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  1. Wow! Such a beautiful love story with the significance in no regrets and what are the true values to be found in life. I adore the way you have shown us there can be beauty in each and every moment, especially when in crisis, depending on how a person views the situation, guess it's during these times that we feel connected with those around us hey, as folk actually stop what they are doing for a short time to meet or help another; leaves us feeling joyful to be human. What some may call a mistake others will term as life learning and a great way to spend one's time. As I have
  2. Hello Looking to compile a list of pretty town moorings to explore; those that are on the edge of or in town or only a short walk away. Does anyone have any favourites they'd like to share? Thanks
  3. Hello, can anyone describe what it's like living / using Cathedral Marina in Ely recently please? Is it a pleasant place to be or do folk tend to move on quickly? I dont mean asethetically - I mean the people really, marina rules and experiences. Thanks.
  4. I've beean reasearching this area for a mooring last week, Upware was by far the cheapest in mooring fees. I was quoted 2880 for 60ftx12ft so sounds about right. I got the impression that they are a pretty relaxed place with good security.
  5. Could have guessed there wouldn't be any intelligent debate found here lol
  6. I really don't understand why some folk take umbrage with liveaboards, the 'intended use' arguement is not a valid point for me, we've evolved, we no longer need the waterways for industry, they are for leisure and nowadays for living on too. Alot of people want to live on a boat these days - fact. Why is it accepted that the waterways cater for those who can afford a house and a boat, the rich, and yet those who want to liveaboard for whatever reasons are scum, unless you are a genuine continual cruiser, meaning you are most likely retired, this seems acceptable. This is codswalop.
  7. Yes good point Tony - I would like to hear from families who don't have a permanent mooring accessing state school - how did you manage the admission hoop? It sounds like it's do-able on a 12mth mooring as the bare minimum on application then - not ideal but maybe a start - or it's home schooling or traveller rights then yes? Which isn't really for us unless it becomes our only option for a while. Or if it's a school that is not over subscribed no one bats an eye lid - interesting.
  8. My concern is, if we are nearest to an over subscribed school and we don't have an address with a postcode, how do we proceed, how do we even register if one is required to have a postal address? At the end of the day, we will be living in the catchment area, my daughter has a right to a state education and it is always better for the child if they can get there on foot or use the school bus service provided. I feel our first priority is to secure a residential or home mooring and school will then follow, therefore it would be helpful to hear from those who have experienced this
  9. I'm really just looking for the nearest school to where we are moored; as long as it is not in special measures, ideally it would have a 'good' rating. If I apply to the nearest school and get refused, can I assume this is only because it is over subscribed? Therefore if I apply to schools that are not over subscribed we would get a place? And if the nearest school is over subscribed, isn't it then the local authority who need to allocate us another school? And pick up the travelling costs?
  10. To koukouvagia, thank you for posting your thoughts anyway, some sound advice here - will keep. To Tom and Bex, so glad to read common sense prevailed! Thanks for posting.
  11. Great news, thanks for posting, I have a big boat, didn't know it was calculated this way. The way I see it is there is always a cut off, always someone who falls just outside the rule and it is not uncommon for it to appear like a stupid rule either, with a lot of things in life, this has been me before and I'm pretty sure it happens to most of us yes? I really felt for those folk who were set to retire who had years added on to their working lives. Life isn't fair, the benefits system is definately not fair. Get angry yes, but only about the things you can change or influenc
  12. Hello, looking to hear ONLY from live aboard families with school aged children please and no one else. Those people with first hand experience of applying for a place in a school. I would like a home mooring but at present I don't have one; I would like to register for secondary school next year 2019, it would be my hope that we have a mooring with residential status by then, but if not, a home mooring of some kind. Worst case scenario, I have an 11mth mooring with no address. Can anyone tell me things I need to know re applying to a school without a registered add
  13. Hello lpp1612, would you mind if I asked you what you paid to dry dock it for a week? And what size is your boat? Do you know if the size makes much of difference at Northwhich? Thanks
  14. Yes London - because the waterways are wider for a craft this size. You have no idea how much research I have done nor what experiences I have, what my situation is or my plan - none of you. As far as I am aware no one has any more rights than anyone else to the waterways; and experience does not always make a person wise, nor well mannered it seems on here. One thing I am certain of though is that as long as I am on the water I will always offer my help if it's asked for, however old I get.
  15. Excuse me. As I said I am 'thinking about launching at Watford', I am researching, I am just about to order a boat. I am a single mum and buying a boat on my own to live on is no small feat; it's exciting yes but also incrediby stressful owing to the hundreds of decisions to make. I absolutely want to make sure I am not going to be forking out twice for haulage. I came on here to double check as I thought the community would flag up a problem that I can not forsee from using the internet alone for research. It's a perfectly good question from someone not in the know who is about to embark
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