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Martin Megson

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  1. Same here irritating as it's too easy to tap when trying to scroll.
  2. Visitor moorings on the Thames are in short supply so I'm happy to see them made available for visitors. They are not meant to be used to store a boat for free for a week at a time.
  3. Hi Mac, Good to see you today, I was waiting to go down the lock as you came out. I've generally found the vlockies on the system to be helpful but I agree this lot didn't seem to be very good. After you left there was a cruiser waiting along with me and he was first in the queue. Lockie waved me in and I pointed out that the cruiser was first. He told me I should know that it's always safer to put a steel boat in first and have the cruise come in along side. I pointed out that as the cruiser was a good 10ft wide he should know we wouldn't both fit in the lock. The cruiser went through first. Agreed. Last week I came up Watford and then down Foxton. Very helpful friend lockies at both.
  4. I simply pay my money and enjoy my wonderful life afloat.
  5. I've done the trip both ways once so far on my 55' nb with no problem. Entry to Selby wasn't any worse than other tidal locks such as Keadby.
  6. One of my pet hates is when I watch a recording and forget to FF through the adverts.
  7. Yes councils will only clean up public land. Rubbish on private land is the landowners responsibility.
  8. Yep. I have 4 x100w wired like that into an MPPT controller.
  9. I believe it will fail BSS:
  10. Safely moored up in Paddington basin. :-)
  11. I'll aim to arrive late morning in the hope of finding a space. I stayed there on my last visit but that was in winter so fairly quiet. Looking to spend a few days there before crossing to Limehouse to do the Tideway next week.
  12. I'm moored for the night near Perivale and will have a cruise into the city tomorrow to see if I can find a space at Paddington.
  13. Hi, The guide at the link below covers lots of info on the non-tidal Thames including bridge heights. You don't mention where you plan to use the boat but I assume you'll be staying off the canals where headroom is often limited. http://www.visitthames.co.uk/dbimgs/Cruising Guide.pdf
  14. Mine has flexible hoses between the filter and engine. One to the lift pump and the other the return from the rail. Passed BSS with no questions. Pipes are correctly marked.
  15. Thanks for that and your kind offer of to take a photo which would be great. I'll let you know when I have a firm date and time.
  16. Thanks for the helpful advice which pretty much confirms what I've read. The tides times look good for the week beginning 18 Jun so I'll probably go then.
  17. Hi, I'm planning on doing the Thames Tideway shortly on my 55' narrow boat and having read much useful info, mainly through links on the forum, I'm still a little wary of getting into Limehouse lock on an ebbing tide. I'm currently on the Thames at Kingston and I have a choice of doing the tideway from Teddington to Limehouse, or crossing London on the Regents canal and doing the Tideway upstream instead. I have travelled on the tidal Trent and had no difficulty getting into Kidby but it seems the flow at Limehouse could be stronger. I must admit I'm leaning towards crossing London on the canal and then heading up the Thames from Limehouse. Any advice from experienced welcomed.
  18. I'm planning to do the tideway later this month. Currently on the Thames and will come off at Brentford and make my way by canal to Lime house. Hoping to find a space at Paddington
  19. I recall there is one at Denver sluice and another at the visitors moorings in Ely. Hartford marina (between St Ives and Huntingdon) did let you use theres and the water point. Thats all I can recall for now but I'm sure someone will add more.
  20. As I understand it, only if there is a sign such as "No return within 14 days". Otherwise it should be OK.
  21. I didn't see a sign but there were a couple of large maintenance barges at the top of the mooring so maybe it was hidden. It is a shame that much of the length has been lost as it is a pleasant mooring spot.
  22. I moored above the lock in mid April with no problem. You can see the long term moorings in front of my boat. There was room for perhaps 3 narrow boats behind mine.
  23. The flow isn't too strong unless it's in flood. I suppose the main risk is engine failure or something snagging the prop above a weir.
  24. Sorry to hear you've been and really pleased you are on the mend.
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