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  1. not my cup of tea internally at all very posh but to sterile,very posh though
  2. I suppose it could have actually dropped in the canal. cloud is a wonderful thing both both my mac computers decided to give up the ghost within hours of each other and i lost alot of photos as a result and the memory cards are in a safe!! place.
  3. i like the second picture best but i am sure many will lament the industrial past dissapering.it is amazing how nature can reclaim a site.
  4. My link I was looking on appolo duck and found hazel up for sale again then looking around the net found this site.I had not come across it before My link
  5. My link just found this one on the duck looks quite a nice wooden boat
  6. was conway sold eventually or did it just drop off Apollo duck /
  7. sorry i was just speculating on other sunken boats and there possible restorability really.Just museing.
  8. sounds good hope they for fill there dream.there maybe hope for the boats in sunk in Hereford ? then
  9. Hard to tell really is the price reflecting its rarity or the overall quality of the boat.and would that mooring come with the boat or just a place it happens to be when photographed.nice boat from what i can see in the picture.
  10. I quite liked both films non of the belligerence of many campaigns. The e-mail was a terrible idea and begs the question of what she was worrying about when writing it. as for GP/hospitals they are payed for through taxation and national insurance i was lead to believe. Until there is some sort of statutory distance you have to travel laid down then it will be at the authorities whim how far is far enough never a good situation particularly when that authority has everything to gain by playing its face.
  11. yes i like the site alot and i think if you can farm in that sort of heat and drought then you can almost farm anywhere.Not that Britain has had that trouble this year.
  12. My link Thought this may be of interest it applies equally to contained fires apparently
  13. Do i remember there being some posts in the bed of the canal by the Bridge near the permanent moorings or am i thinking of a different section
  14. merry christmas hope thats high water
  15. stripping one car for spare parts for the other LOl merry christmas
  16. Video conferencing ? all that can attend the meeting do.The others stuck on the end of computer.with notes on non attendance that can be quoted when elections come up again..I am sure the powers that be have computers spare and they have the advantage that you can switch off the sound..
  17. Ditch the racing bikes with loads of gears for the old bone shaker bikes with one gear.Reduce city speed limits to 20 miles an hour and triple road tax and err..... How about kicking speeding and enjoy the journey again with consideration for others Nah never work
  18. Interesting that to stop cyclists speeding on the canal towpath they want to spend loads of money creating a cycle lane down the centre of the road .Whilst i am all in favour of more safe cycling routs rewarding morons rather than educating them to safe practice rankles a bit but i guess you are better off keeping all the morons in the same place LOL. Would cobbled surfaces help slow bikes down do you think.
  19. Is it the replica horse boat that was for sale on appolo duck ?
  20. I enjoyed that film.Not much in the way of controversial statements
  21. Or by coracle. Canoe . or trailer boat? or have that a charge for that now ?
  22. That would be a very sad day. a lot of blogers are livaboard and like all parts of the boating community the whole would be poorer by their removal
  23. As did a lot of innocent people. and it still goes on
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