. grahame r

    Living afloat with dogs!!

    This is well over 200 miles, there are hundreds of suitable places. This one could run and run!
  13. grahame r


    I think you'll find it was an emotional rollercoaster.
  14. grahame r

    nude ladies

    As a vintage man I'm quite partial to vintage ladies, nude or clothed.

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