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  1. I have always wondered why there isn't a registration document with your boat. A lot of money with no document saying your the owner .
  2. They brought bans in a few years back but cancelled them loch lomond is a bit different although could apply to mooring people where abusing the place evening go off find a nice lay by away from the touristy areas and park for the night take the pee and you lose it Kev
  3. Back on topic I have always lived by keep your head down do not rock the boat (no pun intended ) and its surprising what you can get away with, try to play by the rules, I just wonder with everything that's cracking off at the moment where are they pushing CRT to. I like the fact no defined distance but always presumed it meant traveling the system so people who genuinely cruised did not have to pay for a mooring they did not use. So surely in the end we will finish up with rules that I am sure some boaters do not want, its fine finding loopholes old laws or whatever but in the end they will
  4. Always been a Devon and Cornwall fan but I hate to say they are now second choice such stunning scenery and despite people saying the road are tricky I didn't have a problem and the canals lovely and some very big boats use them, downside is midges cant remember time to avoid but they are supposed to be a nuisance. Thats my bit for the Scottish Tourism board done. Kev
  5. Scotland now virtually you can stop any lay by so long as you do not cause an obstruction had a fantastic 2 weeks up there last year Kev
  6. Warning about this boat please do not buy it . . . . . . . .until I have been to bank and talked the better half round
  7. My boat went from nice paint job below gunwales to blacked as soon as I realised how easy it is to damage paint work now quick touch up with blacking good as new. As someone whos work involves loads risk assessments and method statements .I always think how lucky we are to still be able to work locks ourselves and how with the blame culture heavens forbid it might be stopped
  8. Thank you always interested re insurance as to cover etc for my own boat Kev
  9. Just curious what are your massive uninsured losses
  10. Mine is first class runs perfect h the first one fitted to the boat 15 years ago replaced 2 years ago with a new one . Run them hard 2 hours minimum they do need good voltage that's why I said engine running to see if it is voltage . Could be Carboned up . Good instructions on you tube for stripping them down and cleaning quite simple really .
  11. Try it with the engine running
  12. Sorry best I can describe is up from the cafe boat Waterbus side past the toilets. cavalcade rings a bell
  13. Just to ease me nosy side, we walked down Little Venice yesterday, and on every other mooring ring there was a notice from CRT couldn't read it as I had my Grandson on my shoulders and didn't want to tip him in the canal does any one know what they are.
  14. Good point craftycarper but........ If The Trust didn't have to maintain locks in fact everything that has to be spent keeping the waterways navigable, would the lack of license/ mooring money be as same as the spending needed to keep the waterways navigable, obviously some money would be needed for maintenance to keep fishermen and towpath users happy.
  15. Come on I am sure you can do better than picking up grammar, forgot it was a school playground, not to self must try harder, believe it or not was a serious question as I read all the legal experts on here and what people should do or not do, wondered if these same people had a solution that c&rt could use. Oh and I thought it was still Canal and river trust. I will go and stand in the corner.
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