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  1. http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/100m-masterplan-make-bootle-star-11973245 Maybe something more to enjoy on the passage into the Liverpool link and the south docks.
  2. I am not sure that the bars and shops rent the premises from CRT , maybe that they pay a property company that has interests on the estate.
  3. Don't be such a silly sausage , grow up , I have spoke with the vessel owner and can confirm that he is in contact with mr Dunkley , please do not go on another of your silly argument for argument sake games to disrupt a thread , stop trolling people who are trying shed some light onto CRT antics .
  4. KETTLE , POT , what is your theme ? nearly nine and a half thousand posts , you certainly have a lot to say about or in support of something , maybe CRT and how great they are are .
  5. He could have just sat around the dock begging money from people as they passed by , I heard plenty of people make good money doing it in Liverpool , even a man with a carboard instrument.
  6. Just renewed and made a point of asking about what ,if anything i would need to do for the renewal as the boat was now over ten years old , no need for survey i was told it is simply a normal renewal.
  7. CRT issued new rules to allow up to 10 boats down the locks , up from the previous limit of six per day , also the passage through the assisted bridges times , not saying that ten do go in or out daily but they now will allow that number , mooring up between maghull " bridge 10 ? " and Stanley locks also had changes made.
  8. Read the sites on the link re the survey insurance etc , story in paper stated CRT removed vessel because of unpaid berting/mooring fee,s , not sure but I think you will find others have explained in great detail that CRT have no legal right to remove take possession of vessel for unpaid debts. As for your true Liverpudlian remark , is it the boat that's the maggot .
  9. use them but never claimed , take my money ok though with no fuss
  10. more reason you can be grateful to others I would say.
  11. Right luv have you not noticed that phylis has already asked that question ? Well CRT are breaking the agreement if that's the case as I am sure numbers in and out are now 10 , not sure if it is in daily and out daily , it was alternate days for in or out , just glad it can be used more by more.
  12. Yes dear of course you would , can you prove it though
  13. ONLY WHATS ON HERE SORRY WWW.MRMSW.CO.UK , the working link to that site is contained within the ste linked to on post no 2 in this thread , sorry for some reason my computer is not alloing me to copy and paste links or urls of sites http://www.mrmsw.co.uk/
  14. Liverpool echo has pics of CRT on board making ready to remove , shame is they are using local lads who take boats down the link to do this ,a tug is alongside in picture , owner has paid some bills and claims he was unaware other monies due are in fact overdue. story is in tonights paper and for some reason I am unable to copy and post the url to link on here
  15. Yes fair enough , fact is this year I may have made one trip into Manchester because the antics of this sonny character , camera or not he seems to be out and about looking for confrontation which I just cant be bothered with .
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