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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  2. i meant the starter motor. Apparently they are doing Sodium accumulators.. Something about a salt and battery. I'm staring well clear.
  3. The Tring cutting dredger. Engine sounded nice. not a clonk clonk more of a smooth 4 with attitude.
  4. I wonder how it works with Diesel amphibious vehicles. They usually abbreviate Diesel to just D in this.
  5. This is an advantage of having a petrol or electric car and some 20 litre carriers.
  6. Is it a Hudson Boat? I was going to say they did an ok job keeping the Boobun yard looking alright but if there is a Huddy there I may reserve a different view. It is the main cabin portholes. Flat rather than raised. I'm sure other makers also used these but I associate them with Glascote. I remember a blue Boat called Sentinel moored there and that had an even more ridiculous bow to be fair.
  7. I've set my phone to display as black and white as it is more relaxing. That picture is great in black and white. Its probably good in colour but it really is excellent in b&w.
  8. The Smartgauge is quite an interesting article. It seems a bit like an eco fan. When I first started on Boats I had a great battery SoC monitor. 12 inch 12v black and white telly. Visible screen got smaller when the batteries went low. Not sure if one can still use those old sets. Black and white was a good way to watch snooker.
  9. We used to go crabbing at Blakeney with aunt Ann holidays of 1977-1986. It was Good. Cley, Holkham, Cromer for the flea market and the other one I always forget the name of. Norfolk enchants. Sheringham! Baconsthorpe castle! Holt. The Marl Pit. I loved the marl pit a hole in the ground used for fly tipping. Always some interesting old mowers in there.
  10. Compressor fridges are quite noisy and a campervan is likely to be smaller than an average narrow Boat so the thing will be closer to the bed.
  11. Hence the slightly inaccurate forum user name. We used to moor at Boobun quite a lot back in the day. Marsworth flight is one of my favourites last time I did it was in 2010 several days before offspring #1 was born. Prior to that must have done the flight both ways about a dozen times. Happy days. We did 50 locks the day I last went through Maffers. Cassio Bridge lock to Grove lock. Long day that was 2 of us on the Boat. Enjoyed that.
  12. They must be separate bilges or the two pump question would not have arisen. It seems to me the amount of water being handled must be very small and also it seems to be likely to be clean water. The little Whale supersub pumps have removable joker valves / non return valves in the outlet. I think two of those would probably work via one hose.
  13. It would be much better to just put another fitting in to match but always worth being a little reluctant. Someone mentioned the obvious answer earlier which was simply to route the second pump to the same bilge as the first pump. It doesn't seem like a lot of water should be getting in there anyway. It it is coming from above perhaps a cover of some sort over the deck or even over the engine might be considered. If a lot of rain gets in it will also probably get into the engine tray.
  14. It would seem logical to have a skin fitting on each side in the same location. Must say I do like the raised hopper solution put forward by @Peugeot 106 For the bucket and 3rd pump setup the idea would be to have a second separate float switch higher up than the pump wired to the pump manual control wires via a relay. So if the float on the pump itself failed then the second float would sort it out. Wire a third float switch to a flashing warning LED somewhere indoors to give notice if the bilge pump float fails. OR sort it out so that water does not enter the bilges. Maybe tricky if it was a wooden Boat. A bit odd that the bilge areas to the sides do not communicate with the bilge area beneath the stern gland. Obviously this is a rain ingress story.
  15. Make the existing hole bigger then fit two skin fittings to a brass disc then bolt the disc over the hole and fit the two hoses.
  16. This should be on the march of the widebeams thread.
  17. Dynastarts could make a comeback. If one could have a belt driven starter/generator designed for lithium batteries it could work. Quite hard to start a Diesel engine with a belt without decompressors but could be feasible with a toothed belt and a good ratio. I'm sure I heard a Volvo XC90 Diesel starting silently recently.
  18. 3 pumps and a bucket. Two auto pumps discharging individually to the bucket. One auto pump in the bucket discharging to the skin fitting.
  19. A number of yars ago I had a gentleman at a place called 'Docklands tires and exhausts' who did my MoT tests. One day he had a Porsche up on the car lift thing and the owner was present. I commented on how the underside was interesting and he said 'yeah, its basically a Volkswagen'. The Porsche driver bloke looked a little miffed. It was quite amusing. I had a Saab 9000 Aero at the time. Best car ever.
  20. Cor thats good ! I have lived on 8 different Boats. Finally got the right two now no need to change again.
  21. My birthday. 50 this yar. And 30 yars living on Boats come 4th April. Long may it continue.
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