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  1. renewing anodes

    Anodes are sacrificial, ie the ones that are "shot" are actually working, the ones that are "OK" are not working. This may be because there is little corrosion around around the OK ones or there may be another reason. Worth investigating, and it's normal to replace them whilst blacking otherwise it will cost more to dry dock the boat than to supply and fit new ones.
  2. Want to buy a genny

    I don't think it a good idea to have petrol in your engine room whatever exhaust you have. The Honda is definitely the front runner but if cost is a factor then the Kipor is about half the price. It's noisier but not horrendous, I had one for about 4 years and it was totally reliable. Electric start, but if you want auto-start then it won't work as there's a manual choke.
  3. Front Fender

    I'd be very hesitant about cutting a tyre with an angle grinder, a hack saw would be slower but both arms and your head should still be attached afterwards.
  4. Couple of questions

    Best mooring option would be to moor alongside a moored boat. Most people don't mind. I'd go for chain, you can fix a chain with a padlocks so it can't be removed from a bollard or ring or the boat, most caster offerers are drunk opportunists they don't carry battery angle grinders!
  5. How much does Hotel Boat Insurance cost?

    PM me with what you want to know and I'll give you all the info you need.
  6. Living afloat with dogs!!

    This is well over 200 miles, there are hundreds of suitable places. This one could run and run!
  7. Incredible

    I think you'll find it was an emotional rollercoaster.
  8. nude ladies

    As a vintage man I'm quite partial to vintage ladies, nude or clothed.
  9. Elsan / water / pump out K&A

    I've always assumed that they are private facilities for the moorers there. Dundas is just up the road.
  10. Covered dry docks near London

    It's very short notice to find any dry dock in August/September near London. If it's indoors they probably won't let you stay on her overnight. You could try Fred who runs the dry dock at St Pancras Cruising Club but you'll be hoping for a cancellation. There's also one at Enfield you could try.
  11. I saw something the other day....

    I bought some clear acrylic plastic thingamabobbies that hold boat poles/plank/ladder with a magnetised bottom three or 4 years ago. They were rubbish, the magnets rusted and stained my lovely bright white non slip roof, then they fell out. I've still got the remains in a locker in the well deck, a reminder of money poorly spent! Get a proper brass thingama..... and either chain your pole etc to it or just move them on the other side of the boat for the night if you're in a dangerous area.
  12. Getting into a dry dock

    Write to the owner telling him of your worries, if the proverbial hits the fan the balls in his court. If he cancels now he's still liable for cancellation fees etc.
  13. Widebeam question

    We cruise all of the time with the side hatches open (10ft widebeam). Completely open when it's hot and dry, with perspex "windows" if it's cold/wet, massively improves the airyness and visibility inside the boat. We do a lot of hours and swinging doors haven't been a problem.
  14. Centre rope catching on boat pole

    Surely a job for Bizzard's Patented Telescopic Barge Pole.